Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night

Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night Next in the witty sexy Winner Takes All Regency series from Emmy winner Kate Noble author of The Game and the Governess and writer of the wildly popular web series The Lizzie Bennett Diaries Cecili

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  • Title: Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night
  • Author: Kate Noble
  • ISBN: 9781501132896
  • Page: 349
  • Format: ebook
  • Next in the witty, sexy Winner Takes All Regency series from Emmy winner Kate Noble, author of The Game and the Governess and writer of the wildly popular web series, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries.Cecilia Goodhue is a schoolteacher with a past, living with her sister and her husband in a tiny English village Resigned to a quiet life, Cecilia is surprised when she finds out tNext in the witty, sexy Winner Takes All Regency series from Emmy winner Kate Noble, author of The Game and the Governess and writer of the wildly popular web series, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries.Cecilia Goodhue is a schoolteacher with a past, living with her sister and her husband in a tiny English village Resigned to a quiet life, Cecilia is surprised when she finds out that her young cousin has run off with a man of no means.Cecilia had once been a teenaged girl who also fell for a young man s charms only to be devastated by his betrayal Determined to not let her cousin meet the same fate, she heads off to London to but is shocked when her investigation leads her right to the front door of the very man who broke her heart Theo Hudson.Together, they reluctantly embark on finding her cousin and returning her to her family During their searching in London, it soon becomes clear that they both remember their short lived romance differently and perhaps now, years later, they have a fresh chance at love.

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    1. 3.5 starsThis novella is loosely connected to the author’s current Winner Takes All series by virtue of the fact the principal characters from the previous two novels make cameo appearances, but it can be read as a standalone.Miss Cecilia Goodhue is a spinster schoolteacher of twenty-six years of age, who lives in the village of Helmsley (the home town of John Turner) with her sister, who is married to the local vicar.  Cecilia  hails originally from Manchester, but following her – aborted [...]

    2. Originally published at Desert Island Book ReviewsThis novella in Kate Noble’s “Winner Takes All” series is quick and light, though not terribly complex. Cecilia Goodhue is a spinster who lives with her sister and brother-in-law and Theo Hudson is the reason why. He’s also the romantic hero, despite a less-than-stellar history with Cecilia. There aren’t a ton of other interesting characters, in part because a novella’s length doesn’t lend itself to that sort of thing, but there is [...]

    3. Short stories can be difficult to review. An author only has so much page space to have her main characters believably fall in love, so most of the time the plot will move quickly and rely heavily on reuniting former friends, lovers or other close characters. Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night falls into this category and from the description I was hoping the leads would be older and a bit more mature about rediscovering love together. It doesn’t quite work out that way.Cecilia Goodhue used to be [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsThis is a cute, entertaining novella featuring a village schoolteacher and the man who broke her heart years ago. I really enjoyed both the hero and heroine. They are well-developed (especially for a shorter story) and I felt like I understood the motives behind their actions. I especially liked Cecilia who found herself in a tough situation and made the best of it. I also admired her determination to keep her cousin from making the same type of mistake she thought she did. I think it w [...]

    5. This was a cute and funny novella. Yes there has been a misunderstanding, but it was not dragged out forever, they actually talked and understood that there had been a misunderstanding. I know, it's hard to believe, but people talk in this book about things.We have Cecilia who eloped at 16, and now lives with her sister and ass of a brother in law. But it's a good enough life, she does like teaching. She can not forgive the one she eloped with.Theo was the one she eloped with and he can not forg [...]

    6. I liked this. Novellas are hard, and I think reunion stories (like this one) are the way to go most of the time, as page time doesn’t have to be wasted with the main characters getting to know each other.Kate Noble writes stories that are light in tone, but there is always something serious underneath. Our hero and heroine were in love and tried to elope ten years earlier, only to be caught before they reached Gretna Green where they were lied to and broken up.So when they meet by accident ten [...]

