The Rabbit And The Turtle

The Rabbit And The Turtle A stunning collection of Aesop s fables from bestselling author and illustrator Eric Carle Eric Carle brings to life Aesop s fables with his gorgeous illustrations and charming retelling of the classi

  • Title: The Rabbit And The Turtle
  • Author: Eric Carle Aesop
  • ISBN: 9780545005418
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A stunning collection of Aesop s fables from bestselling author and illustrator Eric Carle Eric Carle brings to life Aesop s fables with his gorgeous illustrations and charming retelling of the classic stories Designed to engage and delight readers of all ages, this collection contains some of Aesop s most timeless tales Beautifully reissued, this new book has all the enA stunning collection of Aesop s fables from bestselling author and illustrator Eric Carle Eric Carle brings to life Aesop s fables with his gorgeous illustrations and charming retelling of the classic stories Designed to engage and delight readers of all ages, this collection contains some of Aesop s most timeless tales Beautifully reissued, this new book has all the enchantment of Eric Carle s art plus traditional morals of the fables.

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    1. Here is a collection of 11 Aesop stories retold and illustrated by Eric Carle. This is a good collection to introduce these tales to children, especially if you like his watercolor illustrations.

    2. Traditional Literature: fableCharacters: Turtle, Rabbit, and a variety of others derived from Aesop's fables Setting: various, mostly natureThemes: traditional moralsSummary: Eric Carle compiled 11 of Aesop's fables and penned them in his own unique style. While they are written in fairly small print, none is longer than a page. Carle explicitly stated a moral at the bottom of each fable. For example, the moral of "The Lion and the Mouse" is 'Friends come in all shapes and sizes.' While Carle's [...]

    3. 1. Awards received: This book has not received any awards.2. Appropriate grade level(s): This book is appropriate for preschool grade 1.3. Summary: Eric Carle retells Aesop’s fables along with adding watercolor illustrations. The book includes 11 fables in total with each fable taking up two pages. The fable on the left-hand side and the illustration that captures the main idea of the fable is on the right-hand side. There is also the general lesson/moral that can be learned from each fable in [...]

    4. Eric Carle brings Aesop's fables to life with his gorgeous illustrations and charming retelling of the classic stories. Eric Carle's illustrations tell the stories within themselves. People can picture the story just by looking at the illustrations. Each fable has a fantastic moral to each tale. Perfect for teaching social lessons.

    5. Recommended Grades: K-4Genre: Traditional Literature/FablesUnique Feature: This book has a variety of classic fables retold in one short page with great illustrations. It's a great book for modeling because it's unique one-page stories have great characters, plot, details, and dialogue!

    6. Title: The Rabbit and the TurtleAuthor: Eric CarleIllustrator: Genre: FablesTheme(s): MoralsOpening line/sentence: A huge lion sitting on the grass happened to put his foot on a tiny mouse.Brief Book Summary: This book is a medley of the famous Aesop fables, each containing a moral. Eric Carle ties in his rich illustrations with the classic tales to reinforce the messages in the text.Professional Recommendation/Review #1: BooklistCarle originally published Twelve Tales from Aesop in 1980. Eleven [...]

    7. Title: The Rabbit and The TurtleAuthor: Eric CarleGenre: fableTheme(s): Animals, FablesOpening line/sentence: A huge lion sitting on the grass happened to put his foot on a tiny mouse.Brief Book Summary: This book is comprised of different stories on each page followed by a picture to correlate with it. The book is make up of 11 different stories. Each story has a short sentence at the end of it that briefly explains the moral of each story. Professional Recommendation/Review #1: The stories in [...]

    8. In The Rabbit and Turtle, Eric Carle retells and illustrates 11 of Aesop's fables. Each story ends appropriately with the moral. His illustrations are done in his signature style of "painted-tissue-paper collage". This is a great book and a wonderful presentation of 11 great fables by Aesop. I would most definitely recommend this book to all.

    9. The Rabbit and the Turtle is a compilation of Aesop's fables retold and illustrated by Eric Carle. The stories in this book range from The Lion and the Mouse to The Fox and the Crane. There is also the Wolf and the Lamb and The Fox and the Crow. All of the fables are two pages with the fable on one page and an illustration on the other page. Also, after each fable there is the lesson that was supposed to be learned. For example, below the story of The Cat and the Mouse, the lesson is "An idea is [...]

