Wrath and Bones

Wrath and Bones Marnie Baranuik is confident that her new psychic detective agency will be a great success and she has eight million business cards to prove it But before the paint even dries on her open for busines

  • Title: Wrath and Bones
  • Author: A.J. Aalto
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Marnie Baranuik is confident that her new psychic detective agency will be a great success, and she has eight million business cards to prove it But before the paint even dries on her open for business sign, she s summoned to face the Demon King Asmodeus in His own playground, the revenant court, home of the undead nobility, to participate in a conclave of the most powerfMarnie Baranuik is confident that her new psychic detective agency will be a great success, and she has eight million business cards to prove it But before the paint even dries on her open for business sign, she s summoned to face the Demon King Asmodeus in His own playground, the revenant court, home of the undead nobility, to participate in a conclave of the most powerful immortals on Earth Orc prophets have forewarned her that danger is looming in the far north In her most ambitious adventure yet, Marnie must harness her powers, gather trusted friends to wade into battle, and complete an international treasure hunt that would make Indiana Jones break into a cold sweat, before raising a new revenant house to rule from the Unhallowed Throne and do it all without getting her heart or legs broken Storms are brewing, threats are piling up, and the stakes are higher than ever, but Marnie is determined to dance with danger to the very end There s only one thing left to do deal with it, Baranuik Style Does anyone know if yetis like take out And when you re on a date with a mummy, who picks up the check

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    1. Review also found at: theparanormalpaladin.wordpres This was my first completed book of 2016. Yay me! And it was a really good one! I think Wrath and Bones is my favorite since Touched. To be honest, the love triangle and Marnie's obnoxiousness kind of ruined Death Rejoices for me, but maybe I wasn't in the mood. I liked Last Impressions better, but this really seemed like inspired story-telling and got me back in full-on LURV mode. From the first page, I was drawn in the story, and there seemed [...]

    2. WARNING: spoilers in the comments section. This review is spoiler-free.For some time, I've been offering my soul in exchange for ARC's from my favorite series, and this time my shameless offer finally paid off; big time! I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. To whoever owns a piece of me now and thinks that you got the better deal: Nuh uh! It was soooo worth it! ;-PYes, everyone's favorite horny/snarky/lovable Groper is back with a vengeance - and as usual finds hersel [...]

    3. *** To Be read with sounds of wailing and gnashing of Teeth *****Oh whoa is me !!!! how can this book be finished- only 496 pages of utter bliss, pure sarcasm, and wrapped in the strong arms of kick ass action and betrayal (which I didn't seem coming).Clearly this book could have been 1000 plus pages, it wasn't nearly enough. The release of the book came as a bit of a surprise but to much excitement and fanfare - what a great christmas present, and as such any plans went to hell and I spent all [...]

    4. Holy crap on a cracker. Seems like I waited forever for this book Now I want a do-over. I want to scrub the last 15 pages out of my mind Sucks toad balls. I'm am ab-so-fricking-lute-ly. Numb.

    5. As a Marnie Baranuik follower I had certain expectations for Wrath & Bones since we're quite far into the series by this point. Boy howdie, I was not let down. There's no better bumbling hero to admire. Marnie and her cold company are always entertaining, Harry's ever the dashing gentlemen with the right amount of edge to make you shiver in the best ways, though it was Marnie and her immortal assistant Declan whose banter and ease that made me want to be a part of the pack on all the mission [...]

    6. The sign of a truly great book is when you become emotionally involved in the story. I was flung full force into the depths of this book. Snickering in public whilst reading on the train, devouring every word like I needed them to live. Now least I should spoil the plot all i will say is this;I am currently heart broken. This book provided a rollercoaster ride for my emotions and I may take some time to recover.This was an epically great read and I whole heartidly say that if a book 5 is not pla [...]

    7. Where to start? This book had me in the freezing snow and on a quest with Marnie and Declan. I mean, a gathering of revanants, a vampire hunter, a sassy heroine and a hapless ally (that'd be Declan), what could possibly go wrong?Everything, apparently.This story had me laughing, and the ending - did not see that coming. Okay, yes I DID know it was coming because I couldn't help but read spoilers (so sue me, I also read the ending in paperback romances before I read the whole story and I'm not as [...]

    8. Daaaamnnnn. I couldn’t love this series more if I tried. And it has a ton of editing mistakes, so that’s really saying something. Having said that, I’m about to channel my inner Marnie here, so get ready for some swears. AJ Aalto.dude(tte).what the fuck?! If you were here in front of me right now I’d be tempted to kick you square in the piss flaps. You better fix this! I don’t know how you could possibly resolve this situation to my satisfaction, but just DO it, m’kay?

    9. Yikes (in a good way)Marnie is even more bad ass (in her clutzy and sassy way). And since i get attached to the charactersi feel you should know tissues might be needed. Well, i needed them, anyhow. But it was such a great read and I'm ready to read the next one.

