Face Down Under the Wych Elm

Face Down Under the Wych Elm Wealthily widowed and fiercely independent herbalist Lady Susanna Appleton sets out to save her former nemesis from being burned at the stake

  • Title: Face Down Under the Wych Elm
  • Author: Kathy Lynn Emerson
  • ISBN: 9780758201676
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wealthily widowed and fiercely independent herbalist Lady Susanna Appleton sets out to save her former nemesis from being burned at the stake.

    One thought on “Face Down Under the Wych Elm”

    1. Another reviewer mentioned the plot of this one is very similar to the previous book in this series and I can’t help but agree. While historically accurate (I think), the ease with which anyone can get someone killed by accusing them of witchcraft was really depressing to read about, again. I still enjoy the main character but this installment just wasn’t as enjoyable as previous books.

    2. The plot of this book was almost the same as the plot of the previous book in this series. Face Down Under the Eleanor Statue. Witches, poison, last minute reprieve. In addition, the clue which changed the outcome of the trial was easily revealed. Losing interest in this series.

    3. This book is excellent! When I first started reading it, I thought it'd be a difficult one to get through: but naye, naye! In spite of Emerson's attempts to keep the English "old" (with me constantly reaching for the dictionary), she manages to keep the suspense high enough for you to desperately want to find out what happens next. She also manages to explain several historical practices that are unfamiliar to readers from the twentieth century. This being akin to a Carolyn Keene detective story [...]

    4. Another baffling mystery solved by the clever Lady Appleton. I love mysteries (like this) where you get a lot of different ideas about who the murderer could be. It's no fun to guess too far ahead of time, but it's also not fun to be completely stumped. I like getting to guess along with the detective, and then to realize the truth at the same time as them (or just a paragraph or two before). What I didn't like about this book was how easy it was to get someone convicted of witchery; unfortunate [...]

    5. I've got to stop beginning series in the middle - this is the 5th book in the series, and now I've got to find the other 4!!Well crafted mystery, done in Elizabethan England, and as far as I can tell, historically correct.But more importantly, Susanna, Lady Appleton, is a very engaging character - witty, smart, independent - perhaps ahead of her time - but still within her time. The mystery is plausible for the period - two women accused of witchcraft - and Lady Appleton can only prove them inno [...]

    6. Much better than the previous book in the series, this story follows one of Lord Appleton's old mistresses who is accused of witchcraft/murder along with her spinster cousin. Lady Appleton gets involved when she finds out, because it reminds her too much of her own false imprisonment in the last book. The mystery wasn't that difficult or surprising to figure out, but it's well plotted and well done, and seems fairly realistic to the time period. This is well worth the read, so don't get discoura [...]

    7. A former mistress of Lady Appleton's late husband is charged with witchcraft and Susanna decides to help her with great peril to herself. I give this book a rating of 4. I am really enjoying this series, it's definitely a step above most cozy mysteries. Emerson writes intelligently and depicts the time period well.

    8. One of Sussanna's husband's previous lovers, Constance Crane, is accused of witchcraft along with her cousin Lucy. This conveniently removes them from entangled lines of inheritance.

    9. My favorite of the "Lady Appleton" series so far. I could have used another chapter at the end just to wrap up the story, though.

    10. I love this series. The descriptions of Elizabethan England is wonderful and the protagonist is a gentle born strong woman who wants to see justice done. Get hooked on this series!

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