Dangerous to Know

Dangerous to Know For years Hermione has been oppressed by her husband Walter She has become his domestic slave forced to account for every penny of her housekeeping allowance and forced to submit to him whenever he

  • Title: Dangerous to Know
  • Author: Margaret Yorke
  • ISBN: 9780892965007
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For years, Hermione has been oppressed by her husband, Walter She has become his domestic slave, forced to account for every penny of her housekeeping allowance and forced to submit to him whenever he demands his conjugal rights Then Walter s desire to dominate women leads to murder.

    One thought on “Dangerous to Know”

    1. I had never read a book by this author when I came upon a copy of Dangerous to Know by Margaret Yorke. The story focuses on Hermione Brown, the abused wife of Walter. To look at them you would think they were your quiet neighbors next door. Walter Brown didn't begin to hit his wife Hermione until after their two daughters had grown up and left home, but throughout their marriage he has enjoyed controlling her life, relishing opportunities to taunt her and see her broken. We soon discover that Wa [...]

    2. Oh, hell NO!!!!Uh-uht even going to try to finish it. Less than 50 pages in and I already can't stand Hermione. Am I supposed to feel sorry for her because her husband controls and abuses her? Well, I do NOT!!!! Hermione meets another woman (something tells me they will become friends later on because that other woman is just as pathetic!!!!) Yeaht interested at all to find out what happens next.

    3. This was a pretty lame mystery. There was little mystery and lots of repetition of the same story line. The characters were extreme, the evil husband was really evil, the meek wife was really meek. It seemed like the purpose of the book was to moralize about sexual brutality but the characters were so extreme it didn't really resonate.

    4. I found this little book at my Aunt's cabin this summer and found out my mom and loaned it to my aunt; what a fun find! I really liked this book. It's funny even though it's about a very unfunny subject. The ending is much more serious than the first 3/4s of the book. I thought it was very enjoyable and definetly recommend this. I would read more Margaret Yorke based on this book

    5. I'd give this one 3 and 1/2 stars as it was fairly interesting. I found it not up to the usual par by Yorke. The ending was definitely a twister. I notice most of her novels deal with some sort of abuse or excessively meek women.

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