Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire MAGIC MAYHEM MURDER Eager to find her place in the world and understand the frightening gifts she s been born with Jessalyne Brandborn leaves her sheltered life to become apprentice to the most power

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  • Title: Heart of Fire
  • Author: Kristen Painter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • MAGIC MAYHEM MURDER.Eager to find her place in the world and understand the frightening gifts she s been born with, Jessalyne Brandborn leaves her sheltered life to become apprentice to the most powerful sorceress in Shaldar She hires Ertemis, the deadliest man in the realm, to get there.With the Legion s bounty on his head, Ertemis is reluctant to escort Jessalyne butMAGIC MAYHEM MURDER.Eager to find her place in the world and understand the frightening gifts she s been born with, Jessalyne Brandborn leaves her sheltered life to become apprentice to the most powerful sorceress in Shaldar She hires Ertemis, the deadliest man in the realm, to get there.With the Legion s bounty on his head, Ertemis is reluctant to escort Jessalyne but needs the money she offers especially if he s ever to find out who his father is On the way, he discovers benefits to Jessalyne s naivet she treats him like an equal, not an outlaw.Swayed by Ertemis gruff charm, Jessalyne starts to trust him and her emotional walls begin to crumble.Little do they know that within them lies the hope of the dying elven race, the renewal of Shaldar s beleaguered kingdom and an incredible chance at love If they don t kill each other first.

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    1. 2 WHY, JUST TELL ME WHY STARS I shouldn't be angry at a book, but I am. I feel like I've been royally stood up right now.There is so much potential in this story, so many threads that could have made for great adventure, suspence or steam, but nothing really happens. So damn frustrating. I was alternatively attracted and annoyed by the direction of the plot or the behaviour of the characters. And the plethora of them didn't help either. Sometimes less is not only more, but necessary. Let's start [...]

    2. There was a lot to recommend this book, but I felt it just didn't dig deep enough into the emotions and the potential political/cultural situations. The world-building was very solid and the magic embodied among the various species was interesting. Painter is good at describing action, tender scenes and scenery. Words turned into images were crystal clear, and I might say "painted" very colorfully!Unfortunately, I was not totally enamored of the heroine, Jessalyne. Vapid is the adjective that co [...]

    3. I loved the way the book started off. However the book only recieved three stars for FOUR reasons- The Hero is a Dark Elf with midnight black skin. Who's body is on the cover? I think thats false advertising if you ask meO- It was a great fantasy world with pretty cool characters, but once the romance plot of the book is resolved between the Hero and Heroine the rest of the story is just Blah!THREE- The conflicts in the book with the Antagonist were pretty easy for the Hero and Heroine to overco [...]

    4. Jessalyne has lived on her own since the death of her mother,were it not for the local clan of deer-shifters she would be completely lonely.But she is not like them and then there is her powerwho she feels conflicted about.One day the mercenary dark elf Ertemis appears on her doorstep bringing disorder into her world.Right away there is a spark between them but how can it ever be something between them when they are so very different?Through a series of events Jessalyne finds herself and Ertemis [...]

    5. So yesterday I was browsing and saw this book for $2.99 and having just finished All Fired Up, I decided to give this one a go, even though it's Fantasy and not PNR like I'm used to.I am so glad that I did :)The worldbuilding in this novel is breathtaking. Everything from the Cervidae (deer shifters), to the mythology behind Dark Elves, to the magical abilities of the various inhabitants of Shaldar simply explode off the page as though you were really there.And of course, how could I notlove a [...]

    6. Part of the Darkly Dreaming collection I got from NetGalley. Second of the five books I didn't finish. The heroine was too goody-goody, too whiny, too dependent on others, not confident or independent enough to be interesting. She spends a lot of time *not* being upset that her scumbag father left her, her mother died, and nobody in the village will touch her, even though she's their healer. Of course she's going to be willing bait for the hero, whoIs a "dark" fae (and dark-skinned as well, and [...]