    10. Carle, Eric. The Rabbit and the Turtle (1988). The Rabbit and the Turtle is a collection of eleven Aesop’s fables all illustrated by Eric Carle. The book is creatively crafted so each fable is limited to one page and has a corresponding illustration on the following page. The moral or lesson to be learned is located at the bottom of each page to ensure readers understand the concept in the story. Eric Carle stays true to the original Aesop’s fables. In the fable, “The Rabbit and the Turtle [...]

    11. 11 different fables are told in this book. All of these are short and to the point. Each fable includes colorful and detailed image. Told by animals, each fable is entertaining and provides children with a moral lesson. This book is great because the moral lesson is provided at the bottom of the page. If children do not understand the lesson it is given to them at the end and they can reread the fable to see where the lesson comes from. These fables can be used to compare and contrast to differe [...]

    12. Summary: This is actually a collection of Aesop's fables retold and illustrated by Eric Carle. The book caught my eye with the classic "The Rabbit and the Turtle". Characteristics of the genre: All the stories in the book are classic stories with a message that have been told over and over again.Writing mentor traits:Ideas-The message in this story is "slow and steady wins the race". The story has a sequence that engages the reader to keep reading to find out what happens.Organization-The story [...]

    13. Eric Carle has gathered eleven classic Aesop's fables into this volume and illustrated them with his classic paint on tissue paper collage work. The fables include "The Fox and the Crane," "The Lion and the Mouse," "The Rabbit and the Turtle," as well as many others. The fables are told in a straight-forward manner with clear language appropriate for children as young as three or four years old. The illustrations are everything you know and love of Eric Carle's style. They are vivid and eye-catc [...]

    14. Grade/interest level: Upper elementary (3rd)Reading level: Fountas and Pinnell, O,P Lexile: 650Genre: Traditional literatureThe Rabbit and the Turtle is a book of Aesop’s fables told through depictions of a variety of different animals. The book contains eleven different stories and each story ends with a moral. After each story, the corresponding moral is listed at the bottom of the page so that readers understand what the story was trying to get them to understand. The familiar story about [...]

    15. In this book, Eric Carle has retold some of Aesop's fables and illustrated them with his signature style. There are 11 fables included in Carle's collection: "The Lion and the Mouse""The Wolf and the Dog""The Fox and the Crane""The Cat and the Mouse""The Monkey and the Fox""The Rabbit and the Turtle" "The Wolf and the Lamb""The Frog and the Ox""The Blackbird and the Peacocks""The Fox and the Crow""The Grasshopper and the Ants"Each story is written on one page (the left-hand side) with a full-pag [...]

    16. Awards: noneAppropriate Grade Level: Pre-K to Grade 3Summary: In The Rabbit and the Turtle, Eric Carle retells Aesop's Fables and illustrates them in his signature style. Each fable is accompanied by a one line description of the lesson targeted by the story.Review: The Rabbit and the Turtle is a wonderfully-illustrated moral-based book, which presents imaginative and yet simple stories which illustrate the most basic lessons that we experience in everyday life! The incorporation of one-line les [...]

    17. Eric Carle's book of fables The Rabbit and the Turtle is another great children's book to read aloud. This book is filled with Aesop's classic fables retold in two page spreads, on the left is the story and the right is Carle's fun, creative artwork to go along with the story. The book includes the fables:The Lion and the MouseThe Wolf and the DogTh Fox and the Crane The Cat and the MouseThe Monkey and the FoxThe Rabbit and the TurtleThe Wolf and the LambThe Frog and the OxThe Blackbird and the [...]

    18. Rabbit and Turtle by Eric Carle is an Aesop's fable about a rabbit and turtle who race one another. The race begins with rabbit running fast ahead and turtle slowing walking. The rabbit is sure he has this race in the bag because he is fast and turtle is slow. Rabbit decides to take a nap. Rabbit wakes up as he sees turtle passing him by. The rabbit decides that the turtle is so slow that he can take another nap and still have time to catch up with the slow turtle. Rabbit falls into a deep sleep [...]

    19. I would definitely recommend this book for parents! For teachers, I would recommend using this book when teaching about fables. If you are wishing to do an author study on Eric Carle I would recommend this book. What I liked about this book was that I immediately recognized the illustrations as Eric Carle's. Quite distinctive and children will love the colorful pictures. This book isn't just about the fable the "Tortoise and the Hare". It's a collection of 10 fables and retold by Eric Carle. Eac [...]

