Fall Keep Rage together at all costsPowerhouse PA Dimity Graham is off her game Her career is everything to her and she never lets anything personal mess that up So how can she explain getting busy between

  • Title: Fall
  • Author: Karina Bliss
  • ISBN: 9870994116550
  • Page: 198
  • Format: ebook
  • Keep Rage together at all costsPowerhouse PA Dimity Graham is off her game Her career is everything to her and she never lets anything personal mess that up So how can she explain getting busy between the sheets with Rage s nice guy drummer Seth Curran She s supposed to be keeping this band out of trouble, not getting into it But before she can put everything back wKeep Rage together at all costsPowerhouse PA Dimity Graham is off her game Her career is everything to her and she never lets anything personal mess that up So how can she explain getting busy between the sheets with Rage s nice guy drummer Seth Curran She s supposed to be keeping this band out of trouble, not getting into it But before she can put everything back where it belongs, Seth needs her help.Faking a relationship seemed like a good idea that night, right before they fell into bed together But standing on New Zealand soil, facing the people he disappointed to pursue his dream, Seth doubts he and Dimity will convince anyone they re hot and crazy for each other To his surprise, Dimity is working her magic on everyone and they re all convinced this is the real deal The problem is, he s almost convinced, too.

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    1. 4 ★'s We've been teased with glimpses of something going on between Dimity and Seth for the past two books. I couldn't wait to find out what was going on!It starts off innocently enough, he goes out with her as her wingman but they both soon realize they really want to have sex with each other. Seth, however, is a nice guy and he really pays attention to Dimity and she just can't handle all the warm fuzzies so she sends him back to the friend zone. And Seth's okay with that for a while especia [...]

    2. 4.5 starsIt had been almost 2 years since I read Book 1 Rise, luckily my memory of the series is still relatively fresh, thanks to Zander's unique characteristic. He is definitely one of those hero that falls under the unforgettable category. I hope Karina can write faster for the next book in the series, 20 months is a tad too long.In Fall, we have Mr. Nice Guy, Rage's drummer, Seth Curran. He had been moping around ever since being dumped by his childhood sweetheart and with her recent news of [...]

    3. If somebody told me I would not only read a romance that featured a rock-star as the main character but give it a 5-star rating, I would think they were out of their minds. But that’s exactly what happened with Rise-the first book in the series. And the author continues her fine work with this next installment. In somewhat role reversal, the heroine, Dimity, is a force to be reckoned with. She’s blunt, in your face, controlled, tough, lousy at expressing sympathy- painful emotions made her u [...]

    4. 4.5 Stars!(ARC provided by author)We first met Dimity Graham in Rise as Rage's rock star front man Zander Freeman's PA. Dimity's career is everything to her. She grew up with a lousy childhood, and has built a life where she is in control. She doesn't need or lean on anyone, but her Rage family is extremely important to her. She's gorgeous, vibrant, fierce, fearless, and doesn't like to show emotion. Being vulnerable is for suckers, & she doesn't let anyone close enough to hurt her. She live [...]

    5. Seth Curran, Rockstar/drummer for the band Rage, is heartbroken over his ex’s engagement.Dimity has been with Zander, Rage’s lead singer form the start of Zander’s reappearance in the rock world. You could say that Rage's reemergence is all Dimity’s baby and pretty much her entire life. So, Dimity is devastated by Zander’s voice issues, brokenhearted as well.Both down, Dimity and Seth get together for one amazing night. Dimity is a little weirded out by their connection and she puts Se [...]

    6. **This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books blog.**Fall is the second book in the Rock Solid series, however it has different main characters than the first book. Nevertheless, I highly recommend Rise as well, simply because it really is such a great novel! Rise was about the rock god Zander, and Fall is about his PA Dimity and band’s drummer, Seth.On the surface, Dimity and Seth couldn’t be more different. She’s the ice-queen, he’s the nice guy.This is Dimity: She shook her head, unabl [...]

