Ivanoff Chekhov was a Russian who wrote short stories and plays Chekhov was a doctor during most of his life He was said to say Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is my mistress

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  • Title: Ivanoff
  • Author: Anton Chekhov
  • ISBN: 9781438592480
  • Page: 443
  • Format: ebook
  • Chekhov was a Russian who wrote short stories and plays Chekhov was a doctor during most of his life He was said to say, Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is my mistress.

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    1. Ivanov, Anton Chekhov Ivanov is a four-act drama by the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: هفدهم ماه نوامبر سال 2006 میلادیعنوان: ایوانوف؛ نویسنده: آنتون چخوف؛ مترجم: سعید حمیدیان؛ لوگزامبورگ، انتشارات پیام، 1349؛ در 145 ص؛ چاپ دیگر: تهران، نشر قطره، 1383؛ در 136 ص؛ چاپ سوم 1388؛ شابک: 9789643412586؛ چاپ ششم 1392؛ موض [...]

    2. This 1887 four act play by Chekhov introduces us to Nicholas Ivanoff, thirty-five years old and married to Anna, who is dying of consumption. Is this the reason Ivanoff is so depressed? Or is his melancholy personality something he is simply no longer able to hide? During the opening lines I liked Ivanoff because of a statement he makes to his uncle Borkin, who is also his estate manager. Borkin had come tiptoeing in and actually pointed a gun in Ivanoff's face as a joke. After they both settle [...]

    3. ایوانف : می دانی دکتر ،دارم کم کم به این فکر می افتم که سرنوشت فریبم داده. خیلی از آدمهایی که شاید هیچ برتری هم نسبت به من ندارند ،خوشبختند ، در حالی که خوشبختی برایشان هیچ مایه ای هم بر نمی دارد .ولی من برای همه چیز از خودم مایه گذاشتم ، کلا برای همه چیز! و چقدر هم برایم گران تمام [...]

    4. کرم های شب تاب شب ها می درخشند، فقط به این منظور که پرنده های شبگرد آنها را ببینند و بهتر بتوانند شکارشان کنند؛ فلسفه ی وجود آدم ها ی خوب و درستکار هم این است که مردم از حسادت برای شان حرف دربیاورند و به آن ها تهمت بزنند. .در بدبختی هاست که آدم به روح های آبدیده و مقاوم پی میبرد. .ا [...]

    5. من دوست داشتم رفتن زندگی به سمتی - بدون اختیار - و در عین حال چالش های اخلاقی و انسانی پدید آمده در آن را. اینکه ایوانف به سمتی کشانده می شود اما خود دائم از بی اخلاقی با غیر انسانی بودن این مسیر اجباری در زجر و عذاب است. همینطور دوست داشتم پایانش را و تصمیم خودقانونگذار ( اتونوم ) [...]

    6. کاری بود که عمیقا از خوندنش لذت بردم، شخصیت پردازی فوق العاده و پرداخت مفهوم عالی و پیوست داستانی هم، عالی بود.قبلا از چخوف نمایشنامه باغ آلبالو رو هم خونده بودم، و خیلی هم خوشم اومده بود، از ایوانف حتی از اون هم بیشتر لذت بردماز چخوف عزیزم ممنونم

    7. یهودی ای غسل تعمید شده‌‌‌‍ دزدی تبرئه شده اسبی مداوا شده همگی قیمت شان یکی است

    8. گاهی جریان زندگی ما رو جایی می بره كه نمیخوایم. ما رو می بره درحالیكه ما به تمام وقایع آگاهیم اگه ریشه های درستی داشته باشیم بالاخره یه جایی میرسه كه با تمام وجود می فهمیم چه بر سرمون اومده و با خودمون كه دیگه خود واقعی مون نیست می جنگیم! ایوانف رو بسیار دوست دارم بخصوص بخش های ا [...]

    9. I just wish the characters were more round and interesting. But I do understand that Ivanov is the center of attention. It is just difficult to pay attention when the only person with a motivation (beside Sasja) is the main character. It feels like the mc is being bombarded with ideas and criticism from "actors" and not human beings. Well, so it is a three star.

    10. Reading it was such a sweet-sour delight; a mixture of fiasco, melancholy, abyss, sacrifice and humor. As for the the ending that's unreasonably incisively criticized, I find it rather very satisfying and beautiful and brilliant and real.

    11. از قوي ترين تصور هايي كه من در باره ي ٣٠ سالگي خودم دارم بسيار به پتيْ نيكولاي چخوف نزديك مينمايد.ايوانف يا همان نيكولاي فعال و پر شر و شور در عنفوان جواني اش به قول خودش مشت را بر سندان كوفته و آناپروناي روشنفكرنما و هنردوست را به وصل در مي آورد و كيسه ي بي انتهاي اميدش را تنها ث [...]

    12. (Translated by Ann Dunnigan)"Anna Petrovna: I am beginning to think that fate has cheated me, Doctor. There are a great many people, perhaps no better than I, who are happy without having had to pay for their happiness. But I have paid for everything, absolutely everything! . . . And so dearly! Why should I have had to pay such terribly high interest?" Act IThis is the best of young Chekhov. All the ingredients that would characterize his later masterpieces are here, but the man is still raw. At [...]

