A Knight to Remember

A Knight to Remember Fall through time Vacation to England Check Haunting castle ruins Check Proper English lord for a boyfriend Well almost check Be careful what you wish for Lucy Merriweather s supposedly perfect boyfr

  • Title: A Knight to Remember
  • Author: Cynthia Luhrs
  • ISBN: 9781518616648
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fall through time Vacation to England Check Haunting castle ruins Check Proper English lord for a boyfriend Well, almost check Be careful what you wish for Lucy Merriweather s supposedly perfect boyfriend attempted to murder her during a visit to Blackford Castle Falling through time to 1300s medieval England, she lands in a tangled heap at the feet of a tarniFall through time Vacation to England Check Haunting castle ruins Check Proper English lord for a boyfriend Well, almost check Be careful what you wish for Lucy Merriweather s supposedly perfect boyfriend attempted to murder her during a visit to Blackford Castle Falling through time to 1300s medieval England, she lands in a tangled heap at the feet of a tarnished grumpy knight with secrets of his own and no time to spare for a crazy damsel in distress.

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    1. I really enjoyed this time travel romance. I liked the heroine, she made me laugh in places, good story so will go to the second one in this series.

    2. Yeahh! This Australian expression sums up my review. Modern American girl travels with rich, controlling and slightly creepy English boyfriend to England, where he proposes to her (after fat-shaming her constantly- although she does seem a trifle obsessed with eating unhealthy food). Said girl realises it would be a mistake (because you wouldn't make that decision BEFORE you hop on that all-expenses paid trans-Atlantic flight) and refuses. One thing leads to another, she is transported, somehow, [...]

    3. Dear readers, I would like to take you on my journey from page 1-50 of this book."Hmmm, the heroine is kind of stupid.""Errr, the writing is a little childish. Is it because it's supposed to capture the way the heroine thinks?""Oh, we've switched to a different POV character and the writing is still the same, so apparently not.""Uh - these sentences don't appear to have anything to do with each other. Who edited this? *checks publisher* CREATESPACE INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING PLATFORM "Oh. No one. We [...]

    4. Lucy Merriweather is traveling to England for the first time with her boyfriend Simon Grey. She's always dreamed of coming to England cherishing her love of animals, food, and small children. Lucy has ignored her instincts about Simon yet she feels that this trip could change things for the better or be a complete disaster. Little did Lucy know that Simon had deadly plans for her. One moment she's in a wicked rain storm and the next she's under a dead body. William Brandon, is Lord of Blackford [...]

    5. I thought this book had a promising story line, unfortunately it fell short in the execution. The book felt disjointed and awkward, particularly in the interaction and conversations of its characters. For example this is a conversation between the two main characters(Lucy) "You know the hives in the gardens?"He (William) thought a moment. "The monks brought them from the abbey. Be careful of the gypsy woman. Many fear her.""I didn't tell her I was from the future though she seemed to know.""I ma [...]

    6. I will love you for centuries so somehow you will know to come back to me.This was a sweet romance.I don't usually like sweet romances, I prefer dark ones.This one was charming enough to make even me like it.Lucy was down to earth and treated everyone with love and kindness.William was protective and hot.Not very sharp (seriously, with what happened close to the end, couldn't he guess where Lucy was or what could have happened to her?And on that vein, you don't just tell a traitor to leave would [...]

    7. I really wanted to like this book so very much since time travel is one of my favorites genre. However, after reading so many books from this genre, I feel that this book is lacking in many departments (sorry).

    8. Romance and English Knights.4 out of 5 starsReview by: Stacy PalmI have a serious guilty pleasure for historical romances, and this book had me all wrapped up in warmth and cozy, good feelings this past blistery autumn weekend. If you are anything like me you've read a thousand and one romances where something happens and someone is transported back in time to some era where they meet the love of their life and must decide between staying or finding a way home. This all became popular with one o [...]

    9. I was expecting a bit more given the 5 star ratings. More depth, more romance, and better quality. The concept is not bad, but the execution was lacking, IMO. I don't mind the romance was clean, but the insta-love and lack of any depth and build-up between the hero and heroine didn't please me. It's also not very authentic time-period wise. It didn't feel like medieval times apart from the superficial - knight, castle, etc. The heroine didn't even try to adapt to the times, but brought the futur [...]

    10. ** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**Holy wow-ness. Cynthia Luhrs completely knocked 'A Knight to Remember' out of the park. I literally could not put it down. The storyline was absolutely awesome. Plus, it has castles. Who doesn't love castles? I'm not one to read historical books, mainly due to the confusing language that is used. But with this book, I was taken back in time alongside Lucy, and I could follow the story. Lucy made the perfect lead. She is s [...]

    11. A delicious time travel medieval romanceLucy Merriweather and Simon Grey, Lord Blackford, are visiting England. Lucy is trying to decide whether or not to continue the relationship and this trip will give them a chance to get to know one another better.When they visit Blackford Castle, Lucy realizes their differences are too great to overcome. When Simon proposes, Lucy turns him down. However, Simon has other plans for Lucy.I love time travel stories, and this one is very entertaining. The time [...]

