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  1. I am very relieved to say this one was much better than the previous book. Not by a whole lot, but where The Apprentice's Quest was insufferably dull and boring, Thunder and Shadow was at least entertaining enough to be readable.It's no secret that I'm disappointed by this arc. There really isn't a solid plot and the main characters are lacking compared to the ones in any of the other series. The Warriors series has gone on long past it's prime, and this arc is dreadfully average compared to the [...]

  2. Violetkit and Twigkit are happy in their clans, but Twigkit has Aderpaw in Thunderclan with her, and Violetkit feels alone and out of place. Needlepaw decides to take care of her and be her friend. When Adderpaw recognizes rouges that attack Windclan, he realizes that the same rouges that drove Skyclan out of their territory followed them back from their quest. They soon are joined by Shadowclan apprentices, but when Needlepaw goes to join the rouges, Violetkit has split loyalties and soon decid [...]

  3. When I first started this book, I was less than impressed. I've reached that age where I'm really just reading them for nostalgia and not necessarily because I'm into the world as much anymore. But overall, I did enjoy it. Okay, first off, those two kits, Twigkit and Violetkit, are in separate clans. I personally liked the in-world choice, but it felt more like a choice to create drama between the two clans than a sensical conclusion that the cats made. So that kinda irritated me. I mean, isn't [...]

  4. I wasn't sure if I should give this 3* or 4*. It's not the same 4* I would have given a Warriors novel pre-Dawn of the Clans.Basically, it was a lot better once it stepped away from the absurdity of a Clan that must never be revealed but must also be brought back to the forest where it would be revealed scenario; it's still there, but it was less so, here. Mind you, it's still rehashing a lot of old plot points at this stage in the series, but where this installment was a bit blah, the previous [...]

  5. I found this book much more fun to read than "Apprentice's Quest" which made me happier after my disappointment of that book. I think it's just me and traveling cats that sort of gets me annoyed. All of the description of terrain that I'm trying to picture part by part as I'm also trying to understand where the heck cats are in the terrain. Another thing is how I'm trying to remember the cat Onestar used to be: the nice cat named Onewhisker who befriended Firestar over Clan borders. He was so mu [...]

  6. I really like this book's main characters. The 2 separated siblings from the book before are both growing in character a bit more than I expected. One thing I disliked about the book is that one of the cat's names was confusing me the whole book. It sounded like one of the cats from before this branch of the series. As mentioned before, I really like the 2 cat sisters. Something I like about the series is how the author isn't afraid to kill off one or a few of her characters. I also respect her [...]

  7. I don't think there's anything more I can say about this book, these series's or even Erin Hunter that I haven't said before in my countless reviews of The Warrior Cats novels. I will both start and finish this review with one word:Flawless

  8. literary-lion.tumblr/“‘You will take this Clan over my dead body.’ Delight sparked in Darktail’s gaze. ‘That sounds fair.’”Separated from each other Twigkit and Violetkit struggle to fit in with their new clans. Meanwhile, the rogues who destroyed SkyClan have found their way to the lake. They're ruthless - and it looks like ShadowClan will be their next target.Thunder and Shadow has managed to breathe life into the Vision of Shadows arc after it’s dreadfully dull opening with Th [...]

  9. I wasn't honestly impressed with this one unlike the others. Though I thought it was a good book with a great cliff hanger,I couldn't honestly say that I would read it again. I got this book a week after its release date from Barnes and Nobles,and this is just saddening. I think my only favourite part of this book was the poster or the Barnes and Nobles extra scene.

  10. Well, I feel somewhat unjust in giving this book only two stars, but I didn't really enjoy it all that much. There was a somewhat important happening, but it just didn't seem to carry the weight it should have. And, other than that, nothing really took place and just about all the characters were irritating. As such, the plot was scarcely furthered.

  11. The last book wasn't up to my expectation but it does set up a good beginning to a great series so I think this book will be good. Sky clan will probably be included here so I'm really happy about that.

  12. Book Theme Song:Icarus by BastilleI'm certain I've used this song before but if it fits, it fits. Spoiler free review: A vast improvement over the first book. A lot going on but still relatively easy to follow and Twigpaw and Violetpaw are the highlights.Spoilers beyond this pointI was hesitant about continuing the series after how dull the first book was, but this book has renewed my interest. There's a lot going on in it but the pacing is slow enough to digest it. ShadowClan is falling apart b [...]

  13. During each interval of time between each book in this series, I forget how great it is and exactly why it's still one of my favorite series. But every time I start reading one, I'm reminded of the wonderfulness of it all. I love these books so much, this one included.I've heard some people complain about this series being dragged out too long, but I don't find it a problem. Each series set is about a different (main) problem, and each of them are equally interesting. Admittedly, I was a tiny bi [...]

