Jem and the Holograms Vol. 1: Showtime

Jem and the Holograms Vol Showtime Meet Jerrica Benton a girl with a secret She and her sisters team up with to become JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS But what does it mean to be JEM today Fashion art action and style collide in Jem and the H

  • Title: Jem and the Holograms Vol. 1: Showtime
  • Author: Kelly Thompson Ross Campbell Sophie Campbell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Meet Jerrica Benton a girl with a secret She and her sisters team up with to become JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS But what does it mean to be JEM today Fashion, art, action, and style collide in Jem and the Holograms Showtime Collects issues 1 6.

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    1. Awww, I too is one of the ladies who have fond and good memories of the original Jem and the Holograms comics, and I too is one of the ladies who felt a huge disappointment wave washing over my blood cells when the much talked Jem movie got out and ended up to be a really bad case of diarrhea mountain. What a fucking shame.So yeah, almighty yeah, I was quite excited to discover Jem is making a comeback with a help of Kelly Thompson, and after finishing the first volume, I can say she did not cre [...]

    2. 3.5 starsAww this was such a nice throwback! I love Jem and the Holograms and this first volume was really great. The art is beautiful but still urban and fun, the storyline is done nicely and it was really interesting to see this "new" Jem and her crew. I am looking forward to reading the next issue! Kelly and Ross did a great job with this classic. I felt like I was suddenly transferred to my childhood.

    3. Jem was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. When the DVDs came out a few years ago, I was happy to see that they basically held up. Not especially deep, no, but fun and sparkly as I remembered. Hearing about a comic book reboot, I was initially not sure if I wanted any part of it. But Thompson sounded so enthusiastic, and I was hearing really good things. So I actually bought each issue as it came out. This is really rare for me right now. And, as it turns out, an excellent choice.Jem [...]

    4. I received a digital copy of this from Netgalley to read and review.Well, the illustrations were nice.I was never a huge fan of Jem and the Holograms, but I liked it enough to be curious about this. Unfortunately, I found it very shallow and pretty much a carbon copy of the original cartoon except worse. They did make one of the supporting characters a lesbian, which I don't recall in the original show, and that's cool. It added some diversity and something different. But a lot of it was shallow [...]

    5. I kind of like the fact that I will be ending my 45 book year-long reading challenge with a comic book (and Jem no less!). In my tiny world, 2015 was the year of the comic book. It all started with the first collected volume of Ms. Marvel back in January and progressed to a full-on obsession. Things got serious when I started getting my single-issue comics bagged and boarded, when the guys at the comic book store greeted me by name, and when I started keeping track of my pull lists (you gotta be [...]

    6. I LOVE JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS! Cute pastel poprock chicks is a recipe for success in my books, I couldn't recommend this comic series more!! (This needs more exclamation points because it's just SO GOOD.)

    7. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.Apparently this was a show in the late 1980's however, I never saw it myself. I picked up this comic because it looked a cute light read. This series is about an all girl band whose lead singer gets too nervous to perform and so the band find a new way to get a lead singer.The characters in this are so diverse and that was something I definitely wasn't expecting. As I have already stated I thought I wa [...]

    8. I absolutely loved it! The artwork is amazing and the girls are simply gorgeous!!! I love how we got to know each one of them, their personal quirks and thoughts. Can't wait to continue with volume 2 :)

    9. I received this copy in exchange of an honest review, for so, none of my feelings were affected or biased by the author or publisher.Update: 11/14/2015If you'd like to read this review on my blog.Rating: 3.5/5 stars.Jem and the Holograms is a story of dreams, finding your true self and having fun along the way! We meet our four heroins, who are just about to make their dreams of becoming super stars true, if only Jerrica could bring herself to sing. But just as they were loosing hope, they find [...]

    10. This is a re-make of the old TV cartoon series Jem & the Holograms (apparently I was a fan, but I have no memory of the actual show), updated for the new millenium.I thought this was a pretty good adaptation from what little I know of the show. Four sisters have formed a band and are planning to enter a major competition for a chance to win a record deal. Unfortunately, their lead singer Jerrica is terrified of performing in front of people. Normally this would be a short story about believi [...]

    11. I've been pretty pumped about this title for awhile. As an 80's kid (when themed action figure toylines were in their heyday), I was always curious about any toys aimed at girls that seemed to have a storyline past buying clothes. Of course I couldn't buy any of these toys and save face with my friends, but from afar there were a few that seemed pretty right-on.Of these, Jem sent up the most fireworks in my little-boy brain. That amazing rotoscoped animation on the cartoon, the rock band premise [...]

    12. I really am a grown man, mortgage marriage and (usually) employment. (Plenty of footage that led to my last firing, some still under court seal.)So why the hell would I be reading a comic about an 80's pre-teen-girls-marketed cartoon?Sesana of course. One of the more illustrious Shallow Comics Readers, when Sesana gets this excited about something you best pay attention son.Plus they're written by Kelly Thompson who just got a gig writing Hawkeye (starring Kate Bishop) for Marvel. Big step, got [...]

    13. As a little, spirited boy in the '80's, I used to sprint home from public school to watch Jem and the Holograms, He Man, She-Ra and Transformers. It's totally not a surprise that I turned out the way that I did, right?It also shouldn't have been a surprise to me that, as a fully-grown, spirited man-nerd, that I am clearly not the intended audience for this comic book. I was kinda hoping that there would be a bit more wink-wink, tongue-in-cheek material for the fans of yesteryear, but for the mos [...]

