Give Me Perfect Love

Give Me Perfect Love This is not a standalone Give Me Love must be read before Give Me Perfect Love After breaking it off with Bryce and finding out her father has passed away Kathrine heads back to her childhood house of

  • Title: Give Me Perfect Love
  • Author: Paige P. Horne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
  • Format: None
  • This is not a standalone Give Me Love must be read before Give Me Perfect Love After breaking it off with Bryce and finding out her father has passed away Kathrine heads back to her childhood house of nightmares to try and find closure, but instead she gets smacked in the face with the past Hitting rock bottom she lashes out and exhaustion takes over She wakes wit This is not a standalone Give Me Love must be read before Give Me Perfect Love After breaking it off with Bryce and finding out her father has passed away Kathrine heads back to her childhood house of nightmares to try and find closure, but instead she gets smacked in the face with the past Hitting rock bottom she lashes out and exhaustion takes over She wakes with love looking over her and he isn t ready to throw in the towel.In fact he has other plans entirely Bryce will fight for Kathrine until the end and the sooner she gets that, the better off they both will be The sad truth is love never comes without pain but a love like Bryce and Kathrine s is rare and it doesn t fade away No matter what obstacles they may have to endure No matter if time may have other plans Love stays, love conquers and love always wins especially perfect love Warning this book contains adult situations and strong language that may be offensive to some.

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    1. Okay, so let me begin by saying I finished this book a few days ago, but being the Queen of Procrastination I didn’t know where to even start with my review!!I wasn’t sure where the author was going to take the story in Book 2 and I was worried we were just going to have a repeat of the ups and downs of Book 1.Yes, Kat and Bryce are still struggling somewhat with their issues as Kat describes here:“Our demons hid in the shadows of our souls.”And yes, certain aspects of the story play out [...]

    2. Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.I needed a couple of days after this story to get my emotions back under control because this is an amazing story.Kat is struggling even after breaking it off with Bryce she thinks this is the wright way. A phone calls that tells her that her father died bring her back to her childhood house of nightmares. SHe thinks that this will finally be some closure to only find her mother who left her standing there in the living room. Bryce is no [...]

    3. This one was just amazing, I really really got into this and found my self loving how the story played out, What got me was i never saw the ending coming and it blew me away, Totally amazing and a must read.

    4. After a few attempts of writing this review let me tell you at first thatlooking at the Cover brings back the tears in my eyes. It fits so perfectly. (You will know what I mean when you read the book.)That being said, it's hard to stay focused on writing my review so it may get a little confusing. Be warned. =)I was really surprised by this book in a good way and I think that the author improved her writing in it. Although the first book was a good read, it couldn't always hold my attention. Thi [...]

    5. When Paige Horne sent me a message asking if I'd like to read the arc of her next book (that had no cover or synopsis at the time), I said yes. I didn't even need to think about it. "You are not alone. I will always be here with you."This is the continuation of Kathrine and Bryce's story. In my review of Book 1, I mentioned that it reminded me a lot of Fifty Shade of Grey and the Crossfire Series. In Book 2, we see the characters grow in a way that sets their love story apart. I can't compare Gi [...]

    6. Give Me Perfect Love is a book that will make you feel everything. You will laugh, cry, be confused, swoon and then cry even harder at the end.Bryce is a hot alpha man. He loves with everything he is. He's so laidback and carefree, you'll envy Kathrine. He let go of everything in his dark past and lived in the light just for her.Kathrine is a confused, hurt and a scared woman. She was taught through her life that love is just a myth and that everything comes to an end. What she feels for Bryce m [...]

    7. Arc received in exchange for an honest review. .WOW, I'm shocked, happy and broken after finishing this. I'm not sure how to write this review without giving the ending away, so I'm going to keep it short and sweet.Give me perfect love, is book 2 in this series, and the ending of Bryce and Kat 's life. After hitting rock bottom Kat has finally found her forever in Bryce Grant, his love for her is so clear not even a cloudy day could ruin it. With the death of her mother and father she falls heav [...]

    8. Soooo, I have been trying to figure out how to review this book for a couple weeks now. I absolutely loved book 1 and was so excited to get another ARC to read book 2. I absolutely love Bryce, he's an all around awesome H, and Kathryn, she's a great h. Put them together and that makes for great reading.Bryce is just the perfect man. He loves Kathryn with a passion you don't see much these days but you can feel that passion as you read through this book. The ups and downs and he is always there, [...]

