Adnan's Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial

Adnan s Story The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial Serial told Only Part of the Story In early Adnan Syed was convicted and sentenced to life plus thirty years for the murder of his ex girlfriend Hae Min Lee a high school senior in Balti Maryl

  • Title: Adnan's Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial
  • Author: Rabia Chaudry
  • ISBN: 9781250087102
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Serial told Only Part of the Story In early 2000, Adnan Syed was convicted and sentenced to life plus thirty years for the murder of his ex girlfriend Hae Min Lee, a high school senior in Balti, Maryland Syed has maintained his innocence, and Rabia Chaudry, a family friend, has always believed him By 2013, after almost all appeals had been exhausted, Rabia contactedSerial told Only Part of the Story In early 2000, Adnan Syed was convicted and sentenced to life plus thirty years for the murder of his ex girlfriend Hae Min Lee, a high school senior in Balti, Maryland Syed has maintained his innocence, and Rabia Chaudry, a family friend, has always believed him By 2013, after almost all appeals had been exhausted, Rabia contacted Sarah Koenig, a producer at This American Life, in hopes of finding a journalist who could shed light on Adnan s story In 2014, Koenig s investigation turned into Serial, a Peabody Award winning podcast with than 500 million international listenersBut Serial did not tell the whole story In this compelling narrative, Rabia Chaudry presents new key evidence that she maintains dismantles the State s case a potential new suspect, forensics indicating Hae was killed and kept somewhere for almost half a day, and documentation withheld by the State that destroys the cell phone evidence among many other points and she shows how fans of Serial joined a crowd sourced investigation into a case riddled with errors and strange twists Adnan s Story also shares Adnan s life in prison, and weaves in his personal reflections, including never before seen letters Chaudry, who is committed to exonerating Adnan, makes it clear that justice is yet to be achieved in this much examined case.

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    1. Being a huge fan of the “Serial” podcast, I had to read this book. Adnan’s Story is a great book that goes above and beyond the well-known case of the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee. In this book, Chaudry’s 17 years of investigative work, perseverance, and loyalty shows. Her writing is engrossing, uncomplicated, and persuasive. Adnan also contributions to this book through letters so we get to know a bit more about him. What went on with the police investigations, evidence and witnesses is b [...]

    2. Wow! Wow! Wow!This book was great! First off, I should explain what interested me in this book. This book is based off of (kind of) the podcast Serial. My boyfriend kept trying to get me to listen to podcasts and I refused, due to always listening to books on CD instead. He convinced me to give Serial a try because of my love of True Crime and it was told in somewhat of a story form. Well, I fell in love.So when I heard that there was going to be a book based off of the podcast I had to read it, [...]

    3. Link to full review below! Wonderful read for anyone who has an interest in the legal system and its failings. You don't have to agree that Adnan is innocent to agree that some serious legal issues were in play here! Audio version was GREAT!See full review on The Book Disciple

    4. More to come, but let me start off with the fact that when I do review this book, it will be the book it actually was, which was Rabia's Story. Not Adnan's Story.(view spoiler)[There's very little that's new information here, if you've listened to both Serial and Undisclosed. Other than a few of the theories about Don at the end of the book, the most new information I got here was about Rabia's personal life. Which, while I have admiration for her for everything she's been through and for her pu [...]

    5. I am so glad that I read this book, but at the same time, I almost long for my ignorance. It is easier to be unaware of how disturbingly incompetent and unconcerned the very people paid to "serve and protect" behaved. The outrage really sets in when it becomes glaringly obvious that the plethora of mistakes made was not unique in the police work, but poured into the trial. To me, this kid never had a chance. There is not one moment where I thought that someone in the judicial and/or legal system [...]

    6. windycitybookworm.tumblr/pIf you aren’t already familiar with Adnan Syed, you MUST go listen to the podcasts Serial and Undisclosed. If you are already familiar with Adnan, you NEED to read this book! Adnan Syed was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore in January of 1999 and has been imprisoned since he was arrested later that year. His case first garnered attention when Sarah Koenig created a podcast called Serial in which she investigated the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee. Adna [...]

    7. Like millions of other people I was obsessed with Season 1 of the podcast Serial that investigated and picked apart the murder of 18 year old Hae Min Lee and the subsequent guilty verdict of 17 year old Adnan Syed for the crime. First, I have to tell you all that I love real crime stories… I honestly think I should have gone into Forensics in real life because the whole aspect of the investigations just completely intrigues me. That said, the law end of it is incredibly confusing and frustrati [...]

