Snowed In with the Bad Boy

Snowed In with the Bad Boy Santa lost my address a long time ago Cupcake The only present you re getting tonight is my face between your thighs Former black ops mercenary Ronan Steel doesn t do Christmas not any And he abso f

  • Title: Snowed In with the Bad Boy
  • Author: Sylvia Pierce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Santa lost my address a long time ago, Cupcake The only present you re getting tonight is my face between your thighs Former black ops mercenary Ronan Steel doesn t do Christmas not any And he abso f ckin lutely doesn t do damsels in distress, banging on his door in the middle of a blizzard Give her a ride Hell, no With her big blue eyes, innocent smile, and f c Santa lost my address a long time ago, Cupcake The only present you re getting tonight is my face between your thighs Former black ops mercenary Ronan Steel doesn t do Christmas not any And he abso f ckin lutely doesn t do damsels in distress, banging on his door in the middle of a blizzard Give her a ride Hell, no With her big blue eyes, innocent smile, and f ck me senseless elf costume, that girl is nothing but trouble.Sweet, sexy trouble that leaves him aching for a taste of what s hidden under those candy cane striped tights Georgie Taylor will not miss another Taylor family Christmas not after last year s disaster, and especially not after shelling out 500 for the perfect elf costume But a freak storm puts her holiday travel plans on ice, leaving her stranded at the secluded mountain cabin of a cocky, sexy as sin recluse who makes Scrooge look like a fuzzy pink teddy bear.If only his filthy mouth didn t make her so hot As the blizzard rages on, all Ronan wants for Christmas is to f ck that good girl smile right off Georgie s face And all Georgie wants is to punch Ronan in the snowballs until he pins her down and gives her a full blown Christmas miracle right there on the kitchen table High up in the Colorado Rockies, cabin fever never felt so good But when Christmas morning dawns, what does Santa have in store for the naughty bad boy and his nice little elf

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    1. 3 1/2 to 4 stars ***Posted August 8th, 2016(view spoiler)[Currently free on Kindle and Kobo:SALE OVERsmileazon/gp/product/Bore.kobobooks/en-ca/eboJust in case you're in the mood for some naughty, snowy, holiday fun in August ;)(Of course, you could save it for later!) (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    2. 3.5*I really loved Sylvia's Bad Boy Valentine so I was excited to see that it was part of a series of short holiday stories. Snowed In with the Bad Boy is a steamy, sexy, funny read. But, like BBV, it also has a deeper emotional story behind it, both for Ronan and Georgie. Ronan is a brooding, cranky, ex-military, slightly over-the-top alpha, and Georgie is the perfect light to his darkness - she’s really an endearingly quirky character. I enjoyed their banter and back-and-forth. There was def [...]

    3. *My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**This is the first book I have read from Sylvia Pierce and it certainly won't be the last after reading this HOT little number.Ronan and Georgie do not hit it off straight away. Georgie is dressed as an Elf and talks a lot, Ronan is ex military and has been retired for six months in his cabin on the outskirts of a town with his dog Bella where it is very quiet.However the attraction is there right from the very momen [...]

    4. This holiday novella is just what you need to ignore your family and have a good holiday sex fantasy or two.Georgie’s in a slutty elf costume and gets stranded on the side of the road/end of Ronan’s driveway in the middle of the woods. He’s the opposite of warm and cuddly, but there’s just something right beneath the surface that they both can feel brewing – and it’s not hot chocolate because Ronan doesn’t have that shit.Does this book sound ridiculous? Yes. But ohmygod it was ACTU [...]

    5. Laughter and love are a winning combination!From the opening sentences this story invited me in enjoy a quirky sense of humour and wry take on life…“F*** elves, man. Seriously.”And enjoy it I did! Ronan Steel was this gruff, scrooge-like character who didn’t talk or look anything like any Scrooge I’ve seen or heard before. Big, buff and rough, yes, but he quickly melts when faced with an intriguing elf in distress on his doorstep.“I invited you into my home… Let you use up all my h [...]

    6. I loved reading snowed in at the cabin stories. This book was sexy as hell! Great chemistry between Ronan and Georgie. I'd like to see more about this couple: what is their life like further down the road? Entertaining read for a wintry night.

    7. Snowed in with the bad boy is the first book I have read by Sylvia Pierce and fuck was hot!!! She has gained a fan! Now onto this sexy novellaRonan is an retired soldier that lives in a secluded cabin in the Colorado mountains who hates Christmas. It's hasn't always been this way but when a tragedy hit seventeen years ago, his life changed and no body has been able to get him to feel festive until an elf shows up at his door. Georgie just wanted to have the best Christmas ever with her family bu [...]

    8. Ronan is definitely a bad boy. He has a dirty mouth to go a long with it. This what I love in stories involving bad boys there is one woman who brings them to their knees. Ronan doesn't know what hits him when Georgie comes crashing into his life on Christmas Eve. She's all holiday spirit to his Grinch. Though there are reason for his grinchy attitude. Things get VERY hot between Ronan and Georgie. Makes a girl wish she had a bad boy to get snowed in with this holiday season.

    9. Well I would not mind getting snowed in with Ronan. I mean that whole tough act does not scare me awayd Georgie sure did not back down. I am not normally a fan of the insta-love, but this book made me love it. I wanted so bad for both of them to find some happiness in their life. I mean who can resist a hot ass take charge man I may not be able to sit at a dinner table for a few days with out thinking of Ronan and Georgie :)

    10. This was a quick short steamy erotic read. I enjoyed Ronan & Georgie's love story. A cute elf and an hardened ex black ops meet with a blizzard outside and end up sharing a passionate night they won't forget!