    9. This book tells about a love that takes your breath away.Kat and Bryce are real they found each other because they were meant to be together,they were soul mates. They had a love that lasts a lifetime, a love that can survive life's ups and downs. Paige tells the story beautifully, she has a talent that takes you away into their world, they are so close you can feel them with you, you feel their joy, pain, happiness and most of all their Love. Can't wait to read your next book, but I will foreve [...]

    10. Omg I was not expecting that! Twist turns and so much more in this roller coaster that is Bryce and Katherine's love. I tell ya I had to put the book actually down and have an ugly cry *all those who have read it will know where I had that* but fighting through tears I finished it and I couldn't help but smile. The author did a fantastic job of bringing "real" to this love story all its angst and worry and everything else we all feel to life.

    11. The author was kind enough to share the ARC for an honest review.I really don't know what to say This story follows on from Book 1 with Kathrine and Bryce.Not real sure what to say apart from it is a perfect Love Story.I Have Laughed and i cried at the end heartbroken,But the second Epilogue gave me happy tears although sad.Truly a wonderful Love story Loved all the Characters and the friendships they had.Thank you Paige for sharing their story with us.

    12. ARC given by author This is the continuation of Kathrine & Bryce, you can feel the love this couple have for each other. Loved this book & have been sobbing my eyes out at the ending but will continue to read this authors work.

    13. Tears and devastation!! I find it hard to express words for this book, geez so gripping and intense of course I was hooked again cried a lot too! It's like I was there and involved.I feel a bit empty now it's over.Will definitely read more by Paige.

    14. Wow. Just wow. I'm too emotional to do justice to this book. But Paige Horne you rocked this story. I fucking loved it.

    15. First I will start off by saying that when I finished this book I went back and revised my rating on Give Me Love because while I didn't really like Kathrine in that book she defiantely grew on me in this one and I started to understand more of the way she was.Bryson and Katherine have not had an easy life at all, they both had rough childhoods and things may have gotten a little better as they've aged but things still aren't easy for them. In the first book we got to know a little about their p [...]

    16. I don't even know where to begin. So much happens in this second book.Bryce and Kat have shared so much between them. Both have pasts that haunt them. We watch and experience a profound love between these two. A tight circle of family and friends. With all the good we also experience some heart breaking loss along the way. This book, its characters will have a lasting affect in your soul. I did not see where the author was leading us with book but I will say this book has wedged its way deep in [...]

    17. I received this book in an exchange for an honest review. I fell in love with Bryce and Kat in book one and I continued to love them in this second book as well. Gosh I don't even know where to start with this second book I enjoyed the majority of the book except the ending. I'm sorry but I cried so much with the ending everything was perfect but the end killed me!:( I wish it wouldn't have ended the way it did I can't spoil it so I won't say what exactly happened but trust me a lot of people wi [...]

    18. Gosh - in fact golly gosh. A love story that came from horrendous childhoods that you don't want to miss. A realistic storyline with unexpected twists that left me crying into my tissues. Bryce, the awesome hottie who will do anything for Kathrine. The lady who just wants a happy ever after. The book picks up from the first and follows their unique relationship. Enjoyable read but have the tissues ready. Well done.

    19. This book takes it to the next level for Katherine and Bryce. Not going to give anything away, but one moment I am blissfully happy and then the next , the kindle is about to be thrown across the room. Fortunately my kindle survived and I was rewarded with a wonderful conclusion to this series! Well done Paige!

    20. Received this book with an honest review. Wow. This book was amazing. Had my mind going in circles. A lot craziness and not expecting from the beginning to the end. Bryce and Katherine love becomes stronger and goes to the next level. Makes you want to love Bryce more. Loved all the characters. Very emotional on some parts but couldn't put the book down. Loved every moment.

    21. In second book Kathrine has broke it off with Bryce and found out that her father died. Love stays, love conquers and love always wins especially perfect love. Another emotional read, Kat tries to run away but Bryce wants to catch her fall. Very intense and incredible read.

    22. Love!!!This was such an amazing story! It will definitely send you on a world wind of emotions but it's so worth it.

    23. Very good but!I loved the reading the book but the ending sucked. All the time he was helping her get to love . It would have been nice for her to fight to keep it with him coming back to her though the accident but you just let him .did not like.

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