    12. As always with Cynthia Luhrs' books the characters draw you in as they are so well written. The twist in time was handled well and the plot kept moving along and bringing in interesting tidbits. You almost find yourself sitting back and wondering what you remember from history lessons before junping back in.I have a tendency to overthink so occasionally got caught up in thinking about time travel paradox theories. Don't go there - enjoy the ride.I can't wait for the next book to find out the ans [...]

    13. Such an amazing book this is. I thoroughly enjoyed it not even putting it down even once today! Such a gorgeous English tale of there where about of Lucy Meriweather. A great exciting, romantic time travel to enjoy.When Lucy left her hometown, South Carolina and ventured to to England with boyfriend, Simon Grey to visit his family castle, Blackford. After many arguments there having him proposed to her. Lucy, left in a quite angered. She then caught in a severe thunderstorm , which led to her ti [...]

    14. I loved this book! Highly entertaining & quick paced. Like a newer version of Outlander with crochet hooks & sugar cookies added! Left me wanting to know what else is in store for Lucy & the Merriweather sisters!!

    15. Lucy Merriweather found out the old saying 'to be careful what you wish for' because sometimes you just may get more than you bargained for to be true. In A Knight to Remember she dreamed of a knight, a castle in England and the happy ever after ending. She dated Simon Grey, an English nobleman that owned Blackford Castle with a long history. After Simon deceived her she fell through time to the year 1307. William Brandon, Earl of Blackford's men found her and her time travel adventure began wit [...]

    16. SWEET READ !!!Title: A Knight to RememberSeries: Merriweather Sisters Time TravelDesignation: Book One, Full-Length Standalone, NO CliffhangerAuthor: Cynthia LuhrsReading Platform: Kindle EditionMy Rating: Four Delightfully Entertaining Stars****Several days ago I happened upon a free download from for a time travel romance. Well, that got my attention. I adore time travel, completely smitten with medieval English knights, totally enamored with any genre that contains romance and always a sucke [...]

    17. My MusingsThis is an interesting time travel romance. I liked the characters a great deal. My only problems were with a few minor plot holes that an editor should have caught, but they were not enough to take away from my reading enjoyment. Happy reading!

    18. Wonderful afternoon readI have immediately ordered the remaining books of the series. It was a very nice read and I cannot wait to continue the journey. I recommend this book for young and old alike. It was such a nice surprise to find such quality writing! Thank you Cynthia!!!

    19. I usually enjoy reading time travel books, this. not so much. Truthfully it was Lucy, she ruined what should have been an enjoyable read. I swear all she did was cry and run away the entire story! Then listening to town gossip and taking it as the gospel truth just made her even stupider! She trusted William to give her a place to live, to give her a personal guard, to give her gold whenever she wanted to buy something or have something made, but distrusted him when it came to his honor and loya [...]

    20. Wonderful!This is my first time reading this author. However, I love time travel novels and this one rates right up in the top.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and intend to move on to the second one in her series. Can't wait to continue!!!

    21. This was a cute read. William was a sweetheart and Lucy was funny. The heat factor was a negative ten though. But if you're into that sort of thing, this is the book for you. I'm not, however, so I was disappointed and for that reason, won't be continuing with this series.

    22. Time travel excitement This is a very good time travel book. Really enjoyed it. Suspense and intrigue, with a good HEA ending worth a read

    23. Merriweather sisters are awesome. An excellent tale . I am looking forward to reading of the sisters adventures in the series. Great for a cold wet nights reading

    24. A Knight To RememberMore suspense than romance, but in all a very good storyOne stupid spot with Lucy was the only flawOtherwise a good book

    25. I really love this story. Romance, history and time travel together in wonderful mix. Hardly wait to read next one. It's very pulling and addictive.

    26. Twenty-four-year-old Lucy Merriweather is a southern belle with a love for history and fascination with England. She makes her first trip there at the invitation of a blind date, Simon Grey, Lord Blackford. He wasn’t really polite, but certainly regal and proper; not like anyone, she’d ever seen in North Carolina. When Simon unexpectedly pressures her into marriage, the magic and mystery disappeared and she knew that he wasn’t at all like she thought and refused the proposed nuptials. Far [...]

    27. *Actual is 3.5 stars* I liked this story overall! Time travel romance is basically my favorite plot line, so I can't resist one. The biggest problem I had was the sloppy chapter and scene breaks. Sometimes they didn't mesh and it was confusing, pulling me out of the story. It happened more towards the beginning than the end, so it got better. Also, William's thoughts during his POV were much harsher than he acted in Lucy's POV. It felt like an entirely different character. He didn't come across [...]

    28. I truly enjoyed this story it was entertaining and sweet. I fell in love with Lucy's character she was lively and humorous. I also love time travel stories (which there aren't enough of) its always great to see how a character adapts to the rapid change in culture. The only downside of this book was that it didn't go deep into the romance between characters almost like a lack of relationship. I would have liked it if the kisses affected the characters more and that we saw a little more of willia [...]

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