A Very Matchmaker Christmas

A Very Matchmaker Christmas What do you get when you have four despairing mamas with four unwed daughters A very matchmaker Christmas of course This delightful holiday anthology features novellas written by authors all rev

  • Title: A Very Matchmaker Christmas
  • Author: Christi Caldwell Danelle Harmon Renee Bernard Valerie Bowman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What do you get when you have four despairing mamas with four unwed daughters A very matchmaker Christmas, of course This delightful holiday anthology features 4 novellas written by 4 authors, all revolving around the same fun plot involving a Regency holiday house party and hijinks aplenty Her Christmas Rogue by Christi Caldwell Lady Winifred Grisham has been in love wWhat do you get when you have four despairing mamas with four unwed daughters A very matchmaker Christmas, of course This delightful holiday anthology features 4 novellas written by 4 authors, all revolving around the same fun plot involving a Regency holiday house party and hijinks aplenty Her Christmas Rogue by Christi Caldwell Lady Winifred Grisham has been in love with her brother s best friend Lord Trent Ballantine years than she can remember The only problem is, Trent is a notorious rogue who doesn t dally with the respectable Except, Winnie doesn t want a dalliance she wants his heart Born to a miserable family, Lord Trent has found joy and comfort in the folds of his best friend s family Except, over the years he s begun to notice something Winnie who he d always seen as another sister, is in fact something a captivating woman Now, loving Winnie as he does, Trent knows she deserves than a rogue in her life With Winnie s mother rushing her off to try and make a match at Lady Weston s annual Christmastide house party, Winnie has but a few days to show Trent, that all she needs is his love But then this is Christmaswhen anything can happen To Make a Perfect Scandal by Danelle Harmon Tristan St Aubyn, the Earl of Weybourne, is a driven man Haunted by the bad decisions he made in his youth, his life is all about work working to restore his fortunes, working to rebuild the herd of unique racehorses that were his late father s legacy, working to forget just how lonely he really is Lord Weybourne isn t looking for a wife but when a saucy young lady dressed as a lad finds her way into his stable and charms the most irascible colt in the barn, Tristan can t help but be intrigued until she flees, frightened of discovery The Honourable Miss Letitia Ponsonby comes from a family of seafarers but for her, freedom is found on the back of a horse She has no desire to wed the dreadful suitor her mother has chosen for her, ready and waiting at Lady Weston s Christmastide house party All that s needed is the perfect scandal to deter him But when Letitia finds not the abominable Homer Trout waiting for her at the house party but Lord Weybourne himself, the very desire they each feel for the other is all that is needed to create that perfect scandal To Win a Quiet Heart by Renee Bernard Suffering from crippling shyness, Nicodemus Chesterfield, the Earl of Ath, would rather battle an army of demons than put one toe inside the treacherous social waters of a holiday house party But sometimes, a man just has to face his fears and when Jane Pemberly is the surprisingly beautiful and fantastically charming prize at the opposite end of the gauntlet it seems there is nothing a man won t do to sidestep scandals and win her love To Tempt a Saint by Valerie Bowman What happens when a saint is tempted by a sinner Prudence Carmichael is the epitome of well, prudence But when a rud pirate with whom she just might have had a secret scandalous interlude years ago, that she s been beating herself up about ever since appears at Lady Weston s Christmastide house party and charms the innocent young lady again, can Prudence resist her first and greatest temptation

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    1. Each story in this anthology maybe written by a different author but I like how all the stories share a continuity in the setting and the way in which many of the characters appear in more than one story, but the same events are seen from a very different perspectiveVIEW OF HER CHRISTMAS ROGUE BY CHRISTI CALDWELLThis charming story features one of my favourite tropes – the older brother’s friend/little sister pairing.Trent is constantly fighting his desire for Winnie, not only because of his [...]

    2. I love how these ladies write all the stories together. Each story flows into the other. Some of these authors I have read and some I have not.Christi Caldwell never disappoints. Her story of Winnie and Trent is really good. Poor Trent just knows he is going to Hell for loving his best friends sister. He decides that since he is going to Hell anyway that she is going to be his wife.Danelle Harmon is a new author to me but I will read more of her books now. I loved the story of Lettie and Tristan [...]