    14. The illustrations were nice, but I found some of the panels too busy. Also, I am just not really here for mean girl narratives. When the author said she was updating the story for a 2015 sensibility, I hoped that meant more character development for The Misfits (and especially for Pizzazz) but nope! Let's just keep her a raging hate beast for no real reason except jealousy. Okay then!

    15. Holy crap - I'm in love. Totally in love with everything about this comic. Sisterhood, body positivity, cute romances, SICK wardrobes, beautiful art style, and compelling plot line. I love all the characters, but my favs are Aja, Shana, and STORMER. Just copped the next 3 volumes in this series because I have to put all the Jem and the Holograms comics In. My. Face.

    16. I recieved a copy of this from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I never watched Jem and the Holograms as a kid, being born in 1993 and with new pop culture staples (Rugrats, Wild Thornberries and Captain Planet, anyone?) to occupy my formative years, so I went into this with no expectations. But I think that even if I had, they would have been exceeded. This graphic novel is a visual feast. The art is bright and appealing, and everyone's character designs are so, so g [...]

    17. This book is a delight!!! I wasn't familiar with the cartoon other than knowing it existed and that it was very 80s, so coming to this book I didn't really know what to expect. However, it had been highly recommended by a reviewer whose opinions I trust and they were not wrong, I loved it. From the very start you know what you'll be getting from this book, it's colorful, the art is fantastic, the story is a bit silly, but full of heart, and definitely something you could see on your tv with no p [...]

    18. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the art style in this comic yet. Yes, it's obviously very different than it was in the original cartoon/comics/toyline, but that's not really the issue. The designs are just different than what I'm used to. Also, Aja is chubby in this, which I think is great that they are embracing all body types, but at the end of it you see a preview cover of the next comic. The Asian girl from The Misfits (who I do not remember the name of off the top of my head right now) i [...]

    19. The colour scheme of this comic is something that usually repels me, but I saw this at my local comic book store and decided to give it a try. You never know, right?Jem and the Holograms surprised me. The writing is actually pretty good and the art isn't as painfully bright and pink as I feared. I really appreciate the different ethnic backgrounds and body types represented in the band members. I'm not in love, but I'm not sorry I picked it up, either. I'm interested in reading other works by th [...]

    20. So well done! Thompson and Campbell take the spirit of the original tv show and update it just enough to not seem inauthentic or forced. One of the first comics were we see character design that is inclusive, feminist and features different types of body shapes. Love the queer elements they've infused here. And the artwork is outstanding - unique layouts, bold colors that pop off the page and fantastic character moments. It's unfortunate the recent movie reboot got it so wrong, because this comi [...]

    21. The art is phenomenal. Seriously not only is it so vibrant it practically jumps off the page (or screen in this case), the diversity both in ethnicity and body times left me feeing down right spoiled. I liked how this first issue was totally intros and exposition that never felt like either. The pacing was great and it left me wanting to know about the characters and the world. I highly recommend this to readers of all ages, most especially young girls. Did I mention it has queer characters? YES [...]

    22. I LOVE JEM SO MUCH! The cartoon was pure 80's joy about a woman named Jerrica Benton and her three sisters who after finding a machine called Synergy, start a band. Now I know there was a horrible, bad, no good film with a similar title out, just ignore that. Read this instead. It has: great racial diversity with different complexions and not just tans, adorable lesbians, adorable plus sized lesbians, and sisterhood!Please support this awesome comic, you will not regret it!

    23. I just needed to take a short break from what i was reading soo i picked up this one and i actually enjoyed it very much! I love the art, absolutely love it, how vibrant everything are and it just goes with the story. I can really see myself giving this to my daughters (when i have one, im only 20 guys x) because the book is just so darn pretty. Jem and Kimber are my favourite <3

    24. If you're tired of superheroes and want something in the vein of Lumberjanes #1 but with teen rockstars, I highly recommend this comic. You'll love all the characters and the art is gorgeous.

    25. This is SO FUN. I love all the bubblegum and cotton candy colors of the book, and the sisters' relationships with each other, and the diversity of the characters, and that the main love interest angst is between two girls and literally no one cares that they're both girls, only that they're in rival bands, and it was just a delight.

    26. That was just as satisfying as I could have hoped for. Those sugary colors are the best, and Pizzazz is written like all the best 80s cartoon girl villains. I am definitely reading more!

    27. Book Riot Read Harder Challenge Item: A non-superhero comic that debuted in the last 3 yearsI am not afraid to admit that nostalgia may have inflated my rating.However, it's not as if I'd fawn over any Jem-related property. My reaction to the movie reboot was far from positive.This reimagining of the JEM canon works because it strikes the perfect balance between nostalgia and modern sensibilities. Although the character designs have been updated, their personalities have remained intact while re [...]

    28. I've been collecting this issue-by-issue ever since my niece read Jem and The Holograms #1 (Jem and the Holograms, #1). and fell in love with it. I just read the trade (which collects the first 6 issues) and this is such a fun iteration of Jem! The art is a perfect match for the pace of the story and its unique and colorful characters. Music was such an integral part of the cartoon so I was wondering how in the hell this could translate into comics. But the team of Thompson and Campbell bring it [...]

    29. That a book and its characters could be worth reading when their stories were originally conceived as a way to sell dolls that already existed as concepts, that a corporate crafted method of scamming money from little girls at Toys R Us would be something I would eventually find myself sharing with my youngest daughter, that anything good could come of such cynicism are things I am probably going to struggle with for a long time, but here I am after reading Kelly Thompson's 2015 IDW reboot of Je [...]

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