Feral Noah Reed has his life planned out There was that one glitch years ago but he s back on track now and determined to reach his goal of becoming a veterinarian and building his own practice Shane Blac

  • Title: Feral
  • Author: Kate Sherwood
  • ISBN: 9780988153042
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Noah Reed has his life planned out There was that one glitch, years ago, but he s back on track now and determined to reach his goal of becoming a veterinarian and building his own practice.Shane Black s hard life has taught him there s no point in looking forward and even less in looking back He takes life as it comes, and his only real need is medical care for his younNoah Reed has his life planned out There was that one glitch, years ago, but he s back on track now and determined to reach his goal of becoming a veterinarian and building his own practice.Shane Black s hard life has taught him there s no point in looking forward and even less in looking back He takes life as it comes, and his only real need is medical care for his young pup, Dodger.When Shane stumbles into the clinic where Noah volunteers, Noah s instincts tell him to run away from the dangerous, unpredictable ruffian But the puppy needs help, and maybe Shane does, too.The young men soon discover that Dodger was poisoned, and so were several street people Shane knows As they search for the source of the poison, Noah learns about the dark underside of the city where he s spent his whole life, and Shane learns that there is light in the world, even when he s stuck in the shadows.But when their relationship begins to grow from a partnership to a romance, new challenges appear Their worlds are so different can they ever make sense together Is there any room in Noah s carefully planned life for someone as unpredictable as Shane

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    1. OK, right off the bat I have to tell you. There is NO sex in this book.The main characters are attracted to one another ("attracted" might be a strong word where Shane is concerned) but other than a few kisses toward the end of the book. That's it.Now, I know my friends who read M/M romance and this is not going to sit very well with some of you.But I am asking you, despite the lack of sex, to give this book a try. There's no sex in How to Be a Normal Person and you loved it, and there is hardly [...]

    2. Kate Sherwood is one of those "I believe in her books" authors for me. Duly noted, I haven't read ALL of hers, I choose to stay away from her popular Dark Horse series because it features threesome, but I usually find her books solid.This is another winner from Sherwood for me. Feral is a character driven book, where both main characters (plus a cute dog) progressed throughout. Right from the beginning, when Shane Black bring his young puppy, Dodger, to the clinic and discovers that Dodger is po [...]

    3. Entre las tres y las cuatro estrellas, estoy dudosa. El planteamiento y el desarrollo me ha parecido diferente a lo que estoy acostumbrada a leer, aunque haya lugares comunes como el chico malo que en realidad es un trozo de pan. Tiene un tono muy YA y la relación de los personajes se basa más en una amistad fruto de necesidades, búsqueda de comprensión y soledad, que en la historia de amor que vendrá después. La autora combina puntos un tanto ingenuos con otros teñidos de realidad, esa i [...]

    4. This is my new favorite book from Kate Sherwood. I liked both MCs because they’re very likable and realistic. I loved the progression of their relationship – not hurried and very tender. I also liked how the little dog – that super adorable Dodger keeps on making me grin whenever he’s in the scene. I would’ve liked a longer epilogue but I guess we’ll see more of Shane and Noah in the second book. Tis a very solid writing! I’m very much looking forward to Tristan’s story.

    5. 3.5 stars Overall a nice reading, with nice characters, decent plot and writing. The character development for both MCs was a little too immediate and simplistic for my liking, but I really appreciated how Shane’s approach to sex was presented and then accepted by Noah like a perfectly natural thing.Extra points for the adorable Dodger and Shane being too sweet for words with his puppy.

    6. First things first, I need to confess my love of Kate Sherwood’s mad writing skillz. And that’s skillz with a “z” because it seems much more legit that way. I will instantly buy any m/m book that this author releases, and even though I may not like every story, there is no denying that they are some of the best-written books in the genre.Shane Black knows not to expect anything good from life. In fact, if anything good ever does happen it pretty much terrifies him, because in his experie [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThis was a nice read, and certainly a different kind of romance. But it never really got better than nice. I'm still looking forward to the rest of the series though. Noah's a veterinarian student, volunteering at a vet clinic. Shane's homeless and goes to the clinic to seek help for his puppy when the puppy gets sick. Shane doesn't trust the system or the cops, and Noah, despite a spot of trouble in his past, has lived a sheltered life. As they become friends, working together on an ou [...]

    8. The story starts great and the characters interesting, but there were two points that didn’t satisfy me quite well. Firstly, the romance part which I thought was focused a bit on the physical part even with it not having sex descriptions, I mean at the end I was like ok I want to see how they’d go on no that they have slept together which isn’t shown much. Secondly, the mystery part which felt rather dull. Perhaps I felt it because the MCs are mainly in the pre-relationship phase throughou [...]

