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  • Title: Nööp
  • Author: Emma Chichester Clark Anna-Liisa Talumees
  • ISBN: 9789949391448
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Emma Chichester Clark on aastaid oma populaarse blogiga Plumdog r mustanud tuhandeid lugejaid Selles r gib tema koer N p oma igap evelust, lemmiktegemistest, s pradest ning reisidest N bi seiklustele annavad elu Emma vastupandamatud illustratsioonid Raamat v tab kokku blogi parimad palad K iki koeraomanikke tabab ratundmine tuttavatest naljakatest situatsioonidestEmma Chichester Clark on aastaid oma populaarse blogiga Plumdog r mustanud tuhandeid lugejaid Selles r gib tema koer N p oma igap evelust, lemmiktegemistest, s pradest ning reisidest N bi seiklustele annavad elu Emma vastupandamatud illustratsioonid Raamat v tab kokku blogi parimad palad K iki koeraomanikke tabab ratundmine tuttavatest naljakatest situatsioonidest, aga kindlasti suudab see s damlik ja emotsionaalne p evaraamat murda ka vankumatute kassieelistajate s damed.

    One thought on “Nööp”

    1. A charming book of whoofy anecdotes, comprising a year in the life of Plumdog, Emma Chichester Clark's raggle-taggle and much-loved dog. Her illustrations, accompanied by tenderly observant writings are often superb. Herewith a few examples.A special treat for me were her full page, more detailed paintingsButI wish the book had been half or a third of the size that it was. I started off thinking "Wow, I have got to buy this as a birthday present for every dog animal lover I know, but by the end [...]

    2. melissa413readsalotI really loved this book. The cover is so beautiful, I found myself giving it little hugs, as I do all of my books :) The illustrations are so sweet. I love how the author wrote the book to where it looks like someone is writing in a journal in pencil. But Plum says it's her blog, yes she writes a blog, or so she says in the book :DPlum's mom is named Emma and she writes books. Plum has all kinds of friends in the book and she always spends a lot of time with her sister Liffey [...]

    3. I really enjoy the design of the book, the illustrations & even the story. However there wasn't an overall point to the story other than showing snippets from Plum's life. And I must say that dog leads a pretty fantastic life.

    4. Adorable, witty, funny, and sweet! Plumdog has won my heart. She is a fitting main character for my first completed book of 2018: quirky, uplifting, yet realistic with all of her canine foibles. Five full stars! I look forward to the other books in the series. More to follow

    5. When I first saw the cover I was drawn to this book, but I was even more amazed when it arrived in the mail. It is beautifully bound with a headband and signatures, something that is not often found these days. The trim on the inside pages match the cover. This is a beautifully crafted book. Unfortunately this means I probably wouldn't share it with kids, because I think it's too beautiful, but this is a perfectly good read for adults, too. Clark's illustrations are beautiful. Her writing is fas [...]

    6. If you haven’t had a dog, or had a dog or still have a dog or in general love dogs, then “Plumdog” is the book for you. “Plumdog” happened to me on a Sunday at Wayword and Wise as I was browsing their shelves and chanced upon this little gem.I wasn’t aware then that Emma had a blog about her dog Plum that she updated quite regularly if not daily, neither was I aware that it was about the daily ongoing of life as seen through her dog Plum. And might I add that this book is a graphic n [...]

    7. The GoodImmediately when I unboxed the graphic novel Plumdog I was amazed by the design of it. Looking at it made me very excited to jump right into reading the story. The art intrigued my curiosity to read it immediately and all I have to say is the best part of this book was the unboxing and looking at the artwork.The BadAlthough the artistry of this graphic novel was visually appealing it did not live up to the excitement that I felt when I opened the box and saw it for the first time. The st [...]

    8. This is an illustrated diary narrated by Plumdog, Emma's dog. Plum is adorable, as are her adventures. She loves swimming and rolling in awful things, as well as her many canine companions. I ended up giving a copy of this to my mother-in-law because it is so damn cute. I hadn't read any of Emma Clark's Blue Kangaroo books previously, but because her art is so cute, I am going to have to do so now!

    9. This book is about a puppy named Plum and her adventures throughout one year. My face the whole time was basically 😍 and I kept saying aloud, alone in the apartment, "AWWWW!" Plus the illustrations are beautiful. So yeah. Go read it, it's absolutely adorable.