    7. The saying: "Time heals all wounds." That mantra has been used so much, it's almost cliche but no less true than the first time it was uttered. Kate Noble took that quote and built a story of second chances around the wisdom of it. Cecelia has allowed her past mistakes to close her off from any chance at happiness. Her heart is barricaded in a water tight vault that will never be breached. When history seems to be repeating itself, she will do whatever it takes to protect the people she loves. E [...]

    8. This was my first Kate Noble book and I really enjoyed it. I'll definitely be reading more from this author.

    9. This is a quick and easy read & a nice addition to the Winner Takes All series. Cecilia Goodhue is a schoolteacher with a past. Resigned to a future as a lonely spinster in a small village, she's shocked to find out her young cousin has eloped with a soldier - and determined to see if she can help the girl. After all, her own failed elopement a decade ago has defined her life ever since - and she's determined to help the girl have a brighter future if she possibly can.Unfortunately, when she [...]

    10. I enjoyed this. It's part of the Winner Takes All series but it's super short so if you haven't read the other books in the series, you aren't really spoiled by anything here. Books that feature "ruined" women usually turn out to be a misunderstanding and the girl isn't really ruined. Here, I think she was, though I'm not quite sure, but she was ruined enough to have to leave town. So it was interesting to have a book that dealt with someone who had done something foolhardy before and is now try [...]

    11. Not one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for 2nd chance romance. It was a quick read but almost too quick. I feel like Noble had a lot to work with & it didn't really go anywhere.Like what did Theo think? He could whisk her away and NOT ruin her good name? His portion of the story was a little unbelievable. She on the other hand was a sad lonely spinster. For once though, I would have liked the heroine to be like 'actually, I like my circumstances!' Instead of moping over the fact they'll never [...]

    12. There was absolutely no meat on these bones! The story literally consisted of a man and woman dancing around each other, with just a little bit of extra bits thrown in just for the sake of saying that this is an actual story and not an author stalking fictional characters in her head.**I received a free ARC via netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

    13. A super fun light hearted romantic read its a quick one but a mighty one.Characters as always are on point and each stand out for different reasons, the story line was fun light hearted but an edge of suspense.A great read

    14. This is a short novella about Miss Goodhue and her ex lover Theo Hudson who manage to overcome their misunderstandings ten years after they failed to get married. It's part of a series and it was too short to really get invested in the characters.

    15. Not sure I'll remember much about this story in a few weeks/months, but it was the perfect palate cleanser after a couple darker books I read earlier.

    16. A novella with Cecelia meeting her long lost love, Theo, was good, but that "but I thought that *you* left *me*" trope is not my favorite and this story didn't change my mind. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

    17. Cecilia Goodhue lives with her sister and her sister’s husband as a school teacher, a good distance from her hometown. 10 years before, she shamed the family so she left and hasn’t been back since. Now it seems her cousin is about to make the same mistake and Cecilia finds herself being helped by the same person that ruined her, Theo Hudson.Really a 3.5 but I rounded up! As soon as I started this book, I thought I found myself in the middle of Pride and Prejudice when Lydia took off with Mr. [...]

    18. Kate NobleMiss Goodhue Lives for a NightTwo people who meet over a summer long past, meet once more ten years later. Their relatives lied to each of them about the other to break their hearts and keep them apart. Now the truth is coming out. Sounds like a modern day fairytale, right? Well, for this story - Miss. Goodhue Lives for a Night by Kate Noble - we take a step back in time. Cecelia Goodhue met Theodore Hudson when she was 16 and he was 20. One night, one she now calls a mistake, when the [...]

    19. On the whole this is an easy to read, light Regency romance, although I’m slightly confused as to why Cecilia and Theo weren’t forced to marry since her reputation was ruined anyway, regardless of what happened when they eloped. That did rather undermine my enjoyment, but beyond that it’s an okay read about a fairly modern-minded woman and her attempt to rescue her cousin from making the same mistake that she did.It all takes place over a very short space of time, which does leave everythi [...]