    9. Proof you don't have to have sex on every other page to enjoy a great story. A great YA book. Don't let the lack of bedroom banging keep you from reading this gem from Cate Sherwood. Two hot guys, a cute puppy and a murder mystery to solve will keep the pages turning.There is a HFN ending, no cliffhangers here but there is another book in the series, Lap Dog, coming out soon. I'll definitely be reading the sequel.Check this quick read out guys!

    10. Ok, somehow I missed this series when it came out, but I'm glad I went to the author's page poking around for anything more on the Dark Horse series. First off very pretty cover art that fits with the story in this book. I say that because although this is a romance and has some sweet moments it doesn't have hot passionate one. Although Shane doesn't come out and say it or even know it he is close to if not asexual. I'm glad to see yet another book come out that explores a character on the asexu [...]

    11. Kate Sherwood doesn't disappoint. I like how her characters are flawed but never wallowing in self-pity. It's a refreshing take from the tropes that are usually full of main characters being thrust to readers with overly excessive emotional baggage. In other words, I love how Shane and Noah are neither sissy nor petty. They are emotionally well-rounded and know how to stand up for themselves, although sometimes through each other's support. The relationship development between them is gradual bu [...]

    12. Probably 3.5 stars r/u. I enjoyed this, the story was pretty compelling, and I loved Shane, and Shane and Noah together. But there was a little too much time spent on the mystery, which isn't resolved, and not enough time on the relationship. Plus, there's a lot of "I'm not good enough", too much of it tbh. But I'd like to see what happens with them, and I will probably continue with the series.

    13. I like to squee - it's the fangirl in me. I was also raised in a diet of rice, milk, and Mexican soap operas, so I tend to go for romances with big misunderstandings and grand gestures and passionate fights and declarations of love under the rain. I also love a good case of amnesia or a secret baby or an evil twin mixed up in everything. But sometimes, I like to go for stories that are more feet on the ground and less head in the clouds. Something that doesn't have many bells and whistles. Somet [...]

    14. 4.33 starsI love Kate Sherwood. Her stuff pretty much always works for me, and this is not an exception. I really hope it gets more attention than it has.It's not as angsty as a lot of her other books (despite the start), and I was kind of relieved by that (I've had a rough few days of tearful books, movies, and tv shows!). (It also wasn't as well copyedited, which bugged me here and there, butI was just happy to be reading a new Kate Sherwood!)I really loved Shane and his intrinsic need to prot [...]

    15. Absolutely AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE I am head over heels with this book and with Kate Sherwood's writing style. She's not just good, she is absolutely GREAT!I loved the whole story and I wish there was more books about Shane and Noah, because I already miss them. To be honest, it is easy to forget it is all a fiction, everything was so real and the whole book was full of life and real-life situations. It was heartbreaking to read about Shane's previous life or about Raven, her kids and other po [...]

    16. 4 StarAbsolutely loved Shane. There is something compelling about someone so young, hurt, tough and jaded, but who is also vulnerable and caring. Kate Sherwood did a masterful job of showing all the disparate pieces of his character. Noah was a sweet and innocent juxtaposition. The plot was solid, the mystery was intriguing, the secondary characters three-dimensional and interesting. Overall an excellent read. The only disappointment (which is always a big one for me -.5*) was the lack of sex. O [...]

    17. 4 starsSweet story of a homeless, tough young man and a kind, shy wanna-be veterinarian. This read too much like young adult and was too low on the sexual heat (only some kissing going on) which only added to the impression of heroes younger than they really were, but it was not an issue for me; I liked both of them anyway. If you like self-deprecating heroes, a little bit of mystery, two equally sweet and lovable guys finding strength in each other, this is the story for you. Add in a sweet lit [...]

    18. I don't know how I missed this book when it came out, but I'm glad I found it now. This has an adorable puppy in need of saving, assholes in need of a beating, and characters that just need a little loving. I liked that it looked at darker elements of city life without falling into melodrama. I also liked reading about a character who's probably ace spectrum and mixed race. As usual, I found Kate Sherwood's prose easy to read and I fell into the story quickly. Onto the next one!

    19. I see that some readers have said this was YA but I thought the characters were in their early 20's maybe and considered it NA. It's probably somewhere in between.I really enjoyed this one and it's focus on story/characters vs sex. In fact there isn't any sex but that doesn't deter from the palpable chemistry between these two men.I also loved how the author wrote the Shane/street people (homeless, prostitutes, drug addicts) with compassion and respect and challenging Noah's preconceptions.Very [...]

