A Chance Encounter

A Chance Encounter When a drunken lord almost runs over an exquisite lady with his careening carriage the last thing on either of their minds is love But Lord Humphrey makes Joan a proposal that is unthinkable to accep

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  • Title: A Chance Encounter
  • Author: Gayle Buck
  • ISBN: 9780451170873
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a drunken lord almost runs over an exquisite lady with his careening carriage, the last thing on either of their minds is love But Lord Humphrey makes Joan a proposal that is unthinkable to accept and impossible to refuse to become a pawn in a marriage game that promises Joan anything except true love Original Regency Romance.

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    1. A traditional regency which gets painfully slow after an interesting beginning.The H, on way to his family seat to formally announce his betrothal to his godparents’ daughter, runs down the h and while rescuing her from the ditch suddenly decides to abduct her to Gretna Green – to marry her.No, it’s not a case of instalove, rather he detests his beautiful but bossy would be fiancée who has been forced upon him through a promise made between the parents and godparents to cement their frien [...]

    2. If you are fan of Downton Abbey, I think you would like the story. Yes, it's set in a totally different time period but it has a soap opera feel to it. The main characters were very likable; their interactions (when it happened) were lovely. I just wish there was more of them. The secondary characters were well developed, specially, the hilariously scheming grandmother.

    3. Lady Cassandra's action made no sense except to prolong the book, no reasons except her being a hateful old lady are given. the side characters outshine the main characters in personality, Loved Lord Ratcliffe, father of the shunned fiancée, his understanding and dry humour helped move the book along.

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