How to Talk to Girls at Parties

How to Talk to Girls at Parties Enn is a fifteen year old boy who just doesn t understand girls while his friend Vic seems to have them all figured out Both teenagers are in for the shock of their young lives however when they cr

  • Title: How to Talk to Girls at Parties
  • Author: Neil Gaiman Fábio Moon Gabriel Bá
  • ISBN: 9781616559557
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Enn is a fifteen year old boy who just doesn t understand girls, while his friend Vic seems to have them all figured out Both teenagers are in for the shock of their young lives, however, when they crash a local party only to discover that the girls there are far, far than they appear From the Locus Award winning short story by Neil Gaiman one of the most celebrateEnn is a fifteen year old boy who just doesn t understand girls, while his friend Vic seems to have them all figured out Both teenagers are in for the shock of their young lives, however, when they crash a local party only to discover that the girls there are far, far than they appear From the Locus Award winning short story by Neil Gaiman one of the most celebrated authors of our time and adapted in vibrant ink and watercolor illustrations by the Daytripper duo of Gabriel B and F bio Moon, this original hardcover graphic novel is absolutely not to be missed

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    1. Set in 1970s In-ger-lund, two teenagers - Vic, the confident, handsome ladies’ man, and Enn, his awkward, inexperienced friend and our narrator - go in search of a house party and find one. But is it the right one? And who are all these strange girls? Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba continue the trend of adapting Neil Gaiman short stories with How to Talk to Girls at Parties from his Fragile Things collection. And I can see why publishers continue to do this when the results are so good!I won’t gi [...]

    2. Based on a short story by Neil Gaiman from Fragile Things with artwork by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Bá (Daytripper), this tale concerns 16 year old Enn--who doesn't know how to talk to girls--and his possibly slightly older friend Vic, who seems to be a bit more confident--physically, at least. They crash a party where there appears to be all girls, all lovely, drawn by two guys that like to draw lovely girls all the time, and they are seductive, sirens. The first part of the joke is that when Enn [...]

    3. Having read the original short story years ago and remembering that it was pretty strange, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it had been adapted into a graphic novel. So, of course, I had to get it. And devour itwhich I did.How to Talk to Girls at Parties is based in 1970s England and concerns two teenagers - Vic, who is a real ladies' man, and Enn who is awkward and shy and has no luck with the opposite sex, as they make their way to a party. Right from the beginning, it is easy to see the [...]

    4. This was weird. I didn't get it. Must be written for the smarter, more conceptual, more metaphysical minded. I really wanted to know what the H Vic was talking about and what happened with Stella upstairs that made her look like what an angry universe would look like if it were shining thru eyes. For a second I thought he was saying that Stella wasn't a woman. Then I realized I had no idea what the hell was going on. 2/3's of the story is basically nonsensical gibberish coming out of the mouths [...]

    5. 3.5With the first girl the teenage male narrator talks to at a party, my expectations were thwarted, taking me somewhere I didn’t expect to go. By the second girl, I’d figured it out, though the story can be read two ways, unless the very end, still ambiguous, makes you think differently. It all made a kind of perfect sense. I certainly agree with the narrator that it’s hard to tell how old girls that are supposedly his age really are. It was fun for me that Gaiman, a year older than I am, [...]

    6. Erkeklerin kadınları nasıl anlaşılmaz ve karmaşık bulduklarına dair güzel bir alegori.Daha önce Kırılgan Şeyler adlı öykü derlemesinde öykü halini okumuştum. Çizgi romanın suluboya ustaları Moon ve Ba ikizlerinin ellerinden çıkan bu çizgi roman uyarlaması ise bambaşka bir lezzet sundu. Keyifle okudum.

    7. How to Talk to Girls at Parties is a Locus award-winning short story by Neil Gaiman (also nominated for the Hugo Award), now treated to the artistic stylings of Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon, known for such graphic novels as Daytripper. I can't think of a better pairing, and the art really brings out the freaky elements from the story that can almost be missed if one reads too quickly.More please!Thanks to the publisher for granting me early access via Edelweiss.

    8. The art in this is beautiful. Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba have been 2 of my favourite artists for a while now. I always try to check out whatever they put out. And they know how to draw some nice looking women.But it's a very short read. Which is why it's getting 3 stars. It's good but there doesn't seem much to it. I think it was a short story originally? 2 teenage boys head to a party to hook up with girls. Only.s aren't quite what they seem? The title also isn't so literal.Still, you could take [...]

    9. Çok değişikti. Neil Gaiman değişikliği işte. Ne anladım, ne anlamadım, ne sevdim, ne sevmedim Garip. (İkiz çizerler güzel iş çıkartmışlar ama onda netim.)

    10. I must confess I have yet to read the original short story. To be fair, I should go on some kind of Neil Gaiman retreat because we have only just met and I have a feeling we have quite a lot to talk about.“It’s the strangest thing about poetry: you can tell it’s poetry, even if you don’t speak the language.”The book itself is absolutely stunning, the vibrant colors creating an atmosphere that seems to whisper of dreams, of magic. I wonder if Enn is still waiting to wake up, still expec [...]

    11. The art is amazing, the story is Neil Gaiman weird and the attitude is fun. This graphic novel, based on a short story is cool. It was recommended to me by one of my fave booksellers (at Paper Plus) and his comment was that he wished the school library at his school (my school) had had this book, and books like this, when he was there. The story of Enn and Vic's big night out is totally crazy. They go to a party where the most gorgeous girl answers the door, turns out it isn't the party they tho [...]