    20. First bookBook was a good read I felt the storyline could have been a bit better in this book. I did not like how this one ended I felt there was more to find out after the caught the perp. What happened to Roman planting the stuff in Noah’s bag? Is shame still living at the clinic or did he save up his pays and move out ?? Just many questions but hopefully they will be answered in book 2 ?

    21. This on the face of it may seem predictable, but the subtle dance of perspectives was so well done that I read it nearly without stopping. My only complaint is how soon it ended (for the characters), but this is book 1 of 4, so I am hoping that means we see these two in the next books as side characters.

    22. 3.5Aw, Shane. I just wanted to take care of him!Noah, it took a bit more time for him to get on my good side, but he did and I loved his monologues with himself.This was a bit hard for me to read because of the subject matter. But the author did a great job.

    23. Innocent The ending was rushed and had a bit to much plot but it was a decent read. The romance was cute but not very believable. Stuff like this should have been played out in a series of months, not a freaking week. Still I can seethis couple as being legiteventually.

    24. Before starting this book you have to know that it does not contain any sexual interactions. There is a lot of sexual attraction between the two MCs, but when they finally end up together, it’s not descriptive on page. The book is also shorter than appears. It ended at 93%, continuing with an excerpt for the next book in the series.Usually when picking up a book I try to figure out why the author chose that title for the book. When I got to the end of this book, I still didn’t understand why [...]

    25. I've gotten tired of New Adult stories, but the guys in this one seemed to have a lot more going on that most NA books. Perhaps because we didn't incessantly read about how thing are going with school and that there was an actual plot here, even a pretty interesting mystery.The guys were very tentative going from acquaintance to friendship to something more, but it worked for me that they were careful with their emotions. We saw their reasons for being careful, and just about the time I started [...]

    26. What an unusual book this was! First of all, I wouldn't call it a romance novel because romance wise nothing significant happens until about 75% into the story, and even then it's very PG-13. There is a mystery, albeit not a great one; and it took me 3 days to finish the book. Nevertheless, I found it to be interesting and unique mostly due to Shane's character, and I would love to see more of him and Noah in the future. I’m still on the fence on whether or not to read Lap Dog, but I might pic [...]

    27. Noah's in a pre-med program in Seattle as part of his training to get into veterinary school. He's doing the obligatory volunteering stint in a vet clinic, and jumps at the chance to expand his resume by doing PR for clinic outreach to the homeless. Shane is one of the homeless, and becomes a large part of the outreach effort after the puppy he rescues from a dumpster is poisoned. Noah and Shane solve a larger poisoning mystery and discover love along the way. I loved this story; well written, t [...]

    28. 3.5 stars This would have without doubt been a 4 star read if it wasn't left so weakly at the end. I love Kate Sherwood 's writing and the MC' s in this book were both strong characters but I was just so disappointed with how the story ended, it felt like there should have been so much more.

    29. It is a very charming book. The plot is interesting, the little dog's beyond cute and both MCs are very likable. As often with Kate Sherwood's books, at first I couldn't imagine anything to develop between them - they were so different! And then - wow, it all worked perfectly. I'm looking forward to next books in the series very much, I immediately wanted a book about Tristan and I'm very happy the next one is going to be about him, but I also would like more books about Shane and Noah, there is [...]

    30. Terrific book. I would have given this a solid 4 but it's the way I the book ended that left me compelled to just give it a 3.5. The ending was more an HFN than an HEA, and I felt like there were quite a few things left up in the air things that were left open ended. I would have liked more clarity on where Shane & Noah stood with one another I would have liked to feel as though what they had was much more solid than leaving it to the reader's imagination that they were. Again, great book [...]

    31. I liked this story, angsty and heartwarming-ish my favorite combo >_< I'm looking forward to the next one.

    32. Feral was cute, heartbreaking and suspenseful in equal measures; perfect for anyone looking for enjoyable story to read. Read the full review here: agonytate.wordpress/2015/

    33. I really enjoyed this measured and slow building romance between Shane and Noah.So much so I read the next two back-to-back (so those reviews are on their way too).This is just as much about the community as the couple.

    34. 1st book of a series but is a complete story and can be read as a standalone. This is a character driven novel with a great story. Definitely reading it again and looking forward to the next book.

    35. Dodger!!! why are you so cute? I enjoyed the story immensely. I liked Noah and Shane, and how their relationship progress.

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