Draegon's Lair

Draegon s Lair Draegon of Greystone a reclusive lord vows to protect Alys de Monceux from her cruel and abusive betrothed creating a dilemma he could never have imagined

  • Title: Draegon's Lair
  • Author: Linda Ciletti
  • ISBN: 9781597057448
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Draegon of Greystone, a reclusive lord, vows to protect Alys de Monceux from her cruel and abusive betrothed creating a dilemma he could never have imagined.

    One thought on “Draegon's Lair”

    1. I love this authors way of writing and great storytelling. Characters are so well fleshed out it gives for a truly wonderful read. Well recommended.

    2. I am not certain about the time period in this book, but it reads like something before the 10th century. Why the 10th? Because this was before William the Conqueror and 10th is a nice round number. :D I like my romance novels with a strong focus on relationship development. I found this book sorely lacking in that regard. Draegon, the hero and Alys, the heroine, became attracted to each other after Draegon saved Alys from her betrothed, a cruel man who had impregnated Alys. I think attraction c [...]

    3. Draegon’s Lair struck me on two levels. First, it is a wonderful historical romance, one of the best I’ve ever read - and I’ve been reading them for over 40 years. Ms. Ciletti plays the factions of good and evil off each other with the ease of an orchestra conductor. The plot has several delightful twists and turns and her character development is superb. Bastion, Draegon’s evil twin brother, chills me to the core as he torments and abuses beautiful Alys both verbally and physically. Som [...]

    4. DNF 70%. I think this book would work really well for a lot of people. My issues were very personal, having to do with my own content/theme preferences. What made me DNF:(view spoiler)[--the whole time the hero sounds like virgin, but then out of blue, he thinks on how he paid wenches for sex in dark. Would have worked better for him to just be a virgin in my opinion. -- I didn't understand why no one would just KILL the villain. He was such an evil man and NO ONE liked him. It would have been s [...]

    5. Before I discovered , I would search the internet constantly for more abused/raped heroines themed romances. Most of the time, my searches came up empty. But once and awhile, I would find a gem like this book. It is a great historical romance with a beauty and the beast theme added to it.Basically, the book starts out where the heroine is fleeing her betrothed. His warriors are in pursuit of her in the forest. At the same time, the hero Draegon is walking in the forest - it is a place he feels a [...]

    6. Alys de Monceux has run away from her abusive betrothed. Draegon of Greystone witnesses her flight and when she is wounded, he takes her back to his domain. But even though Alys has lost her memory she knows that something bad happened and she needs protection.Bastion of Worthingshire wants his betrothed back. He will do whatever it takes to get her back. He is evil and abusive to all. Even his men fear him.It started out good and it was pretty good for the most part. There were parts where it s [...]

    7. Good and EvilI was just so excited to discover this most amazing emotional delightful romance that was so truly wonderful and just such a beauty to read and enjoy. I thoroughly was so moved by it historical story so very much.With such true and insightful writing showing both its strength of the spoken word. This truly most developed characters both evil and good. Was such a momentous occasion with the strength between Bastion and Alys.I adored this most wonderful book so much and thank Linda Ci [...]

    8. Good readReally enjoyed this book. Good characters, didn't want the end to come. Well written will look for more by this author

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