Undone It s been six years since Abigail Byrne laid eyes on Brian Foley but since then she s been unable to keep him out of her thoughts and dreams Determined to try to forget him she moves on with her lif

  • Title: Undone
  • Author: Brenda K. Davies
  • ISBN: 9781311861689
  • Page: 271
  • Format: ebook
  • It s been six years since Abigail Byrne laid eyes on Brian Foley, but since then she s been unable to keep him out of her thoughts and dreams Determined to try to forget him, she moves on with her life until the day her twin sister disappears without a trace Abby has no choice but to turn to Brian for help in locating her twin, even if it results in having her heart brokIt s been six years since Abigail Byrne laid eyes on Brian Foley, but since then she s been unable to keep him out of her thoughts and dreams Determined to try to forget him, she moves on with her life until the day her twin sister disappears without a trace Abby has no choice but to turn to Brian for help in locating her twin, even if it results in having her heart broken Brian s life as a vampire has consisted of little than killing and death for the last two hundred years There s no room inside of him any for kindness and love, or so he thinks, until he hears Abby s frantic plea for his help Unable to refuse her request, Brian agrees to help Abby find her missing sister As the search for Vicky progresses, Brian does everything he can to deny his growing feelings for Abby However, the further they delve into her sister s disappearance, the determined he becomes to protect her from the horrors they uncover.18

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    1. Oh my God! It's not even out yet, but I'm already worried about the ending of this book. I hope no one dies

    2. I have been reading this series since the first book and have loved every one of them. This one literally grabbed me with the first sentence and I could not put it down until I had gotten to the end. I am not even sure what it was about this that had me so captivated but it was something that I want to experience again. The characters were so vivid and alive that I could see what was happening to them every step of the way. The situations were plausible and did not seem so fantastic that they we [...]

    3. I received an ARC for an honest reviewBrian likes to keep to himself. He's a lone vampire helping takeout all those other vampires that go around killing innocent humans for the thrill or more. But it's time he takes a break. Just as he is about to set off on a long awaited vacation, he receives a call for help in finding Abby's twin sisterAbby knows somethings not right when she hasn't heard from her twin sister in two weeks. With nobody left to call, Brian her last resort even though she knows [...]

    4. Abby’s twin sister Vicky is missing and instead of calling her family for help, she contacts the one person they barely trust. Brian gets a call out of the blue from Abby and she begs for his assistance. He’s only met her once when she was a teen, but he remembers her. Brian reluctantly agrees, but soon realizes that there is more to Vicky’s disappearance than he initially believed.Brenda K. Davies knocked it out of the park with this book! I already love this series and this made me love [...]

    5. This series just gets better and better!This is Brian and Abby's story! Fans of this series has been eagerly waiting for Brian's story! Throughout this series Brian has remained an enigma, reserved and closed off. The day Abby calls Brian to help her find her twin, Vicky, he felt a pull from her that he doesn't understand or can come to grips with! Vicky has disappeared and Abby fears something has happened to her. Brian agreed to help her and together they begin their search. As they gather mor [...]

    6. Brian doesn't appreciate interruptions, "Brian released a volatile curse and rolled off her. He snatched the vibrating phone from the ground and brought it to his ear. “What?” he barked into it." It's quite obvious Brian has some jealousy issues, "a jolt went through Brian at her words. “You will not be feeding directly from humans any more. It will either be blood bags or me.” I enjoy this series, I love the characters.

    7. OMGosh! I LOVE this book. I think david now has some competition as my favorite. Brian is an amazing and complex character. He so much more than was ever revealed before. Abigail is definitely different than the last time we saw her but, she is has grown into an interesting woman. 5*s to you again, Brenda. Well done! FYI - David is still my number one and he does pmake an appearance in this story as well. YAY! Brian is a solitary man with one goal in mind, to kill any and all killer vamps as he [...]

    8. Yes, yes, and yes. The cover is super hot. I happen to love the eyes and the background. Brian is absolutely a bad boy but one who is out to get those who deserve it. He doesn't kill humans though it has happened before out of necessity. When Abby calls though, he drops everything to help her find her twin. He just can't help himself when it comes to her. In fact, she could very well be the unraveling of his sanity as it's pushed further and further. He is literally becoming undone. I have been [...]