    10. Wrath & Bones, The Marnie Baranuik File, Book FourBy A.J. AaltoDear Ms. Aalto:This is probably not the format you are used to seeing reviews of your work. However, I felt a real need to direct this specifically to you, rather than to the general public. After all, it is your work. First, let me say that I think you are a top-notch storyteller. I love your characters, who are funny, and pathetic, and emotional, and unfeeling, and smart, and idiotic, and sexy, and revolting, and crazy, and rat [...]

    11. So let's talk about this. I adore the first 3 books and have read the shorter stories so I could have more to read because I love the characters so much. I literally read the other ones laughing out loud and crying because they were so funny. The other books are easily 5 stars for me. This book felt like someone was trying to imitate the characters and writing style of the other books and failing miserably. I usually love the slightly silly and immature behaviors of Marnie, but she acted and nar [...]

    12. I love this series. I was looking forward to the humor that is always present in any installment of the Marnie Baranuik Files and it didn't disappoint. The creative cussing and pure ridiculousness of some situations made me laugh out loud - sometimes randomly throughout the day. The tantrums, the legs, and the yeti were quite hilarious. Although it is more serious than the rest of the series, A.J. Aalto does a great job in taking Marnie to new heights in her abilities and locations. We get to tr [...]

    13. Saving the world sucksKudos to the author for bringing to life what real betrayal looks feels and smells like. Many reach for this as an essential plot line in a series so as to manage a growing and developing character storyline moving in more complex directions, but few actually get the portrayal of survival of a long grinding soul and body crushing train wreck right. AJ AAlto did with this story. Moving along past that, this story grows Marnie up some and brings her another step closer to rea [...]

    14. Trollpocalyse NowThis series must be read in order. The first book is Touched. The second book is Death Rejoices. The third book is Cold Company. The fourth book is Dirt Nap. The fifth book is Last Impressions. The sixth book is Deadhead. This is the seventh book. I can't was it to read the next one!Marnie is finally starting to get the hang of this. Hood has her running and learning self-defense. She is even starting her own psychic detective agency with Mark Batten. Can she trust Kill-Notch Ma [...]

    15. Marnie Baranuik Books 3 & 4This has been the best series I have ever read by far! Please tell me Book 5 is in the works, I can't stand not having Mark Batten a part of her life any more! Sob, sob, please tell me it isn'tso! Words simply fail me when I try to describe this series, the characters, the incredible other worldly scenes created and Marnies' relationships to all these other world revenants and creatures is fascinating! She is one of a kind even as she bumbles thru her qwests she en [...]

    16. Oh SnapMarnie's in deep this time. She's placed in the position to save the world from avenging trolls but at what cost? She'll have to make hard choices and gross challenges to get through going into the revernant's world, one she's expected and urged to protect. Loss is swift and her actions are again brash. Brilliant writing and characters , some you love to hate and others you hate to love. Excellent series. I can only hope for more. It's become one of my all time favorites!

    17. 2.5 The first half of the book was a jumbled mess. Endless and repetitive descriptions of characters and events. Paragraph after paragraph of ooogling that went from cute to beyond annoying. Most of the second half flowed better and appeared rightly written, it was enjoyable mostly. Overall, the book had many editing mistakes I wondered if it was edited at all! One sentence in the book, stated they were boarding a "ship" but it was written "shi*". So many errors and double sentences, it was sad. [...]

    18. It was so great. I should have seen the end coming and didnt. I am so wondering what Harry found out at the last and hate I have to wait and find out.

    19. Always known to bungle get herself in trouble and generally fumble into life, this time however she was given a specific task. Marnie, Harry, Golden (then Battern turns up) are summoned to their house, all revenants have to vote for their new king, but she has other ideas, she surprises everyone by voting for a queen, and that particular queen is locked away banished from court, thus stirs the pot, Marnie is given 3tasks to complete before her request is allowed. She is allowed to take Declan an [...]

    20. I'm afraid this series is taking a nose dive. Not only was this my least favourite book but I really dislike it if the protagonist is forced or does something and that action is being emphasized and then . drumroll . nothing! Nothing, nada, zilch. It might as well have been left out. Yes, it might pop up in the next book, maybe, one can hope but it still doesn't change how lousy it was done. And not only that, Marnie is send on a quest to retrieve things and then at the end nobody asks or checks [...]

    21. Okay. It is official. I am done with this series. The overly done and ridiculous verbose dialogue has finally done me in. It's just too much! Ms. Aalto doesn't know how to use a little and how powerful that can be. It wears out the reader before you can even get a handle on the plot. I won't bother to recap the storyline. As always, judge for yourself!

    22. Excellent read!How can one not be in love with MJ? She's small but formidable, klutzy but quick, smart but sexy and all wrapped up in a foul mouthed, penis obsessed tornado of spunk! No spoilers here but the end will leave you breathless.

    23. Great book. This one was just as funny and quirky as the previous ones but with a lot more emotion thrown in. I may have shed a tear.

    24. To read and re-read over and over. To read and re-read over and over. That is the joy of these books and characters. It's the only way to get through your wait until the next book comes out. The imagination and snark compares to no others. Love!!!

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