Fear and Yoga in New Jersey

Fear and Yoga in New Jersey Nina Gettleman Summer a New Jersey yoga teacher should be calmly guiding her high powered students through their savasanas and their chakras Instead she is worried abouteverything her new meditation

  • Title: Fear and Yoga in New Jersey
  • Author: Debra Galant
  • ISBN: 9780312367251
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nina Gettleman Summer, a New Jersey yoga teacher, should be calmly guiding her high powered students through their savasanas and their chakras Instead she is worried abouteverything her new meditation fountain overflowed causing one of her litigious students to slip and fall her husband Michael s job was outsourced to the Phillipines and a hurricane is bearingNina Gettleman Summer, a New Jersey yoga teacher, should be calmly guiding her high powered students through their savasanas and their chakras Instead she is worried abouteverything her new meditation fountain overflowed causing one of her litigious students to slip and fall her husband Michael s job was outsourced to the Phillipines and a hurricane is bearing down on her parents home in Florida The last thing Nina needs is her suspicious mother around, wailing about the weather and asking questions about Michael s job To complicate matters, her teenage son Adam is showing an interest in having a Bar Mitzvah even though Nina, never a fan of her Jewish heritage, signed the family up at the local Unitarian Church The Gettleman Summers are poised for an awakening which, when it arrives, is deftly portrayed in Galant s classic screwball style.

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    1. In my opinion, it COULD have been a 2 stars, but when the ending cameDown Hill!*this story had cusing( which I DON'T MIND) it was just the description of PORN on a TV show* yeah that wasn't good. I mean I don't REALLY mind it's just I don't really want to think about it. But was just 1 paragraph.Now there were MORE things I could hate then like about this. For example, the writing wasn't that good. I'm just not a HUGE fan on so PAST TENSE. It's not that the writings not good, it's just one of th [...]

    2. I gave this book a chance on the sheer strength of its clever title. (A pun on "FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS" as anyone over the age of 50 will recognize)This was an entertaining and engaging novel, with an author's voice that rang true. It had an honest view of self that allowed Debra Galant to satirize her own Jewish identity as well as spotlight how an adolescent would feel about religious and cultural issues, highlighted by the high school experience.Any book that takes a high school stude [...]

    3. For most of this book, I thought it was about a bunch of annoyingly self-absorbed people, especially the Yoga teacher/wife. But I did get several laughs out of it (like when she threw her cell phone and just by chance hit her client in the mouth as she came through the door) and by the end I felt a little sympathy for the whole family. Someone said they really didn't like any of the characters, but over all, I found the men to be way more likable than the women. What did I learn? Well, coriander [...]

    4. This book was ok, though it ended up being a little lame. The biggest problem was that none of the characters are really likeable. There were a few funny parts, but overall there was not a whole lot of substance to the story. If anything, this novel only made me more aggravated about Homeland Security.

    5. I wanted to like this book. The characters are interesting, and there are some truly funny moments. I did care enough about the ending to finish it. But I just didn't like the characters, especially the main character. Nina is a yoga instructer who gets into a frenzy over correctly following feng shui. A type-A yoga instructor should be funny, but I just didn't sympathize with her.

    6. Don't read this book. I only read it because I had just finished Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and was tripping over the title. Bad trip. Not even sure why I kept reading. Guess I was hoping Ms. Galant's book would live up to the title she was spoofing.

    7. Totally madcap novel revolving around Nina and her Yoga studio, her husband Michael who has lost his job, and New Jersey and the Jewish community. really three and a half for the crazy , amusing ride but certainly not deep!!

    8. This book was too silly, and the characters unrealistic and unsympathetic. I'm mad I wasted a day reading this!

    9. This book seemed to get mostly terrible reviews from the community (although all for different reasons) and made me nervous to even start it, having just given up on the last book, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. And I liked it. It wasn't a great work of literature, but I think some of the reviewers missed the fact that it was a parody--one long cliche--about Jewish mothers, teenagers, New Yorkers, religions, New Agers and the sad patheticness of the 21st Century. (She even managed to c [...]

    10. Funny in parts, and nicely constructed (the looming hurricane is both a symbol and a plot device!), but not compelling overall. Part of the problem is the book is a satire, and it's hard to be sympathetic to satirical characters. Their selfishness is exaggerated to be funny, but as a result, the reader finds herself recoiling even as she chuckles.Of all the upper class hippie ideals lampooned in the book, my favorite target was probably the New Age fundamentalists. Nina, the yoga instructor, has [...]

    11. The main problem with this book is that it has not aged well. The story takes place during a particular post 9-11, pre lululemon year, and although I suspect it was well toned for its time, it doesn't work very well now (I'm reading this in late 2016). The main character has a pretty standard issue cacophony of tastes and habits for any recent american moment - vegetarianism, raised jewish but now annoyed about it, overbearing mom, yoga, unitarian church membership. But the terminology is awkwar [...]

    12. I finished this a few days ago, and at the time I was thinking 4 stars, but now, just a few days later, much of the impression has already faded, so I'm giving it 3. What happens when everyone in a family has a crisis of "faith" at the same time? Mom's faith in all things natural, holistic and Zen has gotten shaky, and she struggles to restore it, and she discovers her "membership" in her Unitarian church isn't much help.Dad's job as an airport meteorologist is outsourced to the Philippines, and [...]

    13. I grabbed this book on a whim from a library shelf, and was sorely disappointed.To be fair, I don't identify with the New Jersey or Jewish subcultures that she touched on; but, as a yoga teacher myself, I was full-on dismayed by the portrayal of the main character, a teacher. The woman missed the entire point of yoga, and persisted in one foolish path after another. She wasn't terribly likable, and insisted on sabotaging her relationships. Secondary characters, while more appealing, kept getting [...]

