All These Hidden Scars

All These Hidden Scars When I leave I never return the same Pretending came far too easily for Sullivan Black One of the reasons he rejected his privileged family and joined the FBI But those dangerous assignments take som

  • Title: All These Hidden Scars
  • Author: Avril Ashton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When I leave, I never return the same Pretending came far too easily for Sullivan Black One of the reasons he rejected his privileged family and joined the FBI But those dangerous assignments take something from him every time, leaving him a mess, unfamiliar even to himself As he struggles to shed the skin of his latest op, he finds solace in the most random of places.When I leave, I never return the same Pretending came far too easily for Sullivan Black One of the reasons he rejected his privileged family and joined the FBI But those dangerous assignments take something from him every time, leaving him a mess, unfamiliar even to himself As he struggles to shed the skin of his latest op, he finds solace in the most random of places Bar manager, Carter Renault s only intention was to escort the lonely stranger out of his place before he locked up Yet somehow they end up in an alley, Carter s pants around his ankles Their encounter is intense A onetime thing Except months later Sullivan is sneaking through Carter s window, appearing and disappearing at random The blistering hot sex doesn t hide the obvious torment Sullivan is going through, but Carter doesn t want to be caught in the middle Just when he thinks he s seen the end of that undercover life, Sullivan gets pulled back in But this time, his identity is no longer a secret, and the aggressive need he has for Carter could get the other man killed To set everything right, Sullivan has to face the one man he loves and hates in equal measure his twin.

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    1. 4 stars! Well look at me it seems I'm finally getting out of my review slump and I'm so glad it was with an author I've come to love. The first thing I thought when I finished this book was **holy shit** this is only the prequel?! This is going to be an intense series for sure. In "All The Hidden Scars" we meet Sullivan an FBI undercover agent who has to infiltrate a dark world but every time he does it takes away something from his soul. On a night out he meets Carter, sparks fly and they end u [...]

    2. I' m lazy. Go read Jewel'sor Karen's review.My contribution to this BR is the perfect Sullivan. Spoiler tagged because reasons. (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]I never want to read another book by Avril Ashton on my own. BR with these ladies is so much more fun. Until the next one, girls!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BR with Jewel and Karen!~["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    3. ~~BR with Ele & Karen!!~~4.5 StarsFirstly, thank you Ele and Karen for reading this with me! Since I am new to this author and there are tons of character crossovers in her books, you ladies were invaluable in helping me with the various character backgrounds, etc. Plus, you both are so much fun to read with! I'm sooo looking forward to the next book and reading it with you both. :)All These Hidden Scars is the second book by Avril Ashton that I've read. And this one, I loved. Sully was so d [...]

    4. This book is now live on . Can anyone help me figure it out? Is this the first book published in this series? I don't see a Loose Ends series on , here or at Avril's site. I don't want to walk into an angst-fest this sounds like and hit a bittersweet/no HEA/no HFN ending or cliffhanger.Thank you!

    5. Really enjoyed the gritty aspect to this book - the characters were perfectly matched and the pace was spot on. I'm looking forward to this series

    6. All These Hidden Scars is the Set-up story to the new Loose Ends series… and it includes characters first introduced in Avril’s Brooklyn Sinners series. Sullivan has only a short appearance in the stand-alone Keep Me Wanting and this book is finally his story! :)I enjoyed reading Sullivan and Carter’s story… it has everything I want in a book. It’s thrilling, twisted, gritty…it’s hot and it has sexy, some sweet moments. I always love Avril Ashton’s badass sexy guys and I look for [...]

    7. What I liked :- Sizzling hot sex.- Sullivan and Carter are actually a great couple. I just need them to be together more often. Especially when they're not f***ing. - I really liked the story. Police case stuff and all that. That's not often happen to me.- Rendezvous with Sinner's gang. XD- Glimpse of Levi/Van, Dutch/Patel, Renzo/Scott. *giddy*What I disliked : - Too much sex for me. I became bored with it. I need more chemistry. They met, they f***ed, Sullivan leaves. The evil cycle. I hate f** [...]

    8. "When I leave, I never return the same"How does a man survive doing something that shatters him repeatedly? How does he keep from loosing his true self, from becoming one of the monsters he has set out to destroy? If he's lucky, he finds something or someone to hold his hand, to stand beside him and share their strength while he puts himself back together shattered piece at a timeFor undercover agent Sullivan Black that man was Carter Renault. Carter runs a local bar and for some reason Sullivan [...]

    9. I just love these stories! Brooklyn Sinners and Run this Town are among my favorite series. Dark and somewhat depraved stories mostly. They're cops and criminals, who are sometimes indistinguishable from each other. All the series to intersect with each other a little. This series is about some of the secondary characters from both prior series, who were more behind the scenes figures. This particular story is also connected to Keep Me Wanting, which features Fin, but can be read as a standalone [...]

    10. This is the first book by Avril Ashton I’ve read and I got fast addicted. It has a story of its own, even though I missed some of the background and got at a lost sometimes.Sullivan is an undercover FBI agent and his work takes a huge emotional toll on him, while he also has to deal with his twin being convicted for murder. As you can guess, a lot of angst there. Then, Sullivan meets Carter, a bar manager, and their sexual encounter quickly becomes a need for Sullivan, a way to ground him and [...]

    11. Okay, important note to anyone wanting to read this and understand who the fuck these people are. **You cannot read this without first reading the Brooklyn Sinners series and the Run This Town series.**I mean, of course you can, but you shouldn't. I've read them all and I still had to wrack my weary brain to remember who was who.I just love her stories about these corrupted, broken men that somehow find a person to really love them. This one was hard to read in spots but so very good. The only t [...]