    8. I loved Serial, and became really invested in case because of the podcast. However, the book was so all over the place, and although understandably (by yet still distractedly) bias, that it was really hard to take seriously. There were a few updates on the case that I hadn't already learned through research and the podcast but said updates were laced throughout the book haphazardly. This book should have been called Rabia's Story not Adnan's Story, because I learned more about the author than I [...]

    9. I came to Serial late - I'd heard vaguely about it but didn't listen until I needed something to pass the time during Kait's nighttime nursing sessions. Amusingly, I've read most of this book during Maddie's. The book really drove home at the beginning how young Adnan was through the inclusion of some poems and letters he wrote Hae. Then it largely goes into describing the timeline of trials, appeals and finally the discoveries that lead to the hope that Adnan will be freed one day. I think with [...]

    10. Serialgot me into podcasts andUndisclosedallowed me to drop legalese into any conversation ("That's obviously a Brady violation").I am impressed by Rabia's ability to take this immensely complex and confounding tale and lay it out in a logical and compelling manner. This telling adds the interpersonal context and fully submerges the reader in a life many have only seen from the shore.This is a Pixar movie of true crime: be ready to use all of your emotions.

    11. 5 StarsThis book was amazing! I learned a lot just from reading this book. It takes you into Adan's life story like what his went though in life. It was very interesting on how he fighting for justice. It was nothing that I really excepted, but it was in a good way. I really enjoyed reading this book and from learning what happened and also how much he had to fight for justice. It was not at all easy.

    12. If you listened to Serial then you have to read this book. Period.It's a very engaging and well-written book providing a very clear explanation of the case that sometimes got very convoluted when listening to Serial and especially Undisclosed. It also has a lot of interesting information about Adnan and his family. If you haven't listened to Undisclosed, then there's also plenty of new information to be learned about the case that was either never mentioned on Serial, or not discovered until aft [...]

    13. Wellllll shit. I didn't think this case could get any more screwed upThis is the perfect antidote for Serial withdrawal and goes into more detail about almost everything. It challenges the cell phone tower pings that seemed to be one of the most compelling pieces of evidence in the trial. It looks at how Jay was quite clearly the most unreliable, coerced witness there could have been. It examines why the initial trial was a shambles and most importantly it respects Hae and Adnan. I think there's [...]

    14. Wow. Just wow. I remember first listening to the "Serial" podcast early 2015. I listened to each of the episodes on the series while I was at the gym, on my iphone. I didn't know anything about the case it was based on, that of Adnan Syed and his ex-girlfriend, for whom he is currently serving a life sentence plus 30 years for her murder. Of course, after listening to the podcast, I did a little research but due to my own studies, that was limited. I then picked up this book, and have to admit i [...]

    15. 4.5 Stars.The perfect companion to the Serial podcast. I was gripped by word one and held on until the very end. Pretty damn compelling.

    16. The summer of 2016 has proven to be a pretty good few months for Adrian Syed. With the murder conviction of Hae Min Lee being vacated and the release of a best—selling book he contributed to chronicling the days leading up to his arrest and the subsequent years, it seems as if Adnan’s luck is finally turning around. Adnan’s Story, written by Rabia Chaudry with contributions from Adnan himself via various letters, was a much-anticipated body of work. Since following the Serial podcast, as w [...]

    17. "Adnan's Story" is Rabia Chaudry's retelling of the events behind the podcast "Serial" and how the legal case for Adnan Syed has gone forward since the release of the podcast. What's good: Rabia Chaudry can certainly write. Her mastery of case detail is impressive. And above all, her passion to support her friend is something that is simply stunning--"loyalty" in any dictionary could be defined by Rabia Chaudry. Now, on the downside: Rabia seems unaware of what the real lure of her story is--how [...]

    18. This book seems as much about followers of Islam as it is about the crime, and that's not a bad thing. I was worried because I felt that Ms. Chaudry would be too biased to write a great book about this subject. Even if you feel that she is biased, there is no denying that Adnan did not receive a fair trial. Chaudry raises a ton of concerns about the case including that the prosecution lied to get a conviction and push credible testimony that would help Adnan away, Jay received compensation for h [...]

