Pukhraj / पुखराज

Pukhraj Collection of some direct from the treasure on gulzar

  • Title: Pukhraj / पुखराज
  • Author: Gulzar
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 142
  • Format: None
  • Collection of some direct from the treasure on gulzar

    One thought on “Pukhraj / पुखराज”

    1. पढ़ तो ली, पर बहुत सी नज़्मों के जज़्बात समझ नहीं पाया हूँ। इसे तो बीसियों बार पढ़नी पड़ेगी। ऐसा लगता है जैसे गुलज़ार जी की नज़्मों का ये मजमूआ सीधा उन की डायरी से निकाल कर यहाँ "पेस्ट" कर दिया है। जैसे ख [...]

    2. अकसर तुझको देखा है कि ताना बुनतेजब कोइ तागा टुट गया या खत्म हुआफिर से बांध केऔर सिरा कोई जोड़ के उसमेआगे बुनने लगते होतेरे इस ताने में लेकिनइक भी गांठ गिराह बुन्तर कीदेख नहीं सकता कोईमैनें तो [...]

    3. "whenever you are travelling, take me with you" says the book. Reading the book is like talking to a person, a wise person, sharing his life experiences in form of poetry. A must have for all poetry lovers.

    4. Gulzar at his best!!! Some of the best collections of his poem. Those small things that we so often ignore in frantic delirium of life. It will take you on emotional whirlwind tripFrom Books to Monsoon everything has been beautifully captured by him. Highly recommended

    5. Some really amazing couplets and lovely poetry pieces worth reading in loop for days. If one is interested to read something which is easy to be read but at the same time is beautiful and meaningful, this book is worth your taste, time and appreciation! Happy reading!

    6. For me, any word written by Gulzar saab is like pearl in the ocean. Each nazm explains a life in itself worth having it in your collection.

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