The Old Philosopher

The Old Philosopher The Old Philosopher is enigmatic sexual biblical anachronistic political and personal all at once These quiet implosive poems inhabit a nonlinear temporality in which Vi Khi Nao brings biblical

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  • Title: The Old Philosopher
  • Author: Vi Khi Nao
  • ISBN: 9781937658489
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Old Philosopher is enigmatic, sexual, biblical, anachronistic, political, and personal all at once These quiet, implosive poems inhabit a nonlinear temporality in which Vi Khi Nao brings biblical time and political time together in the same poetic space, allowing current affairs to converse with a ancient and historical reality.

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    1. This is my third time through this collection, and each time it impresses me more. I imagine the whole thing being written all in one breath, so that we get this flowing mesh where depictions of family and Vietnam mix with meditations on god, the body, and love. There's an effortless quality to the book, especially in how disproportionate it is, though I think it can be divided into 3 loose movements: an initial, very fragmented section (that makes a very good use of the surface of the page), wh [...]

    2. God, I only just discovered Vi Khi Nao through this stunning collection of joyful and subversively playful poems, The Old Philosopher, and I can't wait to dive into the rest of her work! There is god as child, god pretending and in make-believe, god with a lower-case g. But out of this play comes such a fierce creative force. In the poem, "AA Meeting for a Limestone" the poet reels into a delphic riff on pain, "They are going to cut me into slats./ And they are going to edge my pretty face" And [...]

    3. What if the epiphany you seek was not in the pages of a self-help book but in a collection of sublime poetry? What if you could come away from a reading experience a better person? This was my experience of "The Old Philosopher." Vi Khi Nao handles the pen with deft precision to lead the reader into the world of his or her own interior. The poetry is at once gentle and disruptive, devastating and redemptive. Let the work wash over you and come away baptized in an unique expression of yourself re [...]

    4. You may have to readthe book twice andread each word ofeach poem separatelyto recall what these poems are doing to you butyou probably will be glad

    5. I loved many of the poems in here, especially Pastoral Threshold and Chorus of Buttons. Many of the poems had great first lines.This is the prompt by the author for reviews:Go to page 24. The poem poem has 6 wordsHypertropied Football Star As Serial KillerUse those words in the review, but not necessarily in that order.The review should be 217 words.

    6. I really love good poetry but, for some reason, this didn't click with me the way some poetry has done in the past. It just isn't for me. That doesn't mean it isn't good. It's wonderful. I can appreciate the poet's skill, I just didn't feel emotionally involved with most of the entries. That being said, there were a couple of poems that I can't stop thinking about. I'm not educated in poetry, it's just something I've picked up by reading so much in my life. Someone who is more fluent in the art [...]

    7. THE ENIGMATIC DEMOISELLE, ELOIGNA crowd gathers at the opening paragraph A crowd of wordsAfraid to look at other wordsFor what they might seeThe ‘t’ in ‘tenuous’ is excited about the ‘t’ in ‘tampion’We are wearing matching shoesWords are fearful of their originsOne word will condemn another wordOr annihilate another completelyLynch that manThat brisk fascistOr remove that vixenShe doesn’t belong in our eliteClass of linguistic nobilityWords gather and group themselves into fami [...]

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