Between a Wolf and a Hard Place - Parts 1-6 (NorCal Shifters, #1)

Between a Wolf and a Hard Place Parts NorCal Shifters One woman Two shifters One shot at love Iris Zahn s life is thrown into chaos when she and her sister along with their best friend are kidnapped from their home in Oregon When their captors separate

  • Title: Between a Wolf and a Hard Place - Parts 1-6 (NorCal Shifters, #1)
  • Author: Annalise Nixon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One woman Two shifters One shot at love.Iris Zahn s life is thrown into chaos when she and her sister, along with their best friend, are kidnapped from their home in Oregon When their captors separate the three women, they vow to reunite, no matter the cost.Of course, things go from bad to bonkers when she wakes up between two of the hottest men she s ever seen, and theOne woman Two shifters One shot at love.Iris Zahn s life is thrown into chaos when she and her sister, along with their best friend, are kidnapped from their home in Oregon When their captors separate the three women, they vow to reunite, no matter the cost.Of course, things go from bad to bonkers when she wakes up between two of the hottest men she s ever seen, and they both want to make her theirs.Barron Davies and Evan Hearne have always shared everything, including women Unfortunately, fate had yet to find them a mate to complete their triad When they discover a curvy, tattooed and unfortunately battered vixen, they want to keep Iris in their bed and their hearts forever.The life Barron and Evan dreamed of is within their grasp if only they can get Iris to trust them with her heart and her secrets.If you like determined shifters who prefer mates with a little sass and plenty of curves, then you ll love Annalise Nixon s sensual and humorous tale of unexpected and untraditional love.The complete collection is a 85,518 word story with no cliff hangers.

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    1. This is going to have more negatives than positives I’m afraid. I liked the idea of the series. I enjoyed parts of this. There are definite problems. Editing and wrong word usage are big ones. Names were incorrect or switched. This was not edited very well and it did take away from the story. There were development issues and flow problems and holes in the plot(s). I am reviewing each part as I read it. It does contain some spoilers just to warn you. Part 1We meet Iris who’s been kidnapped b [...]

    2. My Disclaimer:I was provided a complimentary copy of this book. I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. I am not being compensated in any way.~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat ReviewWhat it’s about…Iris is sweet, sassy, and curvy. She’s also been kidnapped. Iris, her sister, and her BFF were grabbed by some really nasty guys. The gals swore they would get free and make sure that all three of them were safe. Then they were drugged. When Iris woke up, [...]

    3. A menage story of a woman, a wolf shifter and a bear shifter. You would think it would be a good story, right? Not this one. The grammar is atrocious. The editor needs to be fired, hired back, then fired again. There were story lines that just didn't go anywhere. Why put them in, then? The virus and the vaccine. Ok, what about it? What more did it do? Why are women scarce? What the hell's going on???The story is not linear. You're made to believe one thing is happening, when the next sentence bl [...]

    4. Wow amazing.I don't know what to say this book grabbed me and held on to the last page. Steamy romance, shifters, suspense, drama, tears and laughter. The plot is good and the characters are well developed. I would have to put the book down to get through the emotions. It is a fairly quick read and I highly recommend this book.

    5. I liked the overall story line of the book, though it was a little jumpy in some places. Part of that may be due to the fact it's a serial combined together. All three main characters need to take a lesson in communicating togetherey really do. I liked it well enough that I'm looking into the next book to find out what happens with her sister and friend.

    6. Its free. That's the best thing I can sayIf not for the fact that this eBook download is a collection, it would be a waste of time. That's it. I just didn't click with this story or its characters.

    7. SexyThese books have a good story line but I thought they would have been a little sexier with threesomes going on

    8. BrilliantFrom the moment I started reading this book I could not put it down brilliant story line never stopped reading until I finished the whole book

    9. WonderfulWonderful amazing great read thank you great series can't wait till thee next book I am so excited great read

    10. A very good story with a lot of ups and downs and some annoyance thrown in for good measure. Persevere it is worth it.I really did enjoy this book but for the first 1/3 I was just annoyed with Iris, wanted to slap her so hard.Females are in short supply due to a government induced problem. Surprise anyone. Iris, her sister and their best friend are kidnapped to be sold as mates to Alpha shifters. Iris is saved by Evan, a wolf shifter and Barron, a bear shifter. They both know Iris is their mate [...]

    11. At first I thought that this was just going to be a fluffy love-ish sort of story centered around sex and shifters. I was surprised here and then to see it was not fully going to be that way. I think I might have killed someone if I relied on reading it when it was in its serial form.There was a lot more, emotion wise, that went on in the story. Instead of the whole wham-bam-we-be-mated schpeel I was expecting it was not all roses.Baron was a pain in the ass with his wishy-washy emotions and Ev [...]

