Illustrated Fairy Tales

Illustrated Fairy Tales This wonderful beginning reading collection contains fairytales specially written for young readers

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  • Title: Illustrated Fairy Tales
  • Author: Sarah Courtauld Nancy Leschnikoff
  • ISBN: 9780794517175
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This wonderful beginning reading collection contains fairytales specially written for young readers.

    One thought on “Illustrated Fairy Tales”

    1. good compilation of children's fairy tales with a different illustrator for each story, which keeps the children engaged. There were a couple stories I didn't know and a couple were told in ways I didn't like as much, but they are well done for younger children and my girls love them.

    2. The is a lovely illustrated collection of classic fairy tales. A great book to read with your students while studying story structure for fairy tales.

    3. Quick read for adults and potentially a book that could be read by a seven year-old. Great illustrations! I appreciated the brief bios of the authors at the end; I never knew Cinderella was originally from Egypt.

    4. Fun, easy retellings of some classics. Illustrations vary but all are engaging. Beautiful collection I look forward to reading often with my kids.

    5. I love these simple stories. Short text and a colorful illustration on each page. An easy read made more magical by the illustrations.

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