One thought on “The Snowball Effect”

  1. Clearly written. Basically just a Ponzi scheme that is stated to continue beyond the point it realistically would.

  2. A story of Sociology, and why you shouldn't challenge academics to prove their points. A universiy funding official tries to get a professor to prove that his work is useful. Since he's been studying how to make organizations more efficient, the professor crafts the most efficient setup for a simple woman's sewing club.At the end of six months, they're pretty much poised to take over the entire state. And the professor doesn't think they're quite out of steam. A single world government will be i [...]

  3. Fun short story about what could happen if you really did develop the perfect social experiment. I used to love these 50s Sci fi short stories, and this definitely doesn't disappoint. Feels as fresh now as it probably did over half a century ago.

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