Wild Love

Wild Love The Army is in Noah s past and he hopes his dark secret stays buried there Noah Wilding s family is being targeted by an anti shifter hate group so he took medical leave from the Army to return home a

  • Title: Wild Love
  • Author: Alisa Woods
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Army is in Noah s past and he hopes his dark secret stays buried there Noah Wilding s family is being targeted by an anti shifter hate group so he took medical leave from the Army to return home and help out At least, that s the story he s told everyone meanwhile, he s going undercover to lure out the haters trying to kill the Wilding pack.Emily Jones is the lead pThe Army is in Noah s past and he hopes his dark secret stays buried there Noah Wilding s family is being targeted by an anti shifter hate group so he took medical leave from the Army to return home and help out At least, that s the story he s told everyone meanwhile, he s going undercover to lure out the haters trying to kill the Wilding pack.Emily Jones is the lead programmer for WildLove, the new app that hooks up shifters and humans for a night of hot sex and no commitments Only she hasn t had a date herself in years ever since that dark day when her family didn t protect her when she needed them most She figures one magical night with a hot wolf will help her finally move on with her life.When Noah swipes right for Emily, she thinks her dream one night stand is about to come true But with a hate group planting car bombs during WildLove hookups, Noah and Emily are on the front lines of love They have to hunt down a killer before he strikes again and before they do than heat up the sheets Because humans and shifters might get Wild for a Night but they re not supposed to fall in love.WILD LOVE is a complete novel with HEA, the second in the Wilding Pack Wolves series All stories are standalone, but for maximum reader enjoyment, they re best read in order Contains scorching hot shifters, alpha military heroes, and sexy female programmers Only readers over 18 should dive into the dangerously hot world of the Wilding Pack Wolves.

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    1. ARC received from authorAnother great book in this series. Plenty of action and adventure and hot shifter sex thrown in. Now it's Noah's turn to find mate and true love, but the Wolf Hunter has other plans and keeps trying to blow them up. Emily just wanted one night of shifter loving. Little did she know that she was going to get a whole lot more.

    2. After the enthralling paranormal River Pack Wolves saga (Jaxson, Jace and Jared) concluded, I thought I’d not be reading about them again but I’m so happy their stories are continuing as secondary characters in the Wilding Pack Wolves series! The first book in this series was ‘Wild Game’ another 5* novel for me that I thoroughly enjoyed and this new novel continues with the excellent, developing problems following the unasked for ‘outing’ of wolf shifters, including some of their nam [...]

    3. Wild Love (Wilding Pack Wolves #2) by Alisa Woods Alisa Woods created yet another astounding shapeshifter novel with Wild Love.  Noah Wilding took a medical leave from Army returning from Afghanistan.  He took a job at Riverwise security firm.  While on a case that is targeting shifters, he meets human Emily Jones, the lead programmer for WildLove, the company that hired Riverwise.  They work together to track down the killer.  This contemporary PNR that takes place in Seattle and is suitab [...]

    4. A bit of mystery, intrigue with a touch of magic and inner strength!Noah is former Army is now back stateside having been discharged from the Army for medical reasons. Prior to this he had been captured by his father, who was a Colonial in the Army and in charge of experiments done on shifters. They were trying to create a super soldier\shifter with faster healing and power. While trying to come to terms with what he has become which link him directly back to the family shame. He is now working [...]

    5. Audio review "Hot shifter love"Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?Yes i would if they are a fan of shifter books as I loved this story and so far it's my favorite of this seriesWho was your favorite character and why?Emily I loved how she could recite information about shifters off the top of her headWhich scene was your favorite?Where (spoiler alert) Emily became a wolf and was so excited about itWas there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?Yes were Noah ra [...]

    6. What a dreamI guess I am kind of like emily. Her dream of being with a shifter because they are loyal and treat there women right.She is a programmer for humans to date shifters but the hate group is still going.mbing dating shifters on their human date.Noah Wilding and the rivers pack set up a sting but Emily throws herself in the date without knowing it is a trap. A lot of secrets, mystery and magic. Love this series. There is steamy sex scenes but also a storyenjoy. I know I am

    7. Online dating Seattle styleNoel is just discharged from the service and is working to catch who ever is killing the werewolves who are hooking up with females through the dating service. Emily is the head programmer for the dating service. She has decided to give it a try even though if caught she could be fired. Noel and Emily are put together to see if they can help catch the killer. Well-written with well-developed characterization makes this a great adult read due to sexual and violent conte [...]

    8. ,Another Great Woods' NovelI've read all of the River and Wilding novels and I've really enjoyed them all. Ms Woods creates characters who have depth and encourages us to care about each one. Samuel Coleridge said what was necessary to truely enjoy literature was for the reader to have ""a willing suspension of disbelief", this is a very important quality to be able to really enjoy this genre. The author draws us in and we can get lost in the story. It lets us take a relaxing break in a hectic d [...]

    9. Emily works for wildlove a website to hook up shifter and humans. Sadly some one is hacking into the site and killing off shifters. Emily had a bad experience with sex and knowing that shifters love deeply, she thinks Noah can change her sex experience. Noah is a whit wolf shifter. So when he meets Emily he falls for her. Since he is a shifter he doesn't know if it will last with a human. So when the couple meet and they find one of the many hackers. Noah and Emily have to work together. Can the [...]

    10. Very happy reader!Well written story, love that each focus couple gets their own HEA story, yet each book leads us into the next with the big mystery that flows thru each book! Really makes it easy to binge one after another to get that solved! This author has built a wonderfully descriptive world that we get to peak into she tells an amazing story! Love the audio option!