    20. “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.” This is the moral/theme given at the end of this fable. Eric Carle’s book The Rabbit and the Turtle, is a wonderful book in which Carle retells 11 of Aesop’s fables. Each fable is retold in a wonderful way because the morals of the fables are unchanged and the illustrations that go along with each fable are modern and very detailed. Carle’s illustrations and the way the fables are retold will help young children understand the moral of each of the fable [...]

    21. Genre - nonfiction, folk talesreading level -K to 1st gradetopic and themes - folk talesCurricula use - read aloudSocial - can be used to show moral of storiesLiterary elements - imagery, personification, perceptionstext and pictures - The pictures add to the look of the book and they are brushstrokes of paint. They appear almost that a child could make them but then as you look at the illustration you realize that they are more complicated with shading and different types of brushstrokes being [...]

    22. This is Eric Carle's version of several of Aesop's Fables including: 1. The Lion and the Mouse2. The Wolf and the Dog3. The Fox and the Crane4. The Cat and the Mouse5. The Monkey and the Fox6. The Rabbit and the Turtle7. The Wolf and the Lamb8. The Frog and the Ox9. The Blackbird and the Peacocks10. The Fox and the Crow11. The Grasshopper and the AntsThe stories all have a moral at the end which is enjoyable, and it may be fun for children to try to determine what that moral is before they are t [...]

    23. This story is a book of Aesop’s fables retold and with great illustration by Eric Carle. Some of the fables are the lion and the mouse, the wolf and the dog, the fox and the crane, and the rabbit and the turtle are just a few. The pictures in this book are just amazing and make the book that much better to read. With each fable there is a picture to go with it and at the end of each story in bold text and a different color is the moral message that you should have learned from the story. Readi [...]

    24. The Rabbit and the Turtle, by Eric Carle is collection of different Aesop fable's being retold. Each fable consist of two different animals such as "The Lion and the Mouse" or "The Monkey and the Fox". At the end of each story a phrase is put at the bottom of the page to hint at the moral of the story. For example, the fable of the lion and the mouse tells a story of a lion who under-minds the capabilities of the mouse. At the end of the fable the phrase used is "Friends come in all sizes and sh [...]

    25. Fabels, Tales, TraditionalTEKS: (5) Historical/cultural heritage. The student relates music to history, to society, and to culture. The student is expected to:(A) identify aurally-presented excerpts of music representing diverse genres, styles, periods, and cultures; (9) Reading/Comprehension of Informational Text/Culture and History. Students analyze, make inferences and draw conclusions about the author's purpose in cultural, historical, and contemporary contexts and provide evidence from the [...]

    26. (Traditional Fiction - Fables) - Compared in class to The Lion and the Mouse Aesop's Fables, was not the graphic comparisonjust one on my own because I didn't care for the other retold writing.I enjoyed this version because I love Eric Carle, but also because it has the morals at the bottom of each story. I find that having the morals stated in relation to the story makes it easier for a child to understand, as well as some adults. Not all of Aesop's fables are easy to decipher what the moral/me [...]

    27. This book is definitely for readers who are not new to reading, or for children who enjoy having longer stories read to them. The style of this book seems a bit unique in that there are pictures on the right-hand page and the story is on the left. At the bottom of each page there is one sentence that summarizes the moral of the story. Each story seems to be unrelated to the next, other than they are all talking about animals. This is a nice little book and you could definitely choose just one or [...]

    28. This book is a repackaging of some older illustrations from Carle's books in the 1980's--and the Aesops Fables are not all that well told--if they were going to reissue them, someone should have taken another wack at editing themo hard for very young kids and not well enough written for older kids--might work really well for an early reader, who needs something not too complex, but would enjoy the challenge of the words.

    29. Curricular connections: This book could be used to teach any valuable lessons that could help children in the real world, as well as different cultures. 113.12 Social Studies, Grade 1:(15) Culture. The student understands the importance of family and community beliefs, customs, language, and traditions. The student is expected to: (B) explain the way folktales and legends such as Aesop's fables reflect beliefs, customs, language, and traditions of communities.

    30. Told in a series of short stories, Carle brings this book to life through picture classics. It also features some of Aesop's timeless tales. Through this story, my future students will have the opportunity to be fully engaged. At the end of each tale, there is a moral or lesson that is presented. As a class, we will participate in open-ended discussions as well tackle the meaning of each moral. It is an excellent read!

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