    7. Though listed as the second book, there is a novella between the first instalment in the Rock Solid series and this one. This is the first I’ve read, and I thought I managed fine starting here.Fall is good because it does the thing that’s most important to me in contemporary romance: it makes the people seem realistic. Despite the fame and fortune the characters have found in the rock music industry, they behave like people who might actually exist, and have quirks and interests and distinct [...]

    8. There will be numerous spoilers in this review - don't read, if you don't want to stumble across those.I've read the entire series, loved What the Librarian Did, absolutely adored Rise and liked Play, and was geared up to read a great finale which would bring Seth and Dimity together, and resolve Zander's and Rage's future in an appropriate manner.But actually all this book ends up being is a trite contemporary romance which ends in Zander turning into a mushy, idiotic overly romantic Prince Cha [...]

    9. I really wanted to love this one. Rise was such a great read and Dimity was such a great character. This one didn't click for me. It didn't feel like they spent enough time together. And there was so much gnashing of teeth over feelings, but it felt like being told, not shown, by the characters themselves.And I kind of agree with Dimity that Zander is not going to take retirement well. I don't see him lasting long going fishing, especially after Elizabeth's book is out and the guys in the band a [...]

    10. I loved this so much! I'm always a fan of Karina Bliss's work, but I have to say I was a little braced against Dimity from earlier books, and wow, did she turn out to be a fantastic main character. And Seth, yum! Two wonderful characters, and I love their dialogue. (And the dialogue with the secondary characters, too.) Karina has such a gift for being both witty and emotional, making us laugh and pulling at our heartstrings at the same time. Highly recommend!

    11. It’s time for Seth to drum his way into Dimity’s affections!After two previous instalments in the Rock Solid series, one of which is a novella, we’re back with Seth Curran, Rage’s drummer, and Dimity Graham, Zander’s PA’s, story. Following on from the lip-synching fiasco and Zander’s vocal surgery, Rage is currently on sabbatical but Dimity, the most determined woman you could ever meet, is working hard to get the band back on track, as quickly as possible. With a need to ensure th [...]

    12. I bought Karina Bliss's Rise on an impulse (okay, fine, it was a weakness for rock star romances), and had a lot of fun reading it. So when she offered me an ARC of the sequel, FALL, I was very quick to say yes please!It’s perhaps inaccurate to bill FALL as a rock star romance – Seth does rock out a couple of times (and I may have swooned alongside Dimity), but the overall story focuses more on the aftermath of events that happened in RISE. As a result, it’s less rock star, more intimate, [...]

    13. 4.5 out of 5 StarsIf you are reading this series, you know the rock band Rage is in a mess. Zee just had surgery on his vocal chords, the public is upset once they found out Zee was lip-syncing during his two performances because his voice had failed him, and the insurance carrier for his interrupted music tour did not want to pay stating the injury to his vocal chords was a pre-existing condition.Dimity is on her way to New Zealand to visit Zee and straighten this mess out. She is fighting, and [...]

    14. When I was first offered an ARC of Fall by my friend, Karina Bliss, she asked me to let her know what I thought of Dimity. has this interesting process for leaving a review: the reader is given choices on whether they think the book has violence-No (though Dimity is tempted more than once), the mood- Hopeful (if she can just get Zee to listen), and how do you judge the characters, one-dimensional, developed, or complex.I have read many, many books and done hundreds of reviews and I have never ch [...]

    15. First let me say that I love this author because she packs a lot of feeling and real life into her stories.In this series she treats us to some unusual heroes. First came the Rock God bad boy extraordinaire, Zander, and his serious Pulitzer prize winning author heroine. Different, right?!Now comes good guy drummer Seth and type A ball-buster PA Dimity. I loved this pairing, though I had my doubts as to how the author could bring them to life. She did a great job of humanizing them without losing [...]

    16. I thought this was well written but I didn't enjoy it as much as its predecessor. It was enjoyable to catch up with previous characters as part of the story but, in what felt like a short book, it detracted from the main romance. I don't think the relationship developed enough between initial connection to LOVE.