    13. Pretty somber stuff, centering on a depressed man whose sense of self has completely dissolved whilst he also battles with the guilt of no longer loving his dying wife. The people around him - who for the most part are also bored and disillusioned - are constantly pressuring him for money or questioning him about his intentions and his mental health.All the same there's some (slight) comic relief in Borkin and Shabelsky, who are generally complete prats throughout the whole play. But for the mos [...]

    14. The simplicity and un-pretentiousness which nonetheless manages to open up an abyss in front of the reader is typical of an important portion of Russian literature. This play is not a masterpiece by Chekhov in my opinion, but a very decent and enjoyable work.Just one thing. "Whiny" is a big understatement for the character of Ivanov. He is much more than a spoiled child bored with his toys. He is genuine, honest, humane, and has integrity. His non-stop complaining has more to it than having to p [...]

    15. كم كم فكر ميكنم سرنوشت فريبم داده استخيلى از آدمهايى كه شايد هيچ برترى هم به من ندارند، خوشبختند، درحاليكه خوشبختى برايشان هيچ مايه‌‌اى هم برنميداردولى من براى همه چيز از خودم مايه گذاشته‌‌ام كلا همه چيزچقدر هم برايم گران تمام شده!

    16. Anton Chekhov, Ivanoff – An Analytical ReviewThis review contains spoilers. Massive spoilers.(view spoiler)[1. IntroductionThe play is in four Acts. The protagonist, Nicholas Ivanoff, is a no-longer wealthy man fallen by his own inept financial sense. His depression worsens to catastrophic consequence. Ivanoff is surrounded by an interfering doctor and troublemaking friends with tenuous but correlative relationships. The result is a story with many dramatic threads that weave together without [...]

    17. This struck me as more like Ibsen or Strindberg than Chekhov. The humor seemed missing and everyone was bitter and disillusioned and there was a great deal of "honor" and "honesty" surrounding people's behavior.

    18. درست وقتی داشتم از چخوف ناامید می‌شدم در میانه‌های کتاب سارا و ساشا و ایوانف به هم گره خوردند و نمایشنامه را تا آخر خواندم. راستش شروع نمایشنامه به نظرم خیلی ملال‌آور است.

    19. مالیخولیا! درد اصیل! غم بیان ناشدنی! فقط یک چیزم کم است_شعر بگویم. آه و ناله سر دادن و بازی العازر بینوا را درآوردن و با درد خود همه را مستأصل کردن_نه، نه، نه! تشخیص میدهی که نیروی زندگیت برای همیشه بر باد رفته، که زنگ زده‌ای و بیش از حد خودت مانده‌ای، که به جبن و نامردی راه داده‌ [...]

    20. نمایش ای چهار پرده ای. نیکولای ایوانف، مردی ست که می جنگد تا گذشته اش را دوباره به دست آورد، پنج سال پیش با آنا پترونا، یک کلیمی که ثروتی ندارد و سخت بیمار است، ازدواج کرده. آنا بخاطر این ازدواج، ناچار شده از یهودیت به مسیحی ارتدوکس روسی تغییر مذهب بدهد. به همین جهت از ارثیه محرو [...]

    21. Ivánov es una obra de teatro en cuatro actos de Antón Chéjov. El personaje principal es Nicolái Alexéievich Ivánov, un hombre profundamente deprimido a sus 35 años de edad y miembro permanente del Consejo del Departamento de Asuntos del Campesinado. Según parece, Ivánov ha perdido la brújula de sus días, ya que ha pasado de ser un terrateniente próspero, de temperamento ardiente, a ser un hipocondríaco que se la pasa contagiando a quienes lo rodean con una forma desesperanzada de ve [...]

    22. One of Chekov's depressing plays. I remember raving about these kinds of plays when I read them as a kid (maybe the Arabic translation is better than the English one?) but reading it now just made me depressed. Alot of people feel bad for Ivanoff; not me though.g depressed is not an excuse for being an ass!

    23. A depressing play. I didn't expect the author of The Bear to write a play as this but a good play in many ways. Some very interesting themes like unhappy marriage, country life, wrong descions, lost love and confusion are all profoundly depicted in this play.

    24. زندگی همین است،به یک گل میماند که شاد و خندان توی چمن شکفته می شود.یک بز سر می رسد،می بلعدش و همه چیز تمام می شود.

    25. Depressing and tragic literature, ironically, makes me happy, so this play drew me in. Will have to read again because I read it rather quickly, just wanted a taster of the work of the man who laid the foundations for modern drama.

    26. “The life of a man is like a flower, blooming so gaily in a field. Then, along comes a goat, he eats it and the flower is gone!” ― Anton Chekhov, IvanovThis play is amazing! Ivanov is often called something like, "The Russian Hamlet" and I might have concurred with that, but there is something here lacking in HamletWhile Hamlet is a great tragedy, Ivanov is a tragicomedy. Shakespeare would often put fools/jesters in his tragedy's for example King Lear, to lessen the blow of what's going on [...]

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