The Conservative Nanny State: How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer

The Conservative Nanny State How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer In his new book economist Dean Baker debunks the myth that conservatives favor the market over government intervention In fact conservatives rely on a range of nanny state policies that ensure the r

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  • Title: The Conservative Nanny State: How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer
  • Author: Dean Baker
  • ISBN: 9781411693951
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • In his new book, economist Dean Baker debunks the myth that conservatives favor the market over government intervention In fact, conservatives rely on a range of nanny state policies that ensure the rich get richer while leaving most Americans worse off It s time for the rules to change Sound economic policy should harness the market in ways that produce desirable socIn his new book, economist Dean Baker debunks the myth that conservatives favor the market over government intervention In fact, conservatives rely on a range of nanny state policies that ensure the rich get richer while leaving most Americans worse off It s time for the rules to change Sound economic policy should harness the market in ways that produce desirable social outcomes decent wages, good jobs and affordable health care Dean Baker is co director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

    One thought on “The Conservative Nanny State: How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer”

    1. Most people I know realize that the so-called conservatives who run this country aren't really for small government, they just want government to be small when it comes to helping poor and middle-class people. They are all for big government when it comes to helping out large corporations and the super - rich.But sometimes it is hard to follow the arguments all the way through. This slim little volume helps you do that, so when you have to deal with right-wing Uncle Fred or Aunt Dorothy at Thank [...]

    2. I greatly recommend this book to all liberals, as well as for conservatives who don't mind some constructive criticism. Lays out a number of ways in which both Democrats and Republicans create mechanisms to subsidize the wealthy, while portraying the lower and middle-classes as parasitic ne'er-do-wells. Topics include farm subsidies, the privilege of limited liability granted by corporation status, and the manipulation of the federal funds rate by the Fed, among others. Sounds dry, but it is a q [...]

    3. This is a nice little primer on how the wealthy use the government to subvert free market capitalism and cause wealth to redistributed upward on a grand scale (not down as conservative mythology would have you believe). The book is short (107 p.) and clearly written. If economics plays any role in how you vote; this book is a must read. The author, Dean Baker, an economist at the Center for Economic Policy, also has an excellent blog, Beat the Press, which critiques news articles covering econom [...]

    4. Mostly interesting book concluding that American conservatives, rather than being against government intervention like they claim, are actually only in favor of government intervention which further enriches the wealthy. The book has some good arguments (and some weak ones) but is fairly forgettable in the end.

    5. This was a free book I was able to get from Audible. I learned a lot of information from this book but it really isn't my favorite subject, so I found it difficult to absorb all the information. The premise of the book is the Conservatives in the United States have been able to frame the discussions on budget by claiming that they want less government, and the Liberals want more. In reality both want as much government, it's just the Conservative's want their government to protect the business i [...]

    6. A simple piece of conventional wisdom underlies much of political commentary: conservatives favor market outcomes, whereas progressives favor government intervention. Dean Baker's book "The Conservative Nanny State" is based on a thought-provoking denial of this premise. Instead, Baker argues that both conservatives and liberals support big government (i.e a "nanny state"), albeit in very different ways. Whereas conservatives use the government to maintain and further increase the concentration [...]

    7. Pretty solid little book. It confirms what most people already know (or should know) but should serve as a first point of reference to shout down anyone who says "conservatives just want to get government out of your lives!" This is nonsense of course, they just want government less involved where it can help the poor, and disadvantaged groups. They love big government where it helps the rich and privileged groups. Liberals and leftists need to stop framing the argument as "conservatives like th [...]

    8. Government regulations, state enforced monopolies, and protectionism, have effectively obstructed free market outcomes, restricted free trade, and have resulted in a significant and very deliberate redistribution of income and wealthupwards.If this description of conservative policies enacted over the past several decades seems counter-intuitive, then that is just an illustration of how effective conservatives have been at dictating the terms of discussion. When liberals acknowledge that they pr [...]

    9. This book has one purpose: to combat the idea of "Liberals like government intervention, conservatives like market solutions". In fact, most conservatives like government intervention, but not for social safety nets; instead, they want the government to help distribute income to some of society's most well-off members.The book is easy to read, and makes its case quite well. As one example of government intervention that conservatives typically like, the book mentions trade agreements that limit [...]