  14. Previously posted on Purely by Faith Reviews. My Rating: five starsMy Review: The first thing I want to say is that it is so much better than the first book. The Apprentice’s Quest was very dull and boring. Insufferable would actually be the word for it. I may review the first one in the future. Thunder and Shadow had more action and adventure. It was intense and exciting! It took me a few days to read it, mainly because I forgot to. It’s hard to avoid spoiling things…I listed some content [...]

  15. This is another great addition to the world of Warriors. In this, you get to see Twigkit and Violetkit grow up into apprentices and how different their lives are due to them living in such different clans and situations. Twigkit/paw becomes really interested in where they came from, while Violetkit/paw has just simply accepted that their mother is gone and clan life is their new life. Tension really grows between WindClan and ShadowClan as you find out the rogues are lurking about ShadowClan ter [...]

  16. This book was slightly different from the others in the series because Alderpaw is so unsure of himself in the beginning, it was refreshing to see a character who wasn't totally confiddent and who second guessed himself to the point of it sometimes paralyzing him when it came time to act. It's a good flaw to put in your hero character because it's one a lot of have and can relate to. The dilemma with the two sisters--one in Thunderclan and the other in Shadowclan--was also well done and each sis [...]

  17. I loved this book. I didn't want to put it down. My new favorite character is Alderheart. He is so kind and compassionate and unlike any character in the past 32 books of warriors. He finally learned to speak out for what he believes is right and he is so loving towards Twigpaw. Even though Jayfeather gets grumpy (as always duh no surprises there) Alderheart never complained or anything. Anyway, the characters were good in this book. I was sad that Crowfrost died. I was starting to grow fond of [...]

  18. I thought Thunder and Shadow by Erin hunter was a good book. The emotions that are constantly swarming between Twigpaw and Violetpaw engulf you as you plead for the two sisters to see eye to eye once more. However, sometimes they were a little overwhelming. Alderpaw also had much emotion in this book, such as envy towards his sister, which I did like. I like how the book takes place in two different clans rather than just one. When some of the apprentices leave Shadowclan to join the rouges, I f [...]

  19. After reading the first book of this sub-series the day before, I was expecting further action about Skyclan. The prologue hinted at Echosong being the cat that Alderpaw (now Alderheart) would meet. However, this book did not continue that mission. It introduced the conflicts with the rogues, and although that is integral to the reason for Skyclan's demise, I was hoping for more progress. Nevertheless, the title is aptly named. Thunder and Shadow for Thunder and Shadow Clan, the link between Twi [...]

  20. I really resent the fact that Violetpaw sticks so close to Needletail. But i resent those unfriendly ShadowClan cats even more. They were the ones who treated Violetkit like an outsider and causing Needlepaw to be her only friend in the first place after all. I really hope that the relationship between Twigpaw and Violetpaw would get better. And Alderheart! What a good medicine cat name. I'm so happy for him to finally get his medicine cat name. And I really wish he would solve the prophecy soon [...]

  21. I was glad to see more of Jayfeather.There was some cats that I liked, and one I did not. The one I did not like was violetkit. I honestly believed she was just a brat. Other than that, I loved the story. I read all series from the library and I only have this series. I'm going to slowly collect them, but its a of money, lol.Okay Erin! I want to see a superedition of Jayfeather. He is my favorite character and I relate to him so much even though he's a cat.

  22. Always love a good Warriors book, I loved this one a lot more than the starting novel to this series, The Apprentice's Quest was kind of slow and not full of action but this one made up for it and I love revisiting this series because you really get into depth with each of the cats in ThunderClan, ShadowClan and RiverClan and WindClan. I'm excited to start Shattered Sky and I look forward to Darkest Night and River of Fire. :)

  23. This book was very interesting! I loved it! Needletail is one of my least favorite characters becuase she is so manipulative against Violetpaw. That's why she chose the rogues. I can't belive there are only 3 loyal ShadowClan cats and now they are sheltering in ThunderClan. I'm happy they found a place to stay, but they need to stop bossing ThunderClan around. I actually think ShadowClan is a really interesting clan.

  24. Dear Hunters, can you please decide that its about time you finished the Warrior Series after 7 series (with six books per series) i think it is about time you stop writing. The Characters have gotten worse and worse and are know basically water down versions of other characters. i am soooo disappointed :(:(

  25. The book's alright, but in the end everything that happened in the book doesn't even matter, because they're back to what they first started out doing. Kind of disappointed, to be honest. But it's still good because the "situation" with Shadowclan is progressing quickly, making me wonder about what's going to happen next.

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