Vapustav härra Rebane

Vapustav h rra Rebane H rra Rebane k ib siti kolme kurja taluniku Udu Uimerdise ja Uba tagant toitu n ppamas Mehed peavad kurja plaani kuidas h rra Rebasele k tte maksta ja ta urust v lja kaevata Nad ei oska aga arvatagi

  • Title: Vapustav härra Rebane
  • Author: Roald Dahl Quentin Blake Leelo Märjamaa Andry Ervald
  • ISBN: 9789949967780
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • H rra Rebane k ib siti kolme kurja taluniku Udu, Uimerdise ja Uba tagant toitu n ppamas Mehed peavad kurja plaani, kuidas h rra Rebasele k tte maksta ja ta urust v lja kaevata Nad ei oska aga arvatagi, kui t eliselt vapustava Rebasega neil tegemist on ja mida too oma perekonna p stmiseks ette v ib v tta.

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    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GREG!!! YOU ARE OLD!!!!greg's birthday is today, so i am floating this now to remind you that you still have time to shower him with presents!it is greg's birthday!!! and as a treat for him, i am going to create a book review in which i use plenty of pictures of foxes!!! they are his favorite!!first, a sleepy fox:a grouchy fox:a defiant fox:a hide-y fox:fox and friends:bad fox:chilly fox:charming fox:suspicious fox:mischievous fox:meditating fox:super-orange fox:fox in a tube:smi [...]

    2. My impressions in a single word: Meh. I recently read this to my little boy, and I have to admit I really didn't care for it. Don't get me wrong. It's not a *terrible* book. There's nothing hideously wrong with it. (See my review of Esio Trot, if you want to see me go off on a Dahl book I hated.) But there wasn't much right with it either. The simple fact was Mr. Fox was not, in fact, very fantastic. The plot centers around some farmers that try to kill Mr. Fox. They try to dig him out of his ho [...]

    3. This book encourages stealing, underage drinking, and living in an underground bunker so you never have to face sunlight again. Recommended!

    4. Three stars for the questionable morals and implications for the animal society. Mr. Fox stole from local farmers for years and the farmers are fed up. They decide to wipe out the entire Fox family. These are talking animals -this is murder.Instead of trying to negotiate (or even work for a living), the Fox family makes a run for it and they end up endangering all the animal families that live in the hill, the Badgers, the Weasels, the Moles, the Rabbits, etc. Their homes and children are at ris [...]

    5. Fantastic Mr. Fox is an amazing book for children. Even I, myself, loved Mr. Fox. He is soo clever and determined.Mr. Fox steels food from three farms own by nasty owners. He steels to keep his family alive. But one day the owners finally decide to kill him once and for all. But Mr. Fox is too clever for them. His optimism is amazing. I love optimistic characters. I didn't wanna read it. Had to read it for my younger cousin's school work. Now I am happy that I read it. I highly recommend this bo [...]

    6. Mr. Fox steals food nightly from one of the three disgusting and gluttonous farmers who have more then they need. The farmers get mad and set out to kill Mr. Fox. They have a hard time catching him, they destroy the earth trying to get him out of his hole, they waste many man-hours by making their workers surround the woods with weapons and ultimately Mr. Fox with the help of other underground animals find another way into the farms and go about their stealing in peace while the farmers sit endl [...]

    7. این کتاب را برای آشنایی با دنیای کتابهای کودکان امروزی خواندمرولد دال نویسنده محبوبی است ولی گاهی نمیتوانستم جلوی خودمو بگیرم و ایشان را با هانس کریستن آندرسن نویسنده محبوب دوران کودکی ام مقایسه نکنمراستش از زمین تا آسمان فرق می کنندشاید داستان های آندرسن مختص کودکان نباشد [...]

    8. "Fantastični gospodin Lisac" je možda najbolja početna tačka za upoznavanje dečjih čitalaca s Dalom: nema grozomornih detalja, nema mučnih nagoveštaja, a humor ipak samo pršti, i knjiga (pripovetka, u suštini) oblikovana je kao avion, svrsishodno i aerodinamično. I na kraju lisice nadmudre zle lovce (nije da smo iznenađeni).