    10. My dad reads this guy's blog so that gives it some extra street-cred as a substatial source of info. Its some bust-the-wealthy economics.This was so short and so informative! Prof Baker makes very clear the instances where our economy is set up to encourage free trade, such as for most blue collar jobs but is protectionist of the white collar (through restricitve licensing or patent laws). He really nails at the idea that the neoConservative agenda is full of the rhetoric of having a less regula [...]

    11. There was a lot of useful information about the economy and the government's role in it in this book, but while there was plenty to learn, there was also a lot of snark and sarcasm that really didn't help me to take the subject seriously (or maybe that was just the tone of the narrator, in which case the fault doesn't lie with the author. Hard to say.) and some of the arguments made it sound like the wealthy are directly attacking the working classes, whereas it seems more reasonable that the da [...]

    12. The writing was reminiscent of those late nights with a lot of wine, and there is one guest that is pedantic and "soapboxy" who won't stop loudly proclaiming his opinions. Not all of the connections connect, and some of his facts stretch pretty far. In spite of that, I gave this book three stars because he did manage to make me think about some issues in a totally different way. For example, why are small businesses treated as a sacred cow by liberals and conservatives alike? Should they be? Sho [...]

    13. Short review: This is alternative economics. A liberal economist that is more free markets on some issues that most conservatives, but not on others. The real strength of this book is way that it frames economic issues differently than how most other economists do. Most of the policy suggestions are not politically viable, but it does show there are options. If you are a liberal, read this for a different perspective on how to be liberal but still support the free market. If you are conservative [...]

    14. Baker’s argument is that the conservative vision depends as much or more on government intervention in the market than the liberal vision does. The book is pretty convincing in making that argument. Examples include deliberate trade policy geared toward the wealthy, "small business" incentives, and intellectual property laws that create property rights out of thin air. Baker does a bang-up job poking holes in the conservative myths as well as pointing out many of the problems with our governme [...]

    15. Fantastic. I can't say I agreed with absolutely every piece of this book, but overall it is a remarkable primer on political economics. This is a great time for thoughtful Americans to start questioning our assumptions about the market. What potential solutions are we routinely dismissing? That is one of the best things about this book: it offers SOLUTIONS, which are so often missing from books that question the status quo.

    16. One of the great conservative myths of the Cold War was that conservatives like small government. Conservatives have always bloated the state and used it to enrich themselves, all while having the gall to denounce democrats as socialists. When thinking of conservatism vs. liberalism, the question is simply which state socialism do you want? In this book, Baker does a grand job showing how conservatives continue to use the state to hold onto wealth and get richer. It's a short,clear read.

    17. This book took a very interesting premise I.E. that modern conservatives do not want a small government as much as a government that keeps them rich. Unfortunately it didn't do a very good job selling it's premise, a lot of it is conjecture of motives inferred from actions. With that being said, some sections stand out to me as being particularly well thought through such as the efficiency of the patent system.

    18. An awesome, savage attack on conservative "protectionism." Some of his chapters could have stood to be longer and more detailed in their arguments. Baker is too quick, I think, to dismiss criticism of markets, though he is clearly not a "free market" type, even as he mocks conservatives who claim to be pro-market for not living up to their own supposed ideals. Conservative nanny state, indeed.

    19. Ha, of course this was written by a guy who got his doctorate from the University of Michigan. His anger and derision for "conservatives" is obvious to the point of distraction. However, I found his arguments fascinating and compelling.

    20. a brief polemic whose goal is thwart well-worn meme that conservatives favor small government. baker outlines the numerous circumstances where conservatives are all for government - as long as it happens to disproportionately reward the well off.

    21. Concise and powerful, Baker does a great job of shredding the unnoticed assumptions of contemporary "capitalism" in which the most effective rent-seekers hide in plain sight. (non-fiction version of Mieville's City & the City?)Provocative and with little to no fat, a must read.

    22. Available for free by the author here:deanbaker/images/stories/d"The attitude of the nanny state conservatives toward tax evasion can be difficult to follow for those who both pay their taxes and know arithmetic."Go Baker.

    23. A great introduction to young readers who are interested in politics. The book comes from an economist's view of the Conservative party and makes arguments that the conservative government officials truly actually take opposite views of economic policy.

    24. Some interesting ideas, but over the top. Narration was mechanical and stilted making very difficult to listen too.

    25. Capitalism has been subverted into something it was never meant to be by a few hell-bent to control all the marbles

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