Prelude to Death

Prelude to Death Blaine Stewart a private investigator with a knack for acting first and thinking later finds herself caught between justice and family loyalty in sunny FLorida as a killer is on the loose and all r

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  • Title: Prelude to Death
  • Author: Sharon Zukowski
  • ISBN: 9780525940791
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Blaine Stewart, a private investigator with a knack for acting first and thinking later, finds herself caught between justice and family loyalty in sunny FLorida, as a killer is on the loose and all roads point to her wayward brother HC Dutton.

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    1. "Prelude to Death," by Sharon Zukowski, should of been titled "Prelude to Sleep." This wasn't one of the best books that I've read, nor is it one of the worst. When you get a book like this to read, it makes it hard to review.Blaine Stewart is pulled away from her newly-married husband, Dennis, to go down to Florida to help her estranged brother, Dick, who has been charged with murder. But it is not anyone's murder, it's Corrye Edwards, Key West's unofficial Poet Laureate.The evidence is startin [...]

    2. Totally got lost in this one. And when I say totally, I mean TOTALLY. As in, ditch-the-world-and-get-lost-all-afternoon-in-the-story.Prelude to Death is a whodunit mystery with elements of a conspiracy thriller. When P.I. Blaine Stewart's wayward brother Dick calls for help after being accused of a murder he didn't commit, Blaine jumps on an airplane for Key West to uncover the truth. The victim, a famous poet and local celebrity, was Dick's lover, and everyone believes it was a crime of passion [...]

    3. PRELUDE TO DEATH - ExZukowski, Sharon - 4th in Blaine Stewart seriesRecently married Manhattan private investigator Blaine Stewart plies her craft in Key West. It seems the local police have jailed her younger brother Dick for the rape and murder of his lover, prize-winning poet Corrye Edwards. What little information Blaine gathers appears to incriminate her brother, especially after he refuses her help and then skips bail. Blaine encounters belligerent police, suspicious government agents, and [...]

    4. This book was one of my random reads. Meaning I went into the library, picked it off the shelf, and read it without knowing anything about it.There’s a killer somewhere in Key West, and New York P.I. Blaine Stewart is putting her life on the line trying to prove that that killer isn’t her brother. Her brother is a man with a mysterious and somewhat shady past who is being charged with the rape and murder of the beloved poet, Corrye Edwards, a woman he supposedly loved. Things don’t get bet [...]

    5. Blaine, a PI, tries to help her brother in Key West.Involved story, literate.Tough heroine.Could be a movie.

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