Owen (Big Book)

Owen Big Book Kevin Henkes s award winning tale about growing up BIG BOOKS are oversized books perfect for whole class participation Sit in a reading circle and read your Big Books aloud so students can follow alon

  • Title: Owen (Big Book)
  • Author: Kevin Henkes
  • ISBN: 0545238080
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kevin Henkes s award winning tale about growing up BIG BOOKS are oversized books perfect for whole class participation Sit in a reading circle and read your Big Books aloud so students can follow along with the large text and illustrations 15 x18 Big Book only No teacher supplements or bags.

    One thought on “Owen (Big Book)”

    1. I would personally like to thank Kevin Henkes for writing the book Owen because it seemed like a gift to me and my son, Owen. The book Owen came out in 1993 and the person Owen came out in 1992. When the book came out, my Owen had a year to establish himself as a little human being and by the time he was a year old he had a comfort "LeLe" -- a Lambchop puppet with a soft wooly fleece and he sucked his thumb. I think maybe Kevin Henkes saw us at the park one day and became inspired by my adorable [...]

    2. Although I have never been all that much of a fan of anthropomorphic animal stories (and especially of tales involving human like mice), Kevin Henkes' series of mouse tales are a glowing and sweet exception to this personal pet peeve. And his Owen has not in any way disappointed, providing a tender and evocative storyline, with equally expressive and delightful illustrations, pictures that while by themselves would not be all that much to my tastes, in combination with Henkes' text, with his pri [...]

    3. Despite being a fan of Kevin Henkes, I could not bring myself to like this book. The idea behind the story- trying to get a young child to part with his/her blanket- is certainly one that might appeal to parents. However, I dislike the fact that the parents start trying to force their son to give up his security object simply because the neighbor who can't mind her own business peer pressures them into thinking they are being bad parents by letting him keep his "baby" object. They also make a fu [...]

    4. Ever heard of the blanket fairy? Until reading this, I never had.The mouse family in this book is very cute! I loved the expressions they have. Young Owen is very attached to his blanket. His parents try all sorts of methods to get him to part with it. Parents can relate to having to separate the baby items (first stuffy, blanket, pacifier, etc) from their child and kids can read this for alternatives and that every kid goes through adjustments in their life.

    5. Loved this Caldecott Honor title about Owen and his beloved blanket Fuzzy! Fuzzy is more than a security blanket for Owen in times of stress--it is also a companion in all manner of childhood adventures of both the real-world and imagination variety. Fuzzy is truly a beloved friend. So when nosy neighbor Mrs. Tweezers hints to Owen's parents that he is too old for his blanket and suggests ways they can help him get over it, Owen's friendship is unfailing--after all, how could Owen allow his belo [...]

    6. “Owen” is a cute children’s book written from the mind of Kevin Henkes. The book relates the story of how children are usually attracted to certain objects, such as a blanket, whenever they are young of age. “Owen” was also the winner of the Caldecott Honor Book and has been greatly received for many years. Kevin Henkes’ illustrations are truly highlighted in this story as the main characters are mainly mice which is the basis for most of his books. Kevin Henkes also vividly illustra [...]

    7. I read this book as a part of the picture book challenge I am participating in on my blog. One of the categories was to read a book that is a book by Kevin Henkes so I decided to choose this book. If you're interested in the picture book categories I'll be reading from as part of the challenge be sure to check out the link here: 2017 Challenges.This was such an adorable picture book and I loved the simplicity of the art. It reminded me so much of my own experiences with having that toy or blanke [...]

    8. This is a fun story that kids can relate to; a lovey blanket that is worn out, but still much loved by the child. Our girls didn't really have an item like this, but they understood it and they really liked the ending. The illustrations are fun and tell the story well.This book was selected as one of the books for the November 2016- Caldecott Honor discussion at the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at .

    9. An "O" book for Collin's learning time. A very cute story of a little mouse and his fuzzy yellow blanket. Owen disagreed that he was too old to carry his blanket everywhere. In the end his mother knew just what to do and came up with the perfect solution.

    10. When we were first assigned writing reviews for Caldecott winners, the first author that came to mind was Kevin Henkes. I know that he has written and illustrated numerous picture books, with many of them being Caldecott winners. Last year, I even wrote a lesson plan off of his book "Chrysanthemum" for one of my beginning EDEL classes. Several of his books, including this one, coexist within the same "reality", where all of the characters are cute little mice. I know that it is nothing new for c [...]

    11. This adorable story is about a little boy (mouse) named Owen who is attached to his fuzzy yellow blanket that he has had since he was a baby. Owen does everything with his blanket in hand from playing on the playground to using the restroom. Throughout the story a nosy neighbor named Mrs. Tweezers makes suggestions to Owen's parents of ways to rid Owen of his blanket. She suggests the blanket fairy who is similar to the tooth fairy but obviously collects blankets rather than teeth but that did n [...]

