Jem and the Holograms (2015-) #10

Jem and the Holograms RIO PACHECO BOY REPORTER Go behind the scenes and see THE HOLOGRAMS and THE MISFITS from a whole new perspective that of music columnist Rio Pacheco What mysteries will he uncover What truths will he

  • Title: Jem and the Holograms (2015-) #10
  • Author: Kelly Thompson Corin Howell Jen Bartel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • RIO PACHECO BOY REPORTER Go behind the scenes and see THE HOLOGRAMS and THE MISFITS from a whole new perspective that of music columnist Rio Pacheco What mysteries will he uncover What truths will he reveal Or will it mostly just be Pizzazz flipping tables and Roxy crying over ruined bagels

    One thought on “Jem and the Holograms (2015-) #10”

    1. Still one of the most consistently well-written and entertaining comics on the stands, this is a great showcase for readers of all ages. And it should also be commended for the depths of diversity that it portrays in an honest, matter-of-fact manner.

    2. Although I still liked the storyline, I found the artwork for this issue distracting as I didn't much care for it. Bring on issue 11 and Sophie Campbell's gorgeous art!

    3. The artwork in this one doesn't have the same feeling to it as the others. Even though the artists have varied in other issues you can still see the familiar aspects to each character and they still look like themselves. But here Aja and Rio's Asian features are gone, as one example. The writing doesn't have the same feel to it either and comes off a little trite in places? It might just be that the whole thing is from Rio's perspective causing the difference in tone, but the combined feeling of [...]

    4. JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #10PLOT: Sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, Rio reflects about his decision to be a journalist when he discovers that he's good at finding out the truth. And there are many truths he's finding out this night and lately. When he runs into a upset and crying Stormer, he consoles her and she confides to him her guilt over the anger she often feels over Pizzazz. Especially when she shows her human side (as in listing her as an emergency contact). (In the previous issu [...]

    5. I'm thoroughly enjoying these comics' character development and the way they accomplish it without letting go of the core of what makes these characters who they are, keeping them recognizable to an audience who knew them before these comics existed. But, more than anything, and to the credit of this specific number, I love how we can see a vulnerable, realistic side of the Misfits without them losing their spunk. And, also, thank you so much for giving Rio a personality, much appreciated. There [...]

    6. Somehow I managed to miss that this issue had been released and ended up reading it after 11. It was a sweet story as it showed a much more balanced side of the Misfits as they all joined together for Piazza's hospital stay. It was interesting to see things from Rio's perspective. But I fear it was let down by the art. Corin just didn't know how to draw the women and they ended up looking ugly and frumpy! The other two guest artists added more of their own style to Sophie's creations but this ti [...]

    7. The best thing about this issue was the Archie 70th anniversary subscriptionver. Betty and Veronica rocking out with the Holograms. It was interesting to see Rio's perspective for a change. He is a very resourceful reporter with good morals.i was anxious to find out Pizzazz's fate. But of course, it will be explained in further issues.I didnt like the new drawing style. i guess I was too used to the first artist. I hope it goes back to them in the next issue.I'm ready for the focus to go from th [...]

    8. This one felt like a rare miss for me. First, I do not like the new art. Not one person looked to have an appropriate facial expression, when facial expressions were apparent and not bland. This one focuses on more how Rio isn't fit to actually do his job. We are supposed to sympathize, because hey, he's a good person and doesn't want to hurt his friends. However, he's a reporter. There's too many sympathetic reporters, and most of them won't have jobs for long, especially if they are meant to c [...]

    9. Strongly written, with Kelly Thompson's deft hand for naturalistic dialogue, but I found myself missing Sophie Campbell's clear and expressive art. Jen Bartel and Corin Howell keep the characters recognisable, but it looks more like an interstitial webcomic than a monthly title.

    10. L'histoire est sympathique mais le dessin est d'une pure laideur. Au départ ça va à peu prêt et plus tu avances dans l'histoire plus le dessin est bâclé. Et donc horrible. Dommage. J'espère que cela va vite changer.

    11. Marking this one down a star simply for the artwork. I think it could work in other comics, or if the entire comic had been done in this type of illustration, but it stands out as a let down when the first nine are so beautifully illustrated.

    12. This series continues to be wonderful. A nice exploration of Rio that doesn't ignore other characters, either. Oh, and they legit called Rio "boy reporter" in the title or wherever, which is a delightful flip on the typical script.

    13. The illustrator of the other issues took a break this issue. That doesn't mean the story quality hasn't gone down, or that the interim illustrator is any less competent. It's just different.

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