Amos & Boris.

Amos Boris Softcover tightly bound clean and unmarked pages NO ugly remainder mark Not a library book

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  • Title: Amos & Boris.
  • Author: William Steig
  • ISBN: 0544103076
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Softcover, tightly bound, clean and unmarked pages NO ugly remainder mark Not a library book.

    One thought on “Amos & Boris.”

    1. A book that has been read to me countless times, I can proudly state that I no longer cry whenever I read this. Nowadays I simply wish that we all had friends like Amos and Boris.

    2. I have been reading William Steig’s works ever since I was little and now I have just recently read his most heartwarming book yet, “Amos and Boris.” “Amos and Boris” is a children’s book by William Steig which is about a small and adventurous mouse named Amos who finds a friend in a huge whale named Boris when Amos was lost at sea and Boris saves his life. “Amos and Boris” is truly a beautiful children’s book that will be an instant favorite among children for many years!Oh my [...]

    3. I loved this book! It's one of those that defies review, because I can't quite put into words what touched me so deeply about this. It's a tale of an unlikely friendship, between an adventuresome mouse and a whale who finds him when his little ship is wrecked. They learn from one another, and the friendship opens their eyes to things in the world they would never have noticed on their own. Others may not be so touched by the ineffable warmth and wisdom I felt in this tale, but for me it's a trea [...]

    4. Oh, I can’t believe this gem of a book has been available for nearly 40 years and I’m finding it (thanks to ’ friend Kathryn) only now. I just loved it.This is the story of an adventurous mouse, and he gets into trouble on his ocean voyage and meets up with a whale. Amos the mouse and Boris the whale have a lovely friendship, including helping one another in each of their times of need. It’s a very sweet friendship story. Both mammals, one living on land and one living in the sea, each h [...]

    5. This is a really sweet little book from William Steig, one of the best authors of children's literature ever. His prose is full of little gems of language (my favorite is when he describes a beached whale as being "breaded with sand"); this is perhaps the only picture book to use the word "phosphorescent." His illustrations stick with a simple color palette made up mostly of blue, orange, and brown, nothing showy but tremendously effective, especially in some of the panoramic pictures. I don't e [...]

    6. Didn't know until later, though maybe I read too much into it, that this was an allegory for a friendship I had (the friend being the one who gifted me that book in the first place). Its about adventure and taking risks and finding friends. Its silly and lovely and still makes me a bit weepy at the end.

    7. One of our favorite books ever. I cried pretty much every time I read this to to my children. Beautiful story.

    8. I read this book with the 3rd grade class I worked with this week. It's short, but definitely gets its message of love, friendship, and loyalty across in those few pages. I'll admit the ending got me a bit verklempt (choked with emotion). Great story to read aloud to grades K-4, but hopefully if you do, you won't be as emotional as me when reading the ending!

    9. William Steig was enthusiastically recommended to me years ago by a relative, for my children, and we now have a number of his books. One of my favourites is Amos & Boris, where an industrious little mouse sets off on an intrepid voyage across the sea, with unexpected results. The mouse (Amos) builds himself a boat, studies navigation, and then stocks it up with all kinds of useful provisions, including a compass, sextant, cheese, biscuitsd a needle and thread for mending torn sails! However [...]

    10. This is a nice story in and of itself, but it is so damn long that young children will be looking for something else to do about 1/3 of the way through.

    11. What business do a whale and a mouse have becoming friends? None, some would say; yet Amos and Boris together somehow form one of the truly beautiful friendships in the recent history of literature. Their connection is one of symbiotic ponderance, in which they talk with each other about their mutually exclusive habitats and, linked together, see the majesty of the world around them through eyes that neither has on his own. Amos, the mouse, meets Boris, the whale, under far less than ideal circu [...]

    12. This is a wonderful tale of friendship and karma. The two friends, Amos and Boris, meet by chance and form a friendship for a lifetime, even though Amos must live on land and Boris must live in the ocean. Another chance encounter strengthens the bonds of their friendship. I picked this out because of my Dad and I love the fact that the story is as old as I am. We have enjoyed other stories by William Steig - we loved Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and read it over and over. We also really enjoye [...]

    13. This was very good. I loved part where Amos is enchanted by the beauty and mystery of the world: "One night, in a phosphorescent sea, he marveled at the sight of some whales spouting luminous water; and later, lying on the deck of his boat gazing at the immense, starry sky, the tiny mouse Amos, a little speck of a living thing in the vast living universe, felt thoroughly akin to it all." Amos is "[o]verwhelmed by the beauty and mystery of everything."At one point, Amos contemplates death and hea [...]

    14. I think one of my favorite children's books ever. The adventurous rat's boat sinks while he's sailing the world--he's saved by a whale and they spend time together and make friends while the whale takes him to shore on his back. They have a sad goodbye, but a few years later, the whale washes up on shore and the rat has the opportunity to save the whale's life. A great story about unlikely friendship!

    15. This classic picture book details the friendship of Amos, the mouse, and Boris, the whale. Amos is sailing the great blue ocean when he falls overboard and is rescued by the giant friendly whale, Boris. During their journey back to Amos' home, they become good friends - finding much to admire and respect about each other. They part with Amos promising to help Boris someday, too.

    16. This is one of the sweetest childen's stories ever! Two unlikely friends in Amos and Boris end up helping each other out, one in the ocean and the other on land. The story is really charming, and the illustrations are very cute. There's a nice lesson in this book for children, but it'll make adults smile too!

    17. Sweet re-imagining of The Lion and the Mouse, but including a story of friendship (I get the impression that although the Lion and Mouse helped each other out and respected each other, they weren't really close pals).

    18. Another classic -- the relationship of two unlikely mammals- a mouse and a whale, filled with adult vocabulary and fabulous illustrations telling the age of tale of how friends can help each other, regardless of size or outward appearance.

    19. I just read this delightful book to my godson and may have been more entertained than he was. The language is beautiful and the story wonderfully unique and touching. We both adored it. Read this to your children, asap.

    20. This story was so beautifully done. I appreciated the simplicity and the artful word play. It was very moving.

    21. Amos and Boris by William Steig is about an unusual friendship between a mouse and a whale. The mouse sets sail to the great vast ocean but finds himself stranded in the ocean. A huge whale comes along and saves him by returning the mouse back to his home by the beach. Thinking they will never see each other again, both are saddened. Many years later, hurricane Yetta strikes and strands the whale on the same beach the mouse happens to live on. The mouse jumps into action to save the whales life. [...]

    22. Children's books have a way of conveying a wonderful message in a simple, understandable way. William Steig has the perfect touch in conveying these important life messages!Amos is a mouse in a boat (The Rodent!) who is thrown overboard when a huge wave rocks the boat. Boris is the whale who saves himd takes him to land off the West Coast of Africa. They develop a long-lasting friendship on this journey. But neither think Amos will be able to ever repay his debt.The last two lines of the story r [...]

    23. This book was written in a time when storybooks were just that; storybooks. It tells a story of the friendship of a mouse and a whale. How two unlikely mammals came together and how each saved the others lives years apart. But how each held the other in their heart as their best friend.

    24. Summary: Amos goes to find his fortune at sea, but when things go wrong, who will save him?Why I Read This: It was recommended by a friend.Review: It was cute. It reminded me of Aesop's Fables. It seemed a little bit long-winded for the content.

    25. This was recommended by one of the teachers in the class I am teaching. It's a very sweet story about an unlikely friendship. It is an awesome example of precise language and emotional appeal.

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