    20. 'Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night' by Kate Noble is book 2.5 in the "Winner Takes All" series. I haven't yet read the other books but hope to soon for me this was a standalone book.This is the story of Cecilia and Theo who about 10 years ago tried to runaway together so they could marry. Now we are in this book's present day and we find that Cecilia cousin is doing the same thing. This ruined Cecilia's life as she had to leave town and is now a school teacher living with her sister and brother in- [...]

    21. Miss Cecelia Goodhue, age 26, lives in Helmsley, Lincolnshire and is the town’s school teacher. Classes have just let out for the spring planting season. Cecelia’s sister, Imogene, with whom she resides, informs her that their cousin, Eleanor, has run off with a man who is part of a military regiment passing through town. The man is to settle in London and wants Eleanor to join him. But no one knows where in London she has gone.Imogene is married to Vicar Spelsky. Imogene reminds Cecelia of [...]

    22. Review of Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night, by Kate NobleAfficionados of Noel Coward and Oscar Wilde will appreciate the classic "comedy of manners" style of Kate Noble's superbly crafted period novel, Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night. Lovers of Amanda Quick and Kathleen Woodiwiss will revel in the repartee and humorous situations.Miss Goodhue, you see, was ruined. Yes, all her hopes of a normal life were dashed years ago when a suitor, ostensibly bent on marriage, abandoned her en route to the alta [...]

    23. ***ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW***‘Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night’ by Kate Noble was a first for me by this author and also happens to be book 2.5 in the ‘Winner Takes All’ series. Having not read the other books I wasn’t sure was I was in for with this novella and was pleased to find that I enjoyed it and give it 4 stars.I’m a big fan of historical novels and also second chance romance was thrilled with the prospect of having both themes in this quick [...]

    24. This is a very humorous romance. Cecilia is a spinster schoolteacher who has a scandalous past. She has been atoning for that past by being circumspect and the acquiescing roomer in her sister’s home with her sister’s vicar husband. But when the need to rescue her cousin from the same fate that was the cause of her scandal became apparent, then she is off to do what she can to set things right. That is when she runs into Theo who was the cause of her scandal, the boy who is now a man and the [...]

    25. This was very sweet. However I think the ending could have been less rushed, and I would have liked some apologies from Cee's family.

    26. DescriptionNext in the witty, sexy Winner Takes All Regency series from Emmy winner Kate Noble, author of The Game and the Governess and writer of the wildly popular web series, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries.Cecilia Goodhue is a schoolteacher with a past, living with her sister and her husband in a tiny English village. Resigned to a quiet life, Cecilia is surprised when she finds out that her young cousin has run off with a man of no means.Cecilia had once been a teenaged girl who also fell for a [...]

    27. This story was an absolute delight from beginning to end. An extremely quick read, you’ll find yourself immersed in the plot and misunderstandings as soon as you meet the characters. We start with the titular Miss Cecilia Goodhue, living a spinster teacher with her sister and disapproving vicar brother-in-law due to an unfortunate trip almost to Gretna Green in her youth. Naturally, a young cousin is about to make the same mistake! Her cousin has run off with a soldier in the army and no one c [...]

    28. As I really enjoyed reading the "Lizzie Bennett Diaries" by Kate Rorick, I was curious when I found that the author has already published quite a number of historcal romance novels under the name of Kate Noble. When I got the chance to read this story about Miss Cecilia Goodhue and Theo Hudson I found that I thoroughly enjoyed it and I found that the author's unmistakeabe style can be found in here as well. In constrast to most of the other historical romance novels that I've read, the whole ton [...]

    29. I received a copy of this story from the publisher via NetGalley.Ten years ago Cecelia (then 16 years old) eloped with Theo (20), but they were discovered and separated. Cecelia was told that Theo was only interested in her dowry and once he was told how modest it in fact was, he walked away. The scandal was hushed up and Cecelia has been living with her married sister, teaching in the vicarage school. One day news reaches them that their young cousin has eloped with a soldier and Cecelia goes t [...]

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