    12. Personal Response: This was an enjoyable bedtime story to read to Ella (age four); a little girl I babysit. Her favorite part of this story was when Owen's mother came up with the idea to cut up his blanket. This lets him bring parts of his baby blanket where ever he wanted.Plot Summary: This cute children's book is about a little mouse named Owen. His favorite thing in the whole wide world is his fuzzy yellow blanket named, of course, Fuzzy. His Fuzzy went where ever Owen went. His Fuzzy did ev [...]

    13. The book Owen by Kevin Henkes is bout two little mice who have blankets that they take everywhere. The book contains short sentences and simple pictures on the things they like to do and their childhood activities they take their blanket on. Then on day the blanket gets really dirty and the mom takes it to take care of. In the end, due to it being worn down and not wanting to take it to school, she turns it into a little handkerchief that she can take to school and have discretely but not go wit [...]

    14. Owen loves his yellow blanket, Fuzzy, but with school starting soon, his parents, goaded by their nosy next door neighbor, Mrs. Tweezers, want him to give it up. Owen perseveres, however, until his parents come up with a much more compassionate resolution than anything Mrs. Tweezers suggests. I doubt this is what kids would like about it, but my favorite part of this book was the peer pressure inflicted upon Owen’s parents by Mrs. Tweezers. I have a fascination with the portrayal of adult prob [...]

    15. Such a sweet story! Owen has a favorite blanky named Fuzzy. He loves it and takes it wherever he goes. But he is getting to be a big boy and can't keep carrying Fuzzy everywhere. So his mom and dad make several, unsuccessful attempts to help him part with Fuzzy. Their final attempt is ingenious. While my girls never really had a favorite blanky or stuffed animal, I know this is common for many children (and one of mine was very, very attached to her pacifier). This is a great book to perhaps hel [...]

    16. 1994 Caldecott Honor - Favorite Illustration: I love the page where Fuzzy isn't so fuzzy, but Owen carries, wears. and drags it anyway. Kids are so imaginative, and I feel like the illustrations are perfect at reflecting the way kids use their favorite items to imagine and play just about anything! This is a fun story about a little boy who isn't ready to give up his security blanket; even though Mom and Dad try everything to help him see that he's getting too old. I love the solution that Mom c [...]

    17. Owen by Kevin Henkes (1993)Genre: Picture bookFormat: BookPlot summary: Owen's parents try to get him to give up his favorite blanket before he starts school, but when their efforts fail, they come up with a solution that makes everyone happy.Considerations or precautions for readers advisory (strong language, sex, death, religious overtones, violence, etc.): No special considerationsReview citation (if available): Section source used to find the material: ALA Notabl 1994Recommended age: K-2nd g [...]

    18. I rather liked the illustrations for this book. There is something so marvelous about black outlines and bright color. I also enjoyed the story. Poor Owen's parents tried multiple ways to get rid of that blankie, but none of them worked.except for one. And the one that did was a perfect compromise. I would recommend this book.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2008

    19. Love the nosy neighbor!!! I remember performing this story out in first grade and it was so exciting. It is such a fun book and owen is adorable throughout it. Kevin Henkes is a great author and his books are always fun to read.

    20. Life is hard for Owen when everyone asks him to give up his special blanket. He shows his resourcefulness as he copes with all attempts to remove the blanket. Cute and funny and sure to speak to those kids who have a special something to which they are very attached.

    21. This book SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME when I was little, because I had a favorite blanket, and I was terrified that somebody was going to read the book and decide that it would be a good idea to cut MY blanket up into handkerchiefs. NOOOOOOOOO!

    22. Reading about Kevin Henkes on npr today reminded me of how many times we read his books when my boys were little. I think we loved this one the most.

    23. This is SO cute! I love the resolution of the problem with Fuzzy, Owen's fuzzy yellow blanket and best friend. The illustrations are colorful and interesting with fun mouse details.

    24. I love Kevin Henkes' books. I also have an Owen and he just happens to have a blankie as well, so we could relate.

    25. A story about a little boy who didn't want to let go of his blanket. Don't worry kid, we all know how your feel.

    26. What an adorable story, and I'd like to clock that old busy body in the, wellyway, the illustrations are as sweet as can be.

    27. This one hits really, REALLY close to home and the struggle is real! And we all have our blankies that we cling to.

    28. This sweet story follows Owen, a little mouse who carries his yellow blanket, “Fuzzy”, everywhere he goes. Fuzzy is more than just a blanket, Fuzzy is Owen’s companion. However, Owen’s parents and their nosy neighbor, Mrs. Tweezers start to think that Owen is getting a little to old to carry Fuzzy around everywhere. Owen will be starting preschool soon and he cannot carry his blanket with him all the time. They try several different tricks to try to get Owen to part with Fuzzy, including [...]

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