    12. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Barron, Evan, and Iris. When this book opens we find Iris in the back of a van. She doesn't know why she, her sister, and her best friend were kidnapped from their home, all she knows is she has to get away and find her girls. However while trying to escape she ends up somewhere she never thought she would between two hot men. The problem she is finding no matter how hot these men are she needs to find her girls and stayin [...]

    13. Between a Wolf and a Hard Place by Annalise Nixon is the complete collection containing all six parts. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Without blowing it for anyone who hasn’t read the story, I will say this: overall I liked the idea and thought it interesting, however with that being said, the whole thing collapsed like a badly-done souffle. From the lacking concept and plot, inconsistencies and/or conflicts in character personalities and/or their actions, not to mentio [...]

    14. Part 6 - 3.5*starsThings wrap up a little too well between Iris, Barron and Evan - she is a little too forgiving?? However, it's a HEA for them, even if the awaited *big bad* doesn't make an entrance and sister and friend are now to have their own books, so no neat endings for them!It could've done with an edit, a number of sentences needed tidying up with missing or extra words. The writing and plot did improve as you read through the 6 parts - the first 3 parts were very hit and miss, but my i [...]

    15. Iris and her sister and best friend are kidnapped by wolf shifters to be sold to the highest bidder. Iris manages to escape from her captor, but is found unconscious by Evan a wolf shifter and Barron a bear shifter. When she wakes up, she is in bed between these two gorgeous, sexy males. She won't tell them where she is from or about the trouble she is in. She doesn't trust them because they are shifters; but she trusts them enough to have sex with them. This part is a little confusing and delay [...]

    16. I enjoy paranormal romances and menage and this is a good story for those who like those elements in their romances. Iris is a tough woman who has survived under difficult circumstances. Male shifters need human women and some groups kidnap them to sell them at auctions. Iris and her sisters (one is a good friend) are caught up in it all. Fortunately. Iris gets found by two shifters named Barron and Evan. They have been looking for a mate and intend to keep Iris but she wants to find her sisters [...]

    17. This is the entire collection of the six installments of between a wolf and a hard place so no cliffhangers. At the beginning of the book Iris, her sister and her best friend are kidnapped from their home to be sold to shifter alpha's as wives. Iris escapes from her captors by causing an accident and is hurt in the accident. She is found barely alive by Evan and Barron who are able to help heal her. Evan and Barron know that Iris is their mate, but she is afraid of shifters and does not know tha [...]

    18. I apparently lost my original review in my computer during a change from windows 7 to 10. I have a very poor memory but I do remember that 3 woman were kidnapped they had their own business. Rose, Sherry and Iris were separated Iris wakes up in the back of a van, bound by her hands. She somehow discovers that she has the power to set these bad wolves on fire. At the side of the road after causing the accident she is rescued by Barran a bear shifter and his best friend. She wakes up naked between [...]

    19. I've gotten this book from Annalise Nixon's newsletter.I really liked the book(s) and the writing was very good.I could really feel for Iris and I hated the guys from time to time.Some things were really funny and I was laughing out loud and sometimes my tears were rolling over my face. good thing, I read this book at home. Barron was a real dick sometimes but I get why she can't let him goI really hope Shane will get his happy ending too but I guess that will be clear in the rest of the series. [...]

    20. I really enjoyed reading this book, I thought that it was fun. I loved the characters, I couldn’t put this book down. In this book women who are fertile are rare, Iris, her sister and best friend are kidnapped. Iris escapes by using her magic to light her kidnappers pant on fire. She is found by Barron and Evan when she escapes. They also find their mate in Iris, there are many twist and turns that will keep you wondering what is going to happen next. I highly recommend this story.

    21. Love, love, loved it!Truthfully I really did love everything about this. The characters, the plot, the pacing, the steamy saucy parts all hit the spot nicely. If BBW menage is your thing, then this is one of the books for you.I can't wait to get my hands on the next in the series to find out what happens to the rest of the characters

    22. Great Box setIris is kidnapped And dragged. She wakes up and uses her magic to set one guys pants on fire and kicks the other one. She is found brother Barron and EvAn. This is their storyWhat a story it is. There are so many twists and turns that it keeps you wondering what .else could happen. High recommend this box set

    23. Fantastic characters and well developed plotThis book was a fantastic read. The characters were so well developed I was there feeling what Iris felt and I loved it! It took me on a ride of a lifetime and I can't wait for the next book. Annualised has outdone herself with this awesome story and left lots of storylines for a lot of future books to add to this series!

    24. Wolf and BearThis book caught me off guard! This is my second book from Annalise Nixon. I am in love with this series. The emotional roller coaster she takes you on is worth the read!

    25. Between a Wolf and a Hard PlaceFantastic job of storytelling and the author really knows how to get you into her story. Jump in to this series and you will definitely fall in love with the characters. A must read all the way around!!!

    26. The basic premise has merit but it could have been better written and edited to make for a more enjoyable reading experience.

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