    19. This wasn't exactly what I expected, but I enjoyed it immensely nonetheless. I really appreciated how honest Rabia was about all of the myriad emotions and thoughts she has experienced throughout this process, as well as her honesty about what happened during this time in her personal life and how it affected the case. I also found her incorporation of the Islamic faith into the story fascinating and enlightening. I feel like I walked away from this book with a broader understanding of what it l [...]

    20. "From witnesses who changed their testimony,to witnesses who contrived it out of whole cloth,to the cops who enabled it,to the prosecutors who withheld evidence,to the defence attorney who couldn't do her job,to the community that quietly faded away: in this case everyone failed Adnan. And they also failed Hae."I don't read nonfiction,so imagine my surprise when I couldn't put this book down. I enjoyed every moment of it. It's such an important story,one that I wish everyone would read. At the s [...]

    21. 4.0 StarsI would recommend this book to any fans of Serial who were left wanting more information after the podcast ended. This book also provides readers with a fascinating glimpse into the behind the scenes development of the Serial podcast, including friction between Sarah and Rabia. I have not listened to Rabia's podcast, The Undisclosed, so I cannot comment how much of the book's content is repeated from that source.For readers who have only listened to Serial, this books will certainly pro [...]

    22. This is a fantastic nonfiction read for any one who ejoyed the podcast Serial, which is where I first heard of Adnan and his story. In Chaudry's book, the reader learns about Adnan's life before, during, and after Hae Min Lee's disappearance and murder. Whether or not you believe Adnan is innocent, Chaudry presents significant information that supports their argument, although you have to take author bais into consideration. She also presents information beyond what was shared on Serial about th [...]

    23. 4 1/2 stars. Even though anyone who has followed this case after the Serial and Undisclosed podcasts knows what is happening, I was still sitting on the edge of my seat at times. This is more Adnan's story as seen through the perspective of Rabia Chaudry, and how she was involved and dealt with it. She is a truly engaging storyteller, and you can tell how much she believes in Adnan's innocence and cares about him.She also discussed some personal details about her own life, and while a lot of the [...]

    24. As someone who has listened to Serial and Undisclosed in the entireties, I did not "enjoy" reading this book, if you can actually ever enjoy reading a book about someone else's plight. I think non-fiction like this is not meant for enjoyment but to inform. It's for that reason that I have rated this so low. I did not learn anything new, nor anything I could not have garnered from Serial or Undisclosed. I don't like Rabia Chaudry's writing and I felt that there was copious amounts of text that we [...]

    25. I have so much to say so in order to stave off feeling completely overwhelmed, let me start with basic points:1) Rabia is a queen2) Adnan is innocent3) The Justice system is utterly corruptOk, I feel better after getting that off my chest. Now time for some context and some reviewing: I listened to Serial as it came out and was entranced like all the other teeming millions. I then went on to listen to the Undisclosed podcast which exhaustively reviewed the case in such detail and with the respec [...]

    26. I don't read a whole lot of non-fiction, but when I do, it's usually true crime. This book is about the botched trial of Adnan Syed, the star of the famous Serial podcast. I found the book fascinating and also horrifying to read about all the mistakes made in his trial. The woman who wrote this, a friend of his family, isn't the best writer but then again she isn't trying to be an author - she's just trying to tell his story. The plotline and level of detail gets a 5 but I didn't like how the au [...]

    27. Not much that's new here for anyone who has followed the case closely (i.e. listened to Undisclosed or read Rabia's blog), with the exception of a few passages from Adnan. His dignity and self-possession is really remarkable, whatever else you may or may not believe about the case itself.

    28. Worth reading for the final portion discussing new information about Don, the placement and condition of Hae's car, Jay's possible motives, etc.

    29. Watching The Night Of, a completely unrelated HBO series short, led to friends recommending the Serial podcast. Which naturally led to this book. Serial’s coverage of the case of Hae Min Lee’s murder and the subsequent conviction of Adnan Syed was quite fascinating so knowing this book would provide further details was an obvious draw. This book was highly engrossing for me, having not followed anything other than Serial on the case. The multitude of concerns brought up at nearly every stage [...]

    30. this is so difficult to rate so i'm holding off for a little bit i think, knowing what i knew from the podcasts already, say "it takes a village" and onwards the most interesting and revealing. i still have no clue what to buy when it comes to this story but the more i read the more i'm convince a lot of rocks were left unturned when they shouldn't have been.

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