    9. Roald Dahl at his best - an oft overlooked story (at least until the film adaptation) this is lots of fun. A great story by Dahl with the usual wonderful accompanying illustrations by Quentin Blake.Not to be missed.

    10. This is such a cute little book! A quick, funny and very enjoyable read. Highly recommend it if you want to dive back into your childhood for an hour or so. Roald Dahl is famous for a reason!

    11. I assume you're supposed to read these when you'reeight? Or ten? BUT WHATEVER. I read all of the Roald Dahl books when I was 14-15 and this is the only one I could never find. So now I have consumed it and I feel like my life is very complete with Roald Dahlness. (Plus I had seen the movie years ago. There is a lot more in the movie than in the book. I definitely saw Mr. Fox as George Clooney though. Just sayin'.)Aaaanyway. This is not my favourite Roald Dahl book (I'll always pick Matilda or Da [...]

    12. This morning two new Roald Dahl books arrived and this one was an instant must-read. From a young age on I always adored stories about forest animals (which is why it's even more incomprehensible and outrageous that I have missed out on such a classic until now)!The book is very thin but the story inside is full of wit, fun and excitement!Roald Dahl tells the story of Mr. Fox, his wife and children and their tranquil life. However, there are 3 farmers with very bad intentions and since Mr. Fox i [...]

    13. 5/5 starsthis is probably my favorite roald dahl book, and if you haven't read it, i'd highly recommend it! it's funny, fast paced, and the descriptions of food will make your mouth water!such a classic.

    14. This is a short blogpost taken from Thoughts on Roald Dahl: The BFG, The Witches & Fantastic Mr. Fox.I wasn't sure why, but Fantastic Mr. Fox felt the most festive to me, so I thought it'd be appropriate as my sixth Roald Dahl read. Now that I've read it, it's a little festive (gathering together with friends for a celebratory meal), but it's most likely because the film adaptation seems to always be on around Christmas – and now I cannot wait to watch it. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a charming, [...]

    15. “I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable, but I'm gonna ignore your advice.” ― Roald Dahl, Fantastic Mr. FoxThis short story reminded me of the The Three little pigs. The three little pigs here in the story are the farmers except that they are dumber, clumsier and stinkier. haha!

    16. Even though Roald Dahl is one of my absolute favorite childhood authors, there are some titles that I've never read. This was one was absolutely fantastic. Sure, it promotes stealing, but only from bad guys. Like another review notes, so does Robin Hood.But what I thought was illustrated so vividly here is that the three nasty farmers become obsessed with killing Mr. Fox for stealing their poultry, losing all perspective and sense of proportion. So much so that they take steam shovels to an enti [...]

    17. The fox was a clever fellow, stealing chickens, geese and ducks.He made the three farmers bellow,And destroy his home with trucks.This is a short and silly story,That is funny and not gory.The farmers go overboard.So the fox raids their hoard,Sharing with neighbours, in a great feast.Now, really, who is the foul beast?

    18. [First read:?<2010. 3 stars.Second read: 3rd April, 2016. 2 stars.]Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003.The first time I read this book I was jumping up and down on my friends bed. I was about ten. It was a fun time to be alive. The trials and tribulations of a talking fox were not a new phenomenon to me, but there was a bit of magical whimsy to this particular book that left an impression on me.It's not a terrible book. It's written [...]

    19. Read it in one day to my four year old. He was fascinated and wide eyed the entire time. Then, at dinner he called his juice "strong cider" and talked about how it made his mouth and belly burn :).

    20. While I was reading Fantastic Mr. Fox, I had in mind three colorful bubbles (yes, sometimes I like to tease my ideas):1. Roald Dahl is amazing. 2. Mr. Fox is indeed Fantastic!3. And this stupid yet hilarious song: Seriously Chaymâa?! Well, as Roald Dahl said in this book : I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable, but I'm gonna ignore your advice.

    21. Roald Dahl at his most delightful (with that hint of twisted humour that he does so well). This was the book that started my love of apple cider, though it was a good decade after my first read that I actually got to taste any.

    22. Roald Dahl is undoubtedly one of my most favorite authors. I never get bored of his stories. This book was short but full of excitement! Enjoyed it as usual. :D

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