    7. Erm. This book was poorly edited which is its first offense. Strike two: it's saccharine with a few too many two-dimensional characters for my liking. Three: more than a few moments of reflection erodes the entire foundation of the story. And you're out. There were definitely enjoyable moments and the tension and interplay between the hero and heroine were entertaining. Still, this felt like a novel from a simpler time, when readers had lower expectations.

    8. I'm sure this is a good book, but it didn't seem the book for me. A lead character just out of her teens, way beyond naive, utterly beautiful, with an evil stepmother (not really) ready to sacrifice her. And of course she must be pure at the moment. Err. @20% I was already starting to cringe both at the heroine and the plot evolving in front of my eyes. Better stop now than rant later I guess.

    9. A really good fantasy read. I liked both main characters a lot as they have a lot of personality and clash from the very beginning. There is a lot of passion as well as love between the two who couldn't be more different if they tried. The good is really good, the bad very bad. And a very fairytale like ending so what's more to ask :)

    10. COVER ART LIKE THIS IS WHY I HAVE A KINDLE. Also, the main character is BLACK ffs. Cover rant over - now back to reading.*SPOILERS*I stopped reading this book at about 60%. The plot is straight outta Disney - virginal Mary Sue with magic powers falls for the bad boy who doesn't know he's a prince.

    11. This was an enjoyable fantasy romance, good for those who enjoy sensual tension between the leads but who don't enjoy on-screen consummation. Painter does a good job of turning her outcast assassin dark elf into hero material and her also outcast healer into a capable mage.

    12. My liking declined as the book got to the end. The love seemed kind of infantile and the characterization was a bit heavy handed. Still an enjoyable read.

    13. Heart of Fire by Kristen PainterAn engaging story of connections, love and sorcery. I liked the heroines naivety and her perceptiveness at the same time. I admire how she befriended everyone she met and made them feel better or richer having crossed paths with her. And on a deeper level, the cross race acceptance was commendable.A romance where good triumphs over evil and love conquers all. And magic can be used for good. Lovely.I listened to the audible version which was enthralling and enterta [...]

    14. Ugh. The book gets a cheese factor of 8/10.Mary Sue—I mean Jessalyn, gag—is pretty much everything I hate in a protagonist. She gets everything thrown to her because she's pretty, sweet, and everyone instantly loves her/wants to bone her the minute they meet her so long as they aren't a baddie. Seriously. She's textbook Mary Sue. None of her decisions really matter and she's such a nauseating people pleaser. We're also lead to believe that her half-elf boy toy who's lived his whole life slic [...]

    15. Fantastic book about the power of love and the overcoming of the odds. This fantasy brings you to a world of magic and intrigue. You can't help yourself from turning the pages like a mad person. This is my favorite book by Kristen Painter. I rarely read books more than once but Ms. Painter has made it to my list of to-be-read-again.

    16. I would given it 3 stars; simply because it could have been so, so much more!! Some political and cultural topics are part of today’s reality. Still, I’m a sucker for super duper happy endings 😊

    17. I was super excited about the story of a dark elf hero because I am weird like that and then the story line fell apart right in front of my eyes. Bummer!

    18. I enjoyed the read.I've like books with strong female leads. I also like strong male leads. The story delivers on both. It was an easy read that flowed along nicely. I think the action parts could have been a bit more detailed, but over all nice story.

    19. I read Heart of Fire as part of the Darkly Dreaming anthology. It was not something I would have picked up otherwise. That said I felt it was very well done, just not to my tastes. The premise did seem interesting. Jessalyne, a young woman with magical abilities is acting as the healer to a clan of deer shifters. She learns she is destined to become apprentice to the King’s magewoman when a messenger from the father who basically abandoned her, brings her the key to a secret box left for her b [...]

    20. Wow! I'm at a loss for words. This book is so different than Kristen's other work. She never ceases to amaze me. I mean I have tons of favorite authors, but Kristen has a unique gift. She can write a story in any genre and be a superstar of it. I have yet to read anything of hers that I haven't loved. These characters in this book were so full of life. Very well developed with an amazing world. The hero was so dark and so hunky in a very dangerous sort of way. A bad boy with a big heart on the i [...]

