The Tiny Curse

The Tiny Curse A powerful enemy An estranged love And only one tiny girl to make things right Life isn t going so well for Lucy at elite boarding school Amaris High Classes are a struggle She has no leads on the ev

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  • Title: The Tiny Curse
  • Author: Anita Oh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A powerful enemy An estranged love And only one tiny girl to make things right Life isn t going so well for Lucy at elite boarding school, Amaris High Classes are a struggle She has no leads on the evil magic user Sam s avoiding her, and the entire student population hates her But someone hates her than the rest Rumors start spreading that lead to Lucy being bA powerful enemy An estranged love And only one tiny girl to make things right Life isn t going so well for Lucy at elite boarding school, Amaris High Classes are a struggle She has no leads on the evil magic user Sam s avoiding her, and the entire student population hates her But someone hates her than the rest Rumors start spreading that lead to Lucy being bullied worse than ever before Just when she thinks she couldn t feel smaller, she s hit with a spell that shrinks her down to only two inches tall Forced to rely on Sam, Tennyson and the other Golden to survive, Lucy is determined to get to the bottom of things once and for all But the she learns, she finds that being tiny might not be her biggest problem The Tiny Curse is an addictive, action packed YA paranormal romance that is perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buy The Tiny Curse to continue the adventure today

    One thought on “The Tiny Curse”

    1. Teensy weency spider Anita Oh keeps spinning a fine tale continuing with this second novel. The standard of both the writing and mood are maintained and I'm looking forward to the next book.

    2. Lucy is still not very popular despite the fact that she saved all pupils from an evil spell. It even gets worse with the bullying and another spell shrinking her to Thumbelina. It is quite shocking that all hate or resent her so much. At least the Golden are on her side and the banter with Tennyson is excellent. As much as Sam seems a nice guy, I would love for her and Tennyson to become closer And it seems, their relationship is shifting a bit to be a little more ambivalent.The story is a bit [...]

    3. Not bad for book two. I love Lucy and the Golden. They really look out for her even though she is not part of the pack. Even when things looked really bleak for her she still stayed positive and they were willing to help her. I was really hooked with the plot and the fight with Astor. I couldn't put it down. It was too good! Absolutely loved it!

    4. Great but too shortThis was yet another funny and interesting story in the werewolf high series. It carried on the same themes as the previous book, but this time the curse is a shrinking one. The only reason I gave this one four stars is because the story surrounding the curse was a little short.

    5. ​Another semester another spell. Why oh why, the dumb lumbering fool targets her. Who is the spell caster. These are just some of the questions needing answering, can Lucy, Tennyson, Sam, Nickoli and Athena solve the mystery. Can they find what they need to make Lucy BIG again

    6. Also on: diaryofawannabewriterIt's second book of the Werewolf High series, and it's better, than the first one. One of those light book, that you can't stop reading.Lucy is still in the first year of school. The bullying is a lot worse then it was and when she thinks, it can't get worse, she is attack one more by the mysterious witch/wizard, who makes her small, like the size of finger small. She and the Golden, try to resolve issues, while keeping her alive. I really like that friendships have [...]

    7. Love this series. A private school with magic and werewolves where you never know who to trust. Friends become enemies and evil turns good. Can't wait to read more!

    8. Even snarkier and funnier than the first. Maybe, my sense of humor regressed in the past twenty-four hours, but the poo scene on the polo field is hysterical. Hehehe.

    9. In this 2nd part of the series, we delve further into their magical world.I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

    10. Love itThis is the most exciting series i have read in a while check it out you will love it i hope you do

    11. A few months ago, I stumbled upon the product page for this (at the time) yet-to-be-released book. The synopsis of the book clearly told that a curse had fallen upon the main heroine, shrinking her down to two inches tall. Shrinking is a fantastical plot device that has intrigued me since I was small (see what I did there?), and I’m always on the lookout for books that handle it well. Since it was the second book in Anita Oh’s Werewolf High series, I’d have to read the first book first. I [...]

    12. Why can't I seem to stop reading these books?!The writing is good, the general idea is ok, but I keep finding myself shouting at Lucy as if I was watching a horror movie and the main character was doing something dumb. AND yet I'm ploughing through this series like a newly opened box of chocolates, why?!On a serious note I do think that I wasn't as frustrated with some of Lucy's actions (view spoiler)[bar the fountain attack, I'd have been swinging that backpack like a Tasmanian Devil (hide spoi [...]

    13. Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters: paranormalsistersLittle fun fact before I get into my review, my husband and I love having nerf wars. So one time we were playing I made him a bet and if I won I got to buy this book, guess who won! Haha, I've been dying to pick this book up ever since then!I've been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this book to get published! I really, really loved the first one! And the moment I finished this one I pre-ordered the next book as fast as I could, [...]

    14. IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTERIt just amazes me how brilliant Anita Oh is! At the beginning of the story, Lucy is bullied relentlessly and I have never really had that experience before but I with the way this book is written there's no need to. I felt such deep sadness for Lucy. It was quite overwhelming and I loved every minute of it. There seems to be a trend so far of little mini mysteries that gibe you clues to the bigger mystery. I never would have guessed what came at the end of this [...]

    15. A walk on the wild side of imaginationThis story, as the first in the series was, left me fascinated. The author put some serious brain power into figuring out what it would be like to see and deal with the world if you were suddenly tiny. I enjoyed the story and will read the next one.

    16. I like Tennyson and this book is decent enough to read during a break time.Dont expect a superbly gripping story!

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