    10. What a lovely book about a lovely dog! I borrowed this book from a friend, but I think I'm going to buy a copy myself. Mainly because Plum's adventures made me smile a lot. She reminded me a lot of my own dogs. They are just as hilarious as Plum. The only thing I missed was a 'main' storyline. Maybe it would have been more exciting if it wasn't written like a diary? Now it's just a simple account of what happened from day-to-day. The fact is that Plumdog is very enjoyable to read. A perfect gift [...]

    11. My heart is bursting with how much I love this book. I am well and truly a cat lady but this canine graphic novel is one of my favourites of all time. I laughed all the way through and did a few happy cries. A must read!

    12. I think this would be great for children and people who truly love dogs. I thought the art was pretty gorgeous, but got a little too bored of reading about a dog's quotidian life.

    13. It's a Dog's Life(Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for review through Blogging for Books.)"I know she means well but if I wasn't on a lead - I would pretend I didn't know her."Emma Chichester Clark is an illustrator, as well as the author of the Blue Kangaroo children's series. She resides in London, along with her husband Rupert, and Plum, their whoosell (whippet + Jack Russell terrier + poodle) furkid. This is not Plum's first brush with fame; she has been sharing her wry o [...]

    14. PLUMDOG is a graphic novel by Emma Chichester Clark which records a year in the life of her dog Plum. The novel is narrated by Plum and starts on January 1st with a list of New Year resolutions and ends on December 31st. Emma provides beautiful illustrations to accompany Plum’s narrative.I picked up PLUMDOG on a whim whilst I was on holiday in Cornwall. The starkness of the cover caught my eye, and then the blurb really sold it to me – especially the line “my favourite fragrance is fox poo [...]

    15. I absolutely ADORED this book! A friend of mine borrowed it to me, because she was amazed by Plums stories, too.Plum is all the good things in a dog - loving, good-hearted, sweet and optimistic.The thing I loved the most about this book is the fact that she often reminds me of my own sweet dog Letti. Maybe we should start a journal, tooCheck out Plums' Blog!

    16. One of my favorite books of all time. It drew me like a magnet at the bookstore and I just knew I had to pack it back home with me (I was on vacation). Even if you don't like dogs in real life, it's hard to believe this book won't make you smile.

    17. Plumdog by Emma Chichester Clark is such a fun story, I found myself caught up- I almost wanted a dog again! ALMOST​ The story is one I'll always peek through and share with my Ewoks. It's about Plum, who's a Whoosell (a Whippet mixed with Jack Russell and poodle). He's lovable, funny, annoying and loves the smell of fox poop! Who couldn't love him? The book isn't a story, it's a year in the life of Plum. Living in London with Emma and Rupert. It starts at the beginning of the year walks thro [...]

    18. Plum lives in London with Emma. She keeps this diary to share the fun, annoying, interesting, and thoughtful things that happen to her. The words are her own, but Emma helps by illustrating them.This book is completely charming and fun. It follows Plum throughout a year as she travels and meets up with her dog friends. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful and fun.I wasn't really sure what I would be getting when I requested this book to be sent to me, but I am so glad that I choose this [...]

    19. A super cute idea for a book! Chock full of daily musings, activities, trips, and friendships with both animals and humans, this was a delight to read.Plum's language skills are admirable, love of swimming and diving impressive, and circle of friends extensive. This is a dog used to exercise, travel, and slumber parties. I truly enjoyed each page of this book, enhanced by the printing that looked like it was done in pencil. A very realistic take on what a dog's journal would look like.The only t [...]

    20. This was a pure and absolute delight as a dog lover, and I was expecting, based on the high-adorability factor of the illustrations of Plum, that my heart was going to be broken in the end. (Not-so-spoilery spoil alert: Plum doesn't die and is a perfect charmer throughout the whole book!) There are two or three incidents of what-is-probably-considered-adult-language and a couple of grownup issues alluded to, but that wouldn't really deter me from suggesting this to dog-lovers who are teens, twee [...]

    21. This is a sweet little book I read aloud with my son. The book itself is gorgeous, giving off a vintage, feel-good vibe, and the illustrations are something I'd like to frame and hang on the wall. Plum is not one of the dogs-turned-writer that sounds wise and wisdom-filled. Rather, "she" writes exactly as one would expect a dog to write if a dog kept a journal. This is charming and often hilarious, especially if you own a dog. Oh, we laughed and laughed. There are sad bits, but nothing overwhelm [...]

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