    21. I liked this book but it was a bit clichéd. It had an interesting plot but seemed more like it was written for the YA crowd. It was a bit too sweet and lacking in danger and character development.Jessalyne is a woman with magical abilities that allow her to heal and probably more although she rarely ever uses her magic since the clan of deer shifters she lives with is afraid of her magic. She learns that she is supposed to be an apprentice to the mage for the king. She hires Ertemis, a legion d [...]

    22. At first the book was a little boring and dragged; I was about to put the book down and then I saw both Ertemis and Jessalyne were supposed to meet. When they met after the tragic loss of her father succumbing to a fever and Ertemis had to seek out his daughter. The story just picked up and grabbed me. It was very interesting. I discovered another plot twist in regards to Ertemis and the Kingdom of Shaladar. The author really did a wonderful job on this story and the chemistry between Jessalyne [...]

    23. Ugh. I really disliked this book.The first 2 or 3 chapters were promising. The heroine lived amongst the isolated cervidae, deer shape shifters, community who were afraid to touch her for fear of her uncontrolled magic causing harm. The hero, an assassin and dark elf, which in this world is the result of being a half-elf, faces prejudice searching for information while trying to escape detection by the army he deserted because they found his skills too valuable to let him leave by paying a bond [...]

    24. 3.4 stars. I started this book completely fascinated with the storyline, the characters, and the setting. I was interested enough in the concept and the characters that it held my attention, even though I read the Kindle version on my PC. (Talk about eye strain!) There were moments I laughed and a couple times I was surprised, I even recall tearing up a time or two. The author definitely touched my emotions. It held my attention but the writing felt choppy at times. While I wouldn't classify thi [...]

    25. Let me start this by saying that I love Kristen Painters books, I first noticed her books with the nocturne Falls series once I read the latest one I was hungry for more by this author and found this book.I really, really enjoyed this book I can see that Jessalynne was probably a little innocent and though that would have annoyed me in a book set in modern times instead I saw her as a product of her time and upbringing.Ertemis though, I loved! He was beautifully written and had a depth of charac [...]

    26. Good world building: presented the species in the world and the social order so that readers can understand without it seeming like an education on the world outside of the story.Relationship development very superficial: he loves her cause she is beautiful and treats him like a person; she loves him because he is very handsome and he is not afraid to touch her like everyone else in the sheltered place she's grown up in. Both are lonely. Seems a relationship of circumstances rather than based on [...]

    27. This book was free on and had good reviews so I downloaded it on a whim.I think my main problem with this book is how naive and whiny Jessalyne is. It was way over the top. I get it, she's pure and innocent and Ertemis is a bad half human half elf. Both of the main characters are pretty clueless when it comes to the other's emotions.I gave the book two stars because I did enjoy the different creatures in this world and the dialogue was better than I expected.Now let's talk about when you get th [...]

    28. ***This book was read as part of the Darkly Dreaming Anthology (available here amzn/1sR1J7b) which was given to me in exchange for my honest opinion***I adore Kristen Painter generally so it was no surprise that this was one of my favorite stories in the anthology that I received. Any time more unusual supernatural creatures are involved my interest is piqued and this time was no different.Romance and magic with lots of twists and turns make this a page turner right up until the end. I love how [...]

    29. A beautiful romanceThis was a well paced peek into this lovely world. Jessalyn is an only child abandoned by her father, her mother dying when she was very young, living in a community that fears her touch. She has the gift of fire, uncontrolled and healing. One day a dark elf, Ertemis, happens upon their village gravely ill. She takes him in and nurses him to health. He has message for her. Her father has died and she must go to the King's mage for training. Their journey id's filed with strife [...]

    30. I was looking for escapism, and although this is a very straight forward pure piece of fantasy romance fluff, I wasn't satisfied. Although some may like it. This was too boring, too simple, too cliche. It's all shallow waters- the plot, the (literally) black and white characters, the tepid romance, the evil for the sake of evil villains, the over the top sluttiness of the women who try to hit on the hero(as opposed to our virgin heroine who falls for the first man she ever meets), and finally th [...]

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