Red Ink

Red Ink When Lucy Khambule receives an unexpected call from a convicted serial killer nicknamed The Butcher by the media her life takes a dramatic turn The Butcher wants Lucy to tell his story Intrigued by

  • Title: Red Ink
  • Author: Angela Makholwa
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Lucy Khambule receives an unexpected call from a convicted serial killer, nicknamed The Butcher by the media, her life takes a dramatic turn The Butcher wants Lucy to tell his story Intrigued by his approach Lucy decides to take this opportunity to fulfill her dream of writing a book.

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    1. Crime-thrillers are on the rise here at home. I enjoy JJ Coetzee and Deon Meyer's books immensely. Sarah Key writes chilling stories too and I am so happy to add this Angela Makholwa's one to my repertoire.We had read "Black Widows Society" as a book club 2 years ago and found its ghastly plot very chilling. The plot brought about a very robust discussion around walking away when love is no longer served."Red Ink" was Hannibal Lecter meeting "Kiss The Girls" with Jack The Riper. It was gruesome. [...]

    2. Red Ink kept me at the edge of my sit and it gave me heart palpitations. I had to read it during the day and definitely not immediately before bedtime.The story opens with a horrific murder of Busi by a stranger and prospective lover. The man lures her to a deserted field. Without provocation he strangles her, urinates on her, swears at her, slices her breasts, cuts her head off and leaves her for dead soaked in a pool of blood.A graphic well narrated read with unpredictable twists. It covers un [...]

    3. Makholwa is a brilliant writer in my books. I feel like she treats writing like a craft of life-or-death.If memory serves, I think this is the first South African thriller I've read, by a black young woman nogal, and a debut at that.I felt like it took a bit of a while for the action to really really really begin - not to say the build-up was not in itself entertaining reading.The book was fun all in all - blood, backstabbing, sibling obsession and all.

    4. Good readI liked the book very much. I will recommend the books to family and friends. Have read most of the authors books and love them.

    5. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Could not bring myself to read it at night. Angela knows how to keep her reader on the edge.

    6. africanwanderlust/2014In a word: gripping. I love watching the TV show Criminal Minds, and reading Red Ink was like watching an extended show of it. Angela Makholwa writes boldly about the violence that is at the centre of her crime novel. She's descriptive and does not shy away from the details of the blood and gore. In the same way that I cannot turn away from Criminal Minds, I could not stop reading.Her main character, Lucy Khambule is a former crime reporter now turned PR consultant. She is [...]

    7. I loved the flow and the South African flair to Red Ink. It was a fun light read. I however was disappointed that Angela did not keep KK's involvement back to the end to add to the tension. I almost had a feel as if to the end she was in a hurry to end the novel. There were things that did not make sense to the plot like the exchange of cars that for no reason tied into the story line.

    8. Wow! I was blown away by this book. I have always enjoyed a good murder mystery and Red Ink does not disappoint. Characters you want to be like, characters you hate, this book has them all. A good plot and an ending that makes you freak out good and solid. Excellent book for a stormy night.

    9. Amazing book, this woman will keep you on your toes. Unpredictable and a real page turner. This is the kind of book that movies should be made of.

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