    9. Wow just wow. This is my first review and that is saying something. I couldn't put the book down. I have read the other books in the series but this is my absolute favorite. I am completely in love with Brian and Abby. What a heratbreaking story. My heart broke for Brian. And Abby what a woman This book has everything, angst, hot sex, funny moments and most of all love. I highly recommend this book. To Brenda K Davies you are wonderwoman. I want to live in your head. Lots of love to you. Now go [...]

    10. Just try and do anything else once you start this book. Just try. Brian was basically untouchable. Unstoppable. Unbreakable. Unloveable. But fate doesn't care if you shouldn't be loved. Or if you're incapable of loving in return. Something Abby quickly finds out after she seeks out his aid to help locate her missing twin. Can they survive the battle they unwittingly step into? Can she survive a loveless life by completing the bond? Will Brian even allow the chance?

    11. Best one yet!!I have to say I'm always waiting patiently (not) for your new releases. This series is one of my favorites! But Undone is now my new favorite , the storyline is amazing. The action, having Abby be the savior of Brian was a great twist. That made me really smile. Can't wait to see what happens next. Are the stooges up for mates or Aiden? Will Vicky get her revenge hmmm can't wait to find out?

    12. I want moreI've been always curious about Brian and couldn't wait to read his story, well I have to say that I am not disappoint it.Well done Brenda I wonder who will be next?

    13. Brian, Brian, Brian you know what they say about 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall' well that say is also true for Big, Gorgeous, Tortured, Vampires and in this series they don't come any more tortured than BrianlolAbby fell hard for Brian when she was 15 but even back then she wasn't convinced he was her mate so she let it go and moved on or she tried anyway but for 6yrs now he has plagued her dreams. Abby is the sensible twin she is the reliable twin and she always always does the rig [...]

    14. This book was like the Energizer Bunny. It just kept going, but that wasn't a bad thing; it was an intense thing. Brian was a bad boy with good intentions. He wanted to rid the world of bad vampires. Unfortunately, trouble followed him. Its best to keep a distance if you want too stay alive. Would a good woman turn him around, or would he get her and her family killed?This book is #5 in the Vampire Awakening series, worth reading. The series, books 1-5, can be purchased as a bundle for a buck or [...]

    15. I can not express how excited I was to read this book. I was not disappointed. This book was one of my favorites. I don['t know why I felt like Brian was the answer to all the books. I LOVED him and Abby together.This story for me was a smooth meld of partners together. I felt she picked the perfect match for her and have waited to see how this story was going to unfold form their first meeting. AGAIN, I was not disappointed. I don't explain books very well and I admit that I know this but If yo [...]

    16. Go Abi Go Abi Go Abi gooooo girl. Not a pushover not just here to be love and protected but to love and protect her loves ones.She is a badass pureblood and she knows it, has a heart of gold but will go to any lengths to defend her mate and family.And Bryan will learn the women from the 1800 and those from 21's century are very different.

    17. I found another one that I liked. Brian's character has intrigued me from the moment he was introduced, so I'm glad to see that he finally got his happily ever after!Read:June 6-7, 2017 - Audible Audiobook

    18. Absolutely loved this book. Brian and Abbywhere do I begin? There was so much action, and I was enveloped in the story from the first chapter. There we're a few times I laughed out loud at some of the banter going on between the characters and that made them more relateable for me.

    19. Brian&Abby! It was good to read about Brian. He was mentioned in Isabelle& Stefan story in Destined. I'm glad his story was written as well as Abby one of the twins! I love this series and it keeps getting more interesting and introducing more characters and getting deeper into the purebred world!

    20. I absolutely loved Brian and Abby's story! The intense feelings and passion Brenda portrayed in the is book was incredible! One thing you learn from this book is to never under estimate the quiet good girl! I can't wait to read the next one!

    21. Have now finished the Awakening Bundle and absolutely loved the books. Will be reading more about the rest of this appealing family of vampires.

    22. Great readYet again another great read. A lot more darker things in this story, some of it heartbreaking. It was nice to get a deeper point of view from Brian.

    23. Love this series!! I love that each book is about a different family member. This book in particular I found to be one of my favorites thus far.

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