Setting the Record Straight: Emma Smith: An Elect Lady

Setting the Record Straight Emma Smith An Elect Lady Reveals the story of an extraordinary woman who lived in a trying time As the wife of Joseph Smith the first Latter day Saint Prophet Emma knew much of religious bigotry vexatious lawsuits and law

  • Title: Setting the Record Straight: Emma Smith: An Elect Lady
  • Author: Susan Easton Black
  • ISBN: 9781932597523
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reveals the story of an extraordinary woman who lived in a trying time As the wife of Joseph Smith, the first Latter day Saint Prophet, Emma knew much of religious bigotry, vexatious lawsuits, and lawless brutality She comforted Joseph in his extremities, bore his children, and wrote of her abiding love for him Yet, as time passed and Joseph was murdered, Emma struggledReveals the story of an extraordinary woman who lived in a trying time As the wife of Joseph Smith, the first Latter day Saint Prophet, Emma knew much of religious bigotry, vexatious lawsuits, and lawless brutality She comforted Joseph in his extremities, bore his children, and wrote of her abiding love for him Yet, as time passed and Joseph was murdered, Emma struggled to find her place Her life story, unique from beginning to end, is presented here in a question and answer format to supply readers with easy access to her biographical information and increased understanding of the trials and triumphs of this remarkable woman.

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    1. I respect Emma and think the material was put together with good intentions, so I give it 3 stars when I think it only deserves 2. I definitely don't think "Setting the Record Straight" is an adequate title considering there just isn't enough recorded by Emma to set any record straight. The question/answer format was highly annoying. The questions were contrived and obviously written after formatting the material. It would have been much easier to read with section headings or just simple separa [...]

    2. Honest and fact-based; I liked it. There is no question that Emma had a lot to endure throughout her life. The absence of any first hand journal makes it hard to draw certain conclusions about her thinking and motivations, but this book does a good job outlining her life, her conduct, and addressing (briefly) questions regarding her views on plural marriage, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Restoration.As an aside, the question and answer format could be irritating, as when it said "Did [...]

    3. Finished this 100 pager in a morning, essentially. It's a Q/A format, 150+ citations at end, primary source quoting book. Perfect, I think, for Emma Smith. What a curious place in history she has! I felt comfortable coming to my own conclusions about her because of the lack of commentary. I guess I nixed the last star because a few citations were repeated and I'm impatient with that when the book is so short and I'm rereading a bit just 45 minutes later I learned a lot of facts I didn't know. A [...]

    4. After watching "Emma Smith: My Story" which I found to be a pleasant surprise, I was interested in learning more about Emma. Unfortunately, this Q&A formatted book by Susan Easton Black proved a disappointment. None of the information was new to me. The Q&A format seemed a bit contrived, full of leading questions (and questions I would never have asked)merely tailored to convey certain information about Emma. For example, "Did Emma carry a new translation of the Bible across the Mississi [...]

    5. I have to say that I was dissapointed. As one of the foremost scholars on Nauvoo, and the Nauvoo time period I thought the author would go deeper than this. I'm not sure how you can put a book about Emma Smith in the, "Setting the Record Straight" series, and only have two pages on polygamy. I thought it was much more shallow than I know Susan Easton Black is. Joseph and Emma had problems just like everyone else on the earth, but I don't think you can ignore them, and call it "Setting the Record [...]

    6. I really liked that this book was based on facts and what is directly known about Emma, not on conjecture or assumption. I have always appreciated Emma and all that she went through in her life. It left me with a few questions, mainly on the issue of polygamy. Was Emma mistaken (lying) about whether or not Joseph received a revelation on this principle and actually lived this law, or did the church leaders that followed after Joseph introduce this principle and attribute it to Joseph? This book [...]

    7. I have a great admiration for Emma Hale Smith! I recommend that anyone who doesn't know much about her, or is confused by the bad rep she is sometimes associated with, read this book!!! I was raised to beleive that she was not supportive of Joseph and his callings most of the time, which is absolutely not true! She was an amazing woman, and like everyone else, she made mistakes, but if I can ever be half the woman she was I'll be happy!