    11. Wow, loved this book, Noah the wolf & Emily the human have such a real love -so sweet! Then talk about surprise HEA for them, well not wanting to spoil the surprise for readers, but it's fabulous! I so did not see that coming! This flowed fast & smooth, I couldn't put it down, Noah & Emily are my favorites of the Wilding pack series (or of all the Wilding's) so far. They equally have traumatizing pasts to get over, but are so perfect for each other too.

    12. I'm enjoying this series. Emily and Noah are a great couple, and I enjoyed reading about Noah's experiences as a white wolf and learning more about the shifter world. Emily is also one of the bravest heroines I've come across in a long time. Alisa's characters are just a pleasure to read.

    13. Hot, hot, hotWhat do you do when a crazy man is hacking the system to kill shifters? You find a way to track him. But Emily didn't count on falling hard and fast for Noah. Noah didn't count on falling at all. Especially with his secret still hanging over him

    14. GoodStandalone, but better reading it in series. Well and characters are great. The story just keeps getting better. Noah a shifter and Emily a human end up in an adventure that ends in romance and love, true mate bond

    15. Nice readHeroine is a computer programmer that is fascinated with wolves. Hate groups have forced shifters to go online to hook up and now someone is bombing the hookups. The threat is not very intense but the story is relationship focused.

    16. Reels you in from the beginningAnother great story by Alisa Woods! She certainly can write a mean shifter novel. This was the second in the Wilding Pack Wolves series with Nova's cousin, Noah, and computer guru, Emily. Hot sparks between the two of them from the get-go.

    17. AwesomeAbout another experimented wold and part witch who is looking for the wolf hunter. Meets up for a night of hot sex

    18. Good BookMurder, mystery lots of twists and turns. Lots of characters to keep up with. X-rated In sex scenes so if that makes you uncomfortable skip those scenes.

    19. 4 starsAbout the book: Release Date January 2, 2016SWIPE RIGHT FOR WILDLOVE!She programs a dating app for shifters. He’s an ex-Army shifter with a dark secret.The human and shifter worlds are about to collide…Noah Wilding’s family is being targeted by an anti-shifter hate group—so he took a medical leave from the Army to return home and help out. At least, that’s the story he’s told everyone and he hopes his dark secret will stay buried in Afghanistan. Emily Jones is the lead program [...]

    20. Alisa Woods has done it again. Another Amazing Wilding Pack book. I couldn't put the book down once I started it. I read it till I had finished it. I love the way she tells her love stories and still uses the characters from the other books to help with the story line. Her work is amazing and all i can say is if you want to read a fantastic paranormal romance then you need to read "Wild Love". If you have not read the others that are tied to this book, then you need to start at the beginning and [...]

    21. Holy Hot shifters! Woohoo! Man I do love a hot wolf on the hunt and man Noah is one sexy wolf. And he's on a mission to hunt down the people responsible for bombing shifters. How can they get that close to a shifter to bomb them? Well while they're gettin down and dirty they're plant in bombs in their cars. Not quite the explosive end to a date they wanted.In order to find out what's happening with the bombing he has to work with the lead programmer at WildLove. Emily is not your average girl. N [...]

    22. I really enjoyed reading the first book in the Wilding Pack Wolves series but somehow, I enjoyed this one even more. Noah and Emily stole my heart. Noah Wilding is ex army, discharged from Afghanistan for PTSD or so he leads everyone to believe. He is one of the victims who has been experimented on by the government. Now that the Wildings are being persecuted by a group of "shifter haters', it's the perfect opportunity for him to work alongside his family and the River Pack to protect those in d [...]

    23. the first book already sketches some of the past things that happened to the Wilding family. in this book we meet noah wilding. he also went through a lot of experiments and he also turns into a white wolf but there is more but he's keeping that to himself. now he works for the security firm that currently is hunting down the wolf hunter. somebody or some group that hates shifters is killing them in a public display. now the target is wildlove a dating app set up to hook up with either a human o [...]

    24. Gotta love them shiftersNoah and Emily were just a terrific couple and this was another great read. I really like Wild Game so I thought I’d go on to the next book now, even though I read Wild Game in December of last year I returned to this series today. And it was nice seeing Owen again. This is one tight and loving pack of shifters. AND it’s nice that Ms. Woods doesn’t fill her book with BBW and a gorgeous, God-like heroes. I just hate that. 99% of shifter books have a BBW heroine, and [...]

    25. Programmer meets Witchy WolfBook two of a great series gotta love those Wildings.Without telling you too much about the story and spoiling your reading fun let's just say you've got a wolf he's got some extra abilities and he's not too sure he wants his family to know. You have a human programmer who is fascinated by all things wolf she thinks they're Noble, great protectors, and their kind.Noah has been betrayed by the very person who should have loved him unconditionally his father. He has bee [...]

    26. Noah Wilding works in the River Pack’s security company after being in the military and being caged and experimented on by his father. To say that it changed him is an understatement. He and his security team are working on bombings that are occurring at places where shifters and humans are meeting to hook up after meeting on an app called WildLove. He placed a profile on the app and arranged hook up in the hopes of catching the bomber. When he sees his hook up for the night, she’s beautiful [...]

    27. Wow! I didn't think this series could possibly get any hotter, but was I wrong. This book, as the rest of the series, is overflowing with action, suspense, shifters, humans, wild bombers and let's not forgethot, wild sex and couples falling in love. Now, throw in a dash of magic and you've got yourself the perfect recipe for an award winning tale that you won't want to miss. Emily needs to get over a horrific tragedy that happened when she was sixteen. She believes that the only way this will ha [...]

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