    12. 4.75 starsGreat prequel to the Loose Ends series. It cleared up a lot of loose ends for me in regards to reading book one of the series. Now I have to decide where I want to go from here. Decisions, decisions.

    13. DNF at 45%. I just can't get into this one. I always have a problem with books where there are time jumpsweeks, months since the MCs have seen each other, and there's only sex involved. Sully's little breaking and entering stunt was not sexy. I don't get the start of a relationship out of that. It makes me not connect to them because I feel like I don't know them, and they don't know each other. I can't really explain it. Of course Sully started sharing info with Carter, but for Carter to ask so [...]

    14. 4 1/2 stars. This book was so much. Twisted and brutal and gritty and pure Avril Ashton at her best. The threads of both the Brooklyn Sinners series and the Run This Town series that keep getting woven together so intricately but powerfully is nothing short of brilliant. I absolutely love how loose ends keep coming to light and painting a clearer picture, but there are still LOTS of questions that need to be answered and I'm dying to get to them. All These Hidden Scars was fabulous and Sullivan [...]

    15. Firstly this story is loosely related to Ashton'swhich I am now, out of sequence, reading. However, I was able to understand the relevant parts as pertains to this story, so I am going to go ahead and endorse that it can be read as a standalone novel. Actually, it is a prequel as described and the author has indicated that the subsequent new series will follow. While some of the story's general environment and cast of characters, begs a small suspension of belief in reality, Ashton pulls off an [...]

    16. Just bought this and while I did not read it yet, I did skip to the very end [not of the story but of the book] to see if there is any mention of the next book in this series [spoiler alert: There is!], and it sounds pretty friggin' awesome too :-D!!! Looking forward to cracking this baby open on :-P.The name of the 1st book in the Loose Ends series is "Scars and Secrets" [coming soon]. I won't mention the blurb and/or who its about just in case I might inadvertently spoiler something O_O.

    17. So I read these totally out of order, there should be a big sign on page one of book one that says read .5 first. I didn't, but still loved it. Although I knew exactly where this was going, I had to get through some heavy shit to set to where book one picked up. A HEA is in sight, and that makes me very happy! On to finish the series.

    18. Didn’t care much about this book. It needs editing since it has lots of errors.Also this book is not a stand alone, at least not to me. Dozens of characters from what seems to be another series show up and you kind of have to guess who the heck they are. But all of that would have been forgivable if the author had made me care for the couple. They made zero sense to me. They went from a hard fuck in an alley to being in love. Maybe I can understand how Sully, being so broken, would find solace [...]

    19. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEYou can pretty much guarantee when you pick up a book by Avril Ashton you are going to get a thrilling plot, crazy badass alpha men, excitement and hot as hell sex. All These Hidden Scars had all of this and more.This is the first book in the Loose Ends series and as such there were a lot of characters introduced and a lot of information to take in. It’s setting the scene if you like and in my opinion it sets it up extremely well and leaves you impatient for the [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsOkay, here's the thing: This is not a stand-alone, no matter the new series name and number. There's too much going on that has to be referenced in other books. I mean, I recognize Angel/Rafe, JP (not to mention Syren and to a lesser extent, Levi) and I've only listened to their two books (Love the Sinner & Sinner, Savior), oh and read the in between codas. See, that series -Brooklyn Sinners - has 4 major titles plus several quite long side stories. Plus, I'm guessing quite a few of [...]

    21. I think I've never read a story this overwhelming. From start to finish I was questioning the author's sanity. What I liked:- The last sentence of the book: finally I was done.What I didn't like:- Insta-lust, so strong the protagonists behave like a stalker (Sullyvan) and a moron (Carver) who has sex with Sullyvan who breaks into his house time and time again. It's so not sexy and not happening in real life and after they have sex 3 times, they talk like they can't live without each other I had [...]

    22. Whoooo, I forgot. I forgot how intense and crazy and just intense these stories are! This one had me on pins and needles the whole time. It took me a little bit to get over the breaking in, and going months or weeks without Sullivan seeing Carter, but I understood it too it was just hard to get the connection when it was mostly about sex at first. I guess it wasn't for Sullivan really, but we only got the internal goings on in his mind in little bits so at first, I just didn't feel the connectio [...]

    23. This book is about Agent Sullivan Black and Carter Renault (bar owner). Sully meets Carter at Carter's bar after an assignment. He's sitting in a booth staring of in space and when its time to go. Carter gets a little annoyed when Sullivan decides he likes what he sees and doesn't necessarily want to go. Here's where things get confusing for me. Sully waits outside for Carter to close the bar and makes his advance on him. The "relationship" between these two seem very fast and kind of one sided, [...]

    24. When I was describing Ms Av to a friend, I called her an "evil genius" and boy is it a fitting description!This book, gah!, I did NOT see it coming! The twists and turns, the romance, the feels, and everything within this book is just phenomenal. I just love how Ms Av's mind works. Everything happens for a reason and when you least expect it, bam! it hits you between the eyes. Although why I'm surprised, I have no idea is an Avril Ashton book after all! I'm not even going to say anything about t [...]

    25. Just keep skimming, just keep skimming, just keep skimming, skimming, skimming. For some reason I could not get into this book. I started skimming around 50% and couldn't seem to find anything I wanted to slow down for. From the get-go I was fucking confused and this may be because I haven't read any of the Brooklyn Sinners book from Avril Ashton. Although I will say that even though this may be an extension or a branch off of another series, I would think that we would have some sort of set-up? [...]

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