    12. Bu çizgi romana filmi çıkacağı için başladım. Ama şu an aklımda tek bir soru var: Bunu nasıl bir filme uyarlayabilirler? Hani kısa filmse tamam ama umarım iki saatlik bir şey olmaz.Bu çizgi roman gayet kısa ve keyifliydi. Gerçi şu aralar okuduğum her şeyden keyif alıyorum da neyse. Eğer kısa, bağımsız ve gerçekten gerek çizimler, gerek hikaye açısından güzel bir şey okumak isterseniz ilk önerim bu olur.

    13. This was a tasty little morsel with some out of the this world art work that perfectly captures just how "alien" young women can seem to young men. Adapted from a story that appeared in Gaiman's short story collection Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders this clever, spooky little meditation on teenage hormone's and navigating the murky water of young love (or at least young lust) gives readers little more than a sip of a story of two young men, one the blond, broad shouldered popular jock [...]

    14. 3.5 stars!Art - 5 starsFabio Moon and Gabriel Ba's artwork is gorgeous. I love the colors! Tho I gotta say, Enn and Vic looked way older than 15.Story - 3 starsThe language is beautiful as is expected from Neil Gaiman. But yeah, I have no clue what happened. I'm sure there's some symbolism there that I totally missed. Like maybe this story is about how girls are so hard to understand that they're akin to alien creatures. Or maybe it's about how poems are a universal language. Or maybe it's about [...]

    15. I was hoping for something humorous and absurd like Anansi Boys, or something akin to the other graphical stories of Gaiman, like The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains But nah, this went miles over my head in all directions. Its widely metaphorical and expands into a reality that is too large to cover over the few pages, but the gist is other worldly beings and being torn away in time. Too difficult to grasp entirely. I really, REALLY love his works, but this, this didn't do me any.

    16. Neil Gaiman always writes beautiful things that really make me think, and this short story was no exception. And speaking of, the artwork is exceptional. This is one of his more out-there stories and the graphical novel format more than does it justice.

    17. They’re just girls,” said Vic. “They don’t come from another planet.” I must admit something first. With Fabio Moon and Gabrial Ba at artwork and inking, thanks to Daytripper, I genuinely was under the impression that Gaiman for once have written something about life in general or tips on winning girls from experience. What a blithering idiot I was.There were many instances that hinted towards one particular genre, I find myself so eagerly searching in everything these days, revealing [...]

    18. Unique and with twists and turns, Mr. Gaiman brings to life an interesting view from an awkward shy boy. This graphic novel is beautifully drawn. Each cell is detailed and a work of art. The art matches the slightly bizarre alternate reality experienced by Enn. With Mr. Gaiman, one expects something dark and different. He delivers as the girls in this story are not only hard to understand but a bit scary. Is this reality or fantasy from a teenage boy's mind? What really is going on? Is he on dru [...]

    19. I'm not sure what I think of this graphic novel but I think I like it. It's classic Neil Gaiman with weird twists, lyrical pose, and a plot that you never know where it will take you. Two teenage boys head to a party in South London to meet some girls. One is a cocky, confident, young man who can have any girl in the room, and the other is a shy, awkward boy who doesn't really know how to talk to girls. His friend ditches him at the party almost immediately so he tries his hand at talking to thr [...]

    20. "They're just girls," said Vic. "They don't come from another planet."What is better than starting your year with a Neil Gaiman short story? Maybe, a Neil Gaiman short story in comic form. And that's exactly the case with this little book.Two boys find themselves in a party full of strange girls, our main protagonist tries to use whatever little social skills he possesses and soon things get kind of weird.With an art style full of vibrant colours that complements the story perfectly, How to Talk [...]

    21. No se si más que tebeo entra dentro de la categoría de novela ilustrada. En realidad no tengo muy claro como calificarlo. Según tengo entendido, Gaiman escribió la historia, y posteriormente fue adaptada en tebeo. El caso es que esta historia corta mola, y mucho.El concepto es bastante simple: se trata de dos amigos, uno muy sociable y con facilidad para relacionarse y otro más tímido, con dificultad para ello. El social le convence para ir a una fiesta y conocer, sobre todo chicas, pero c [...]

    22. I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman but wasn't familiar with the short story that this was adapted from (Fragile Things is definitely on my list now). Since I try to pick up anything Gaiman is involved with, I figured it would probably be right in my wheelhouse and I wasn't wrong.How to Talk to Girls at Parties is an interesting mix of coming and age and mysterious, dark Gaiman fantasy. It's the story of how a shy awkward teenager (Enn) gets dragged to a party by his more charming, smooth friend (Vic) [...]

    23. I liked the art more than the story, I've heard this is based on a short story so I'll be checking that out at some stage. The overall arc was interesting and anything Gaiman touches is of the highest calibre so this definitely didn't disappoint. The story was a little vague but very interesting, right up until the quick finale. I have a feeling the short story will work better and contain more written notes as the visual tone wasn't consistent for me. Not a bad book by any means just above aver [...]

    24. Incredible work by Moon and Bá. Radiant, otherwordly, innocent, vaguely infantile. This time directed not towards the arbitrary bullshit of Casanova Quinn's incomprehensible exploits, but to give form to a wonderful, poetic masterpiece by Neil Gaiman.As always, Gaiman promises much in the first act: wisdom, secrets, unfathomable truths. Things that, of course, he can't deliver in the third act (no one can), presenting us instead with a hurried melodrama aimed at obscuring the fact the he's got [...]

    25. Da hell I just read? No idea.I don’t like stories like this, which could mean anything, or be anything.Today is my dog’s birthday. She’s two. That’s a true thing, and belongs in this review as much as any of the things in that story belong in it.

    26. Curiosa forma de ver a las chicas desde la pubertad, desde el punto de vista de los chicos y a través de la fantasía. Como siempre, un placer leer a Gaiman y un gran dibujo/arte de los gemelos Fábio y Gabriel.

    27. It's a great story by Neil Gaiman paired with the amazing drawings by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá. What more one can want? ^^

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