    8. Basic information about Emma, whom I must say that I both love and admire. What Susan does as a historian is present facts from historic documents and and allow the reader to decide what they think about Emma. I agree with Naomi's review that the questions were often a bit contrived, but this is a good first look at the enigma that is the Prophet's wife. I assume the other books in this series are similar.

    9. This is a question and answer book where Susan Black tells us everything we know about Emma. As the pioneers settled in the SLValley, a feeling of betrayal seemed to permeate about Emma and that is when the bad feelings about her began. They lasted for a very long time. I am happy that the church is now giving her a second chance. I personally love Emma and think she went through much more than I could have.

    10. Susan Easton Black is THE expert when it comes to Joseph Smith and in this case, Emma Smith as well. It's true we don't have much to go own, but Black does a great job or organizing the information we do have to help you learn more about Emma Smith. My only disappointment was the Question and Answer format, which others have mentioned as well. I think it would have a much better flow if it had been a chronological history.

    11. I really enjoyed this book. I love Emma Smith and often get annoyed when I hear others talk down about her and I wanted to undrstand more about her personally. This book was great. Quick read with straight forward answers. And with it being written by Susan Easton Black, I know that it's all accurate and true.

    12. A quick, straight forward look at Emma Smith's life, written in a question and answer method. It was factual and well researched but still left me wishing that I knew a little more of Emma's motivations, feelings and thoughts. This wasn't due to the author leaving this out but rather that Emma didn't keep a journal so we just don't know that sort of thing.

    13. I have always greatly admired Emma Smith and wanted to learn more about her life and experiences. This book is an excellent starting place, it presents basic facts in an easy to follow timeline of her life and is well sourced. It's an easy read, and the more I read, the more it was affirmed to me that Emma Smith was-and still is- an elect daughter of God.

    14. Read this book for my church book group. It was good in that she systematically answered often asked questions about Emma. It was lacking in that we all want to know more about what Emma felt, thought and did -but I can't blame this author as no one has this info. Too bad Emma did not keep a journal!

    15. This book wasn't what I thought, but it was very educational. It's not a story, but a Q&A. I've always been intrigued by Emma Smith. This book only gives facts-not sugar coated. Some stuff was fun to learn, other stuff wasn't.

    16. Basic fundamental history of this remarkable woman. I was grateful for a book that answered questions many have asked. It was straight forward and to the point letting the reader draw their own conclusions.

    17. I believe that Emma Smith is probably one of the most misunderstood people in the "Mormon" Church. I enjoyed learning about her experiences and her love for the prophet, Joseph Smith. I often wonder if I would have done the same things as she did, had I been alive during the same time period.

    18. This is a really quick read is written in a question/answer type form and just really easy to follow. I took Susan Easton Black's class on Joseph Smith at BYU. It is interesting to see how much she has learned about Emma since then. I am giving it to my 11 year old to read next.

    19. After seeing the Emma Smith movie, I wanted to learn a little more about her life. This book gives the basic historical facts about Emma Smith but the author points out that there is much of her thoughts, feelings and motivations that we don't know about because she didn't keep a journal.

    20. I was not a fan of the question/answer format of the book. I did however, learn some interesting facts about Emma. I gained more respect for her for the woman she was and the trials she faced in her life.

    21. The book leaves so much still not understood about her. I liked the well documented presentation but I was a little disappointed that there was not more.

    22. I thought the book was insightful. The book had facts that I ready knew from reading other books about Emma.

    23. This is a Q and A book. Susan Easton Black only uses real sources. True to her research ethic. No new revelations, just the factsEasy read--short

    24. This is a really staight forward chronilogical representation of Emma's life. Very quick read. Not too in depth, but insightful.

    25. I read this book in 2 sittings. Most of the information I already had known but there were a couple of discoveries .

    26. She was a special lady with a lot of trials that we can only imagine how tough they would have been. The one neat thing was she loved Joseph and he loved her.

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