Rebel! A Biography of Tom Paine

Rebel A Biography of Tom Paine Delves into the complexity of Paine s character as well as his efforts on behalf of popular causes in America France and England

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  • Title: Rebel! A Biography of Tom Paine
  • Author: Samuel Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780275198506
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Delves into the complexity of Paine s character as well as his efforts on behalf of popular causes in America, France and England.

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    1. I was introduced to Tom Paine's writing in high school, preferring his work to that of his contemporaries both as regards style and content. This biography covers his work as well as his life, public and private.

    2. Ever play the game of 'who would you have lunch with from the past' and choose Ben Franklin, Napoleon or George Washington? Well, maybe not, but Thomas Paine interacted with them all. An incredible life that probably would be more well known had he not got into a public spat with George Washington in the 1790's. Paine was very involved with both the American Revolution and the French Revolution. He tried to get the British to rise up against the British Monarchy, but was not successful and was t [...]

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