    17. This started out well but, as I see it, Dimity and Seth hadn't spent enough time together to have fallen in love by the end. Their chemistry was nothing like Zander and Elizabeth's in the previous book. However, the writing was fresh enough to keep me hooked for the most part. Will definitely be reading Moss's book.

    18. Me encanta esta autora, su forma naturalista de presentar las relaciones humanas y en especial las sentimentales sin tirar de angustia innecesaria y sin adornar ni excusar a sus personajes sino mostrándolos con sus contradicciones.Por ponerle una pega diría que hace demasiado buenazo a Seth (igual que hizo con Elizabeth en Rise) pero conozco a personas así con lo que no me parece un recurso estilístico barato.Me ha gustado estar en la cabeza de la manipuladora, borde y tremenda Dimity, a pes [...]

    19. I'm giving this a B- at All About Romance. Read my full review here: Fall (Rock Solid, #2)Fall is a light and entertaining read. It didn’t rock my world (ahem), or leave my heart aching when it was done, and I honestly haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about it now that I’m finished. But. Sometimes I want and need those things from a romance novel. I was invested in the story while I was reading it, but ready to move on when it was done. Low on angst, Fall is the story of two friends wh [...]

    20. Whenever I read a Karina Bliss book my dictionary function on my Kindle gets one heck of a workout. She uses words like digestifs, recidivist, evinced and diaphanous and I feel like I'm learning SAT words again. I just love it! Karina Bliss also gives such depth and complexity to her characters, that you feel as if you're seeing parts of their souls - that's how intense her books feel for me. Dimity Graham is Rage's frontman's PA. She is a jack of all trades and master of ALL. In Rise, the story [...]

    21. Another winner from Karina Bliss. I really enjoyed “Rise,” the first book in this series, and I liked “Fall” just as much. I’m a huge fan of complicated, difficult characters, and the heroine, Dimity, is no exception. She’s head-strong and obstinate and bold and terrified and I love seeing people so adamantly stuck in their ways find something worth changing for. I particularly enjoyed the irony of seeing someone so brave be frightened by someone as kind as the band’s “good guy [...]

    22. I'm a little annoyed right now because this book had so much potential! I actually really liked these characters, Seth was a sweetheart and Dimity was this smart, classy, self-assured woman that was a little damaged. My heart went out to her. My issue was that I needed more interaction to truly believe they fell in love. I suppose if you want to take into account that they were good friends for years (or months?) before the time when the book actually takes place, perhaps you'd be satisfied and [...]

    23. I received this ARC book free in exchange for a voluntary honest review. Wonderful story, Deminity and Seth work together and are currently sorting out their lives together as they try to find a new path in life when a friend throws them both a curveball. Both are forever changed by their family's influence and situations that occurred in their younger years. Though as friends neither believed that they would first find heat then possible love but the trials have not yet started as their friends [...]

    24. While billed as a rockstar romance, it didn't feel that way. This was more about finding love right in front of you; not so much about the workings of the band. Karina Bliss did give us a masterful love story between Seth and Dimity with all the prerequisites, i.e. Sex, drugs, and a little rock and roll. We've got angst and bewildermentbut mostly you have a really good story--albeit confusing at the start.Fall is an easy read. Give it a chance and see for yourself. (I voluntarily reviewed an adv [...]

    25. ** I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. **Book two in a Rock Solid Romance is definitely rock solid. I loved this story. This is probably the most broken heroin I have read about. The music world is definitely not for everyone. This girl makes it look easy. She has a knack for reading people, and does everything in her power to keep her music family together. I cannot wait for part three. This is a very intriguing musical family.

    26. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. This is the first book I've read by this author, and I loved it. I fully intend to read the other books in this series. I loved all the characters, but especially Seth. I was thrilled he and Dimity were able to get over their issues and find the love they both needed.

    27. Dimity is trying to help Seth and the band. She agrees to a deal that just might get her more than she bargained for. Seth needs her help, and when the sparks fly for real, they aren't sure what to make of it. Will there be more than meets the eye? Or better yet, more than what they are portraying? An interesting story. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

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