    11. I am a sucker for this kind of book. I mean everyone has their "rathers" and this is mine. Ms. Pierce did an outstanding job and all the little twists and turns and mystery surrounding him made for such a good book.Highly recommend this one!!!!!

    12. Snowed In with the Bad Boy by Sylvia Pierce packs quite a punch. It's sexy, insanely hot, surprisingly tender, and I loved everything about it.It's Christmas Eve, but former black ops soldier Ronan Steel has no desire to celebrate. Alone in his cabin in the Rocky Mountains--with no one but his faithful dog, Bella, for company--Ronan has no family or friends to spend the holiday with. Fresh out of an unconventional military career filled with covert missions where he witnessed the worst that huma [...]

    13. "For naughty girls with just a pinch of nice"Ronan Steel is a retired alpha male whose secluded himself, and his favorite bitch, in a cabin deep in the mountains. Now that he's not fighting the good fight in some forsaken country doing things that no record exists of, he spends his days with a drink in one hand and his dick in the other just trying to make through the day. Which is not an easy thing to do with his past haunting him and no one to tether him to the present. And now it's Christmas [...]

    14. Great read!!I couldn’t put it down. Next thing I know it’s 11:00 at night. Ronan is great. He is a true bad boy.

    15. When a bout of bad luck turns into something so good! You will want to skid sideways into a snow bank too if it then gets you face to face with Ronan. Smouldering hot doesn’t quite seem to do him justice.Georgie is on a mission to get home for Christmas to surprise her family and nothing is going to stop her. Not even the hotter then hell man candy that tells her she’s going nowhere but inside his place. Well when you are in an elf costume, cold and wet caught in a snowstorm you do have to s [...]

    16. Snowed In with the Bad Boy is a Christmastime novella by one of my new favorite authors, Sylvia Pierce. The moment I saw that she was releasing this story, my fingers just couldn't click fast enough to get it downloaded on my iPad. Having read the first series written by this fantastic new author, I absolutely knew I was going to love this book. Well, Sylvia gave me precisely what I expected she would, and I LOVED it!Ronan grew up living with his mother and sister. But when he suddenly lost them [...]

    17. Snowed In With The Bad Boy is a Christmas novella about a boy meets girl.Ronan Steel, a cranky retired CIA Operative has no room for Christmas joy, peace and love. But when a freak accident lands Georgie Taylor on his front porch; threatens his simple life…Love becomes a funny thing.Georgie Taylor is terrific. Her dialogue and their banter throughout the entire story is laugh out loud until you cry funny. Ronan can’t help but fall for the “mile-a-minute rambler” beauty who happens to be [...]

    18. A Review of Snowed in with the Bad Boy by Sylvia PierceHoly Santa Elf - 5+++ starsSylvia has done it again! This may be a short book, but boy is it packed with a punch! We meet Ronan, who is a retired black ops agent, living in the middle of nowhere in Colorado. He's in the middle of a fantasy of what he would ask Santa for if he still believed in Christmas, when there's a knock on his door. Georgie is dressed up as an elf, on her way to surprise her family for Christmas Eve when a blizzard caus [...]

    19. My review is a day late cause I'm currently booking a rental car to drive into the Colorado mountains to find my own Ronan Ronan is a retired black ops that basically lives each day waiting for it to be his last. That is until Christmas Eve when a redheaded little elf smashes her car into his driveway. When Ronan sees Georgie at the bottom of his driveway he's captivated by her elf costume and she's his favorite, a ginger. Things quickly heat up between them once he welcomes her inside for the n [...]

    20. Snowed In with the Bad Boy (Bad Boys on Holiday Book 1)By Sylvia PierceRonan is ex-military, grumpy recluseGeorgie who has been given a second chance at life is sweet Beautiful, outgoing.Ronan lives in a remote Cabin, with his rescued Dog Bellahe lives day to day and always ending his nights in the same way passed out drunk, not caring wether he lives or diesGeorgie is a sweet girl with a new lease on life. She's full of joy and is anxious to get to see her family. This is the first time she is [...]

    21. For a short read it wasn't too bad. You have the brooding, self-loathing sexy, alpha male, Ronan. And then you have the spunky, sweet & funny lead female, Georgie.It's Christmas, snowing badly & Ronan is holed up in a cabin in the mountains by himself. Georgie was on her way to surprise her family when her rental car lost control & crashed into Ronan's driveway. So knocks on his door for help or to use a phone dressed in an elf costume. Of course there's instant attraction & chem [...]

    22. "He'd merely been existing before she crashed into his life, and now he felt alive, in vivid colour instead of shades of gray."This was a short, sexy story about two people, who have both lead difficult lives, finding one another during a snow storm just before Christmas.Ronan is all alone in the world. A retired CIA operative with no family, he lives in an isolated cabin out in Colorado, not planning to celebrate Christmas. His grey, lifeless solitude is shattered by an adorable but fiery redhe [...]

    23. Snowed In with the Bad Boy was HOT! Uhm who wouldn't want to end up stranded with a raging, hot head, sexy as sin former black ops mercenary, Ronan Steel? Me, me, me! Poor Georgie Taylor wants nothing more than to spend Christmas with her family. But when a wicked winter storm strands her at the bottom of Ronan's driveway, Georgie's Christmas plans go south. Ronan doesn't do Christmas, but when he finds his fantasy girl, a sexy redhead dressed as an elf at his front door, whose he to say no. The [...]

    24. Snowed In with the Bad Boy by Sylvia Pierce is a wonderful, quick, christmas-time read that will steam your socks of your chilly feet and wake up your senses faster than a handful of cold snow in the face. The book is short. Prepare yourself for insta-attraction turned insta-love, and just GO WITH IT. We get enough back story on both characters that they feel dimensional. We learn about Ronan and his military past and Georgie and her medical issues. We see these two meet and fall all over themse [...]

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