One thought on “20 Answers: Faith & Science”

  1. Some good news first, this series has just been expanded from 20 to 23 books and I believe more will release in the fall expanding it even further. Of the 23 books now available Trent Horn has written 10. His books are always great reads. And I can say the same for this one.This past Lent I did the 20 Answers Challenge, read all 20 books in the Catholic Answers series (that were available at the time). Currently you can get all 20 books for 50% off, an amazing deal, so get them with this deal wh [...]

  2. As a Catholic engineer, I was particularly excited to read this book. This book not only met but exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t put the book down. Horn addresses a wide array of topics in this short booklet: misconceptions about Church history and famous scientists, the reasons science doesn’t disprove religion, and how faithful Catholics can respond to accusations they are anti-science. What I liked about the style of questions was they sounded like questions opponents of Catholic [...]

  3. A great run through on why Catholicism and faith in general are not opposed to science. Trent Horn answers all the big questions directly, effectively, and efficiently. Highly recommend giving this to friends who believe the church is opposed to science or reading it yourself to defend the faith.

  4. A concise, well written booklet that answers the most common objections to the connections between faith and science.

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