    14. This was a fast read and lightly entertaining, but there wasn't really much of a plot and, I have to say, I really disliked the main character, Nina. She was an extremely angry, negative and judgmental person. The reader is privy to her thoughts as she encounters people in a variety of situations, from her own family, to her clients, people encountered while shopping, on a train, etc. and, in all cases, her judgmental and superior thoughts were free-flowing and, frankly, even became a bit depres [...]

    15. Warning: contains spoilers.Saw this at the library and thought, ok, this looks like some nice light reading about a yoga teacher in a wealthy suburb of NJ. However, on one of the first days her studio is open, her "chakra fountain" overflows, flooding the waiting area, and causing one of her students to slip and fall, injuring herself badly. (But, since the student shouldn't have been late and rushing to yoga, it's her fault, right? Er, not really.) Later, the yoga teacher will accidentally knoc [...]

    16. With Presidents now caught with their pants down, sports heroes just looking for money, and the politics of the workplace, all I had was my visits to my yoga studio for solace. I kept a safe distance from my yoga teachers wanting to believe there are some sane people in this world.So, I picked up this book to give some depth to my 2d yogi heroes. I shouldn't have.The characters were unlikeable, especially the yoga teacher. The characters just kept shooting themselves in the foot and stuck in the [...]

    17. Reviews by other Good Reads readers of this book have generally been negative and I can see whyese characters aren't sympathetic, not one bit. They're all just a little too self-absorbed for anyone's liking. But I think that's the point, or at least I hope that's the point. They characters are parodieshyped-up on steroids versions of exurban mums and teenagers. I think the technique worked better with her first book ("Rattled"). Here it just falls a little flat on its face because the plot extre [...]

    18. Since I just returned from birdwatching in New Jersey, and I do yoga regularly, my husband brought this home from the public library for me. He said it was on the shelf next to one of his books. The author has created a caricature of a vegetarian, yoga-practicing, Prius driving suburbanite, who left her Jewish heritage for the Unitarian church. The plot is entertaining, with a meteorologist husband and 13 year old son, and very stereotypical Jewish parents creating havoc when all the protagonist [...]

    19. how can anyone have such a crappy series of events occur in such a short span of time? the title was apt and the rambling nature of the story was a pseudo-clever variant of thompson's classic. instead of incidents in the infamous cadillac in las vegas,we are introduced to episodes with a prius in suburban new jersey. yoga instructors lost their reputation of purity, balance, and peacefulness (literally). the book was meant to be humorous, but it lacked a "wet-the-pants" kind of humor for which t [...]

    20. I'm one of those suckers that will read a book if they use the word "yoga" in the title. Most of the times though, yoga has very little to do with the book, as in the case with this one. The main character in this story was suppose to be a yoga instructor, but if she were my teacher, I would quit her class. Despite the characters all being unlikable, the story kept me interested, but I was disappointed in the weird ending. I think a title that would have made more sense would be "Fear and Feng S [...]

    21. This book is about a typical upper middle class family living in New Jersey. The father’s job is outsourced to the Philippians right when a hurricane is about to hit Florida where his in-laws live. They are Reform Jews while the dad and his family go to a Unitarian Church. Nina the wife owns her own yoga studio and when a litigious student is injured she worries about how to pay for it. This book takes a humorous look at middle class America today.

    22. I am not sure it was supposed to be funnyThe main character is a perfection seeking, new age believing, yoga, husband nagging, schmuch. Everything goes wrong because the family doesn't communicate with one another like normal people should do but she chalks it up to feng shui stuff. It ends up alright but just because some lawyers got involved and cut the prison sentence from 10 years to 4 months. Yeah, you thought you had a bad couple of days.

    23. This book was horrid. I thought it would be a fun read. The characters were unrealistic and unsympathetic. I guess the only one I felt sympathy for was the Grandpa. And that's just because he was old and slow.I don't really care to read the details of pubescent boys dreams of girls. Seemed forced, not to mention gross.Oh, I just can't say anything good about this.Total disappointment. Why do I bother wasting my time on this drivel????

    24. This was a funny (though sometimes scary if Homeland Security is truly allowed to handle suspects that way!)kind of crazy book about a sometimes not very nice woman and her immediate family, all taking place in Montclair (not called that but you can tell) and Newark Airport area. Good, fast read for a laugh (a Nutley Library book club read for October).

    25. the characters were just so two-dimensional and not very interesting. the main character was supposed to be some kind of new age hippie only she was just like all the other bored, rich, n. jersey housewives she seemed to loathe. maybe that was the pointbut it just wasn't interesting enough for me to care.

    26. Being as I live in New Jersey I took a small amount of pride in the fact that I knew the places this lady was talking about. But I couldn't get past the silly typos (missing words, mainly) and the many mentions of The Sopranos (we get itut up). I read this book in two days. It's nothing special. Kind of a wacky story with wacky characters. Sort of chic-lit for the over 40 crowd.

    27. A fun, tongue-in-cheek story of a thirtysomething New Jersey suburban family--fledgling yoga-instructor mom, hardworking dad and pubescent son. Everything starts falling apart for them, amidst many amusing and ironic events.Amusing and good to recommend to customers who want light, contemporary fiction.

    28. Didn't like this much at all. I was hoping that the yoga aspect would be more prominent, but I guess the title alone should have tipped me off. It was really about a flighty woman who has renounced her Jewish heritage and whose relationship with her mother is difficult. I guess none of the characters appealed to me and the plot was over-the-top.

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