    3. This was a very good Christmas anthology. The Countess of Weston and 3 of her friends are determined to get their daughters married before the next season. The Countess will hold a Christmas house party where certain gentlemen, picked by these Mamas, will be invited. Each anthology is it's own story, but the characters intermingle with each other. Most anthologies have 1 story that I like less than the others, but not this one. I enjoyed them all. If you like Christmas stories I recommend this b [...]

    4. Une serie de novella de saison. Mais j'ai préféré celles de Duke Arms et Duke Street. Là j'ai trouvé que les histoires avaient un peu toute le même schema

    5. Each of the short stories are set during historical Christmas 1813 and they are all full of romance and heart. Writing a short story or novella is extremely hard as each other had to establish romance and love within a limited word count. All the others in this anthology did a smashing job. This is also a great way to taste the flavor of each of these talented authors, as each contributed beautiful stories to this collection, and the stories just all happen to be connected. Great fun to read.

    6. Review of bookI truly enjoyed the group of friends stories of each one finally finding love. The author is very witty in her writing. It was great how she could bring so many books from one Christmas gathering of four families. She makes you laugh and keeps your attention great.

    7. A Very Matchmaker Christmas Review ByChristi Caldwell Danelle Harmon Renee Bernard Valerie BowmanThe story begins with four determined matchmaking mamas making a bet that their daughters would be engaged by Christmas. At the gathering, the moms “talk” about the dismal season that their daughters have and it is not even the first “season” of them being “out” worried that their daughters could become spinsters which is the worst thing to befall a young lady of good breeding.Story 1 Her [...]

    8. A Very Matchmaking ChristmasFour enjoyable stories that take place at a Christmas house party. Four friends have decided it's time for their four eldest daughters to marry. The girls have been through several unsuccessful Seasons and so the mama's are going to take over and push their daughters towards the men they think are right for their girls.Her Christmas Rogue by Christi CaldwellLady Winifred Grisham has been in love with her brother's best friend for years. As the Christmas season closes [...]

    9. Back to my recent obsession with Regency romances. I like short stories for "shopping" new authors to see if I enjoy their writing style. The overarching story is four family matrons trying to get their daughters to wed eligible bachelors by throwing a Christmastime visit. Each of the writers had their characters in each other's stories, as they were happening in tandem. Most handled it extremely well, though Valerie Bowman really didn't - she got points in the timeline wrong and even a characte [...]

    10. What happens when 4 talented writers are paired with 4 mommas of the ton & their 4 very unmarried daughters? A Very Matchmaker Christmas, of course!After their daughters have 2 & 3 unsuccessful London seasons, 4 friends since finishing school set upon a plan to see their daughters engaged or married by Christmas. But sometimes things don’t go as planned – or do they? Especially when those plans involve 1 daughter who is secretly in love with someone & refuses to consider anyone e [...]

    11. Four meddling mamas with marriageable daughtersThese four novellas fit together to show the picture of a country holiday party hosted for the purpose of finding husbands for daughters who have had unsuccessful seasons. I have only read Christie Caldwell before and I liked her story the least.The four mamas are longtime friends as are their daughters. Her Christmas Rogue is a familiar storyline of the brother's rogue friend and the sister falling in love. Unhappy brother. Most of this story occur [...]

    12. I have to say I loved the whole story of 4 worried mama's and their plans to get their daughters married! They didn't set up the girls, they just gave them a push start for the young ladies to find their own true mates! In book 1, I was rooting for Winnie to tell Trent how she felt from the start! In book 2, Lettie and Tristan were instantly attracted to each other and quickly followed Winnie and Trent by following in love! Next, in book 3 we have Nick and Jane. I loved how she protected him and [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this anthology. Not a single dud in the collection. I liked how the stories were all connected. They take place at the same house party, and all the heroines are friends, as are their matchmaking mothers.Her Christmas Rogue by Christi Caldwell 4 stars. A childhood friends-to-lovers story, a favorite theme of mine.To Make a Perfect Scandal by Danelle Harmon 3.5 stars. The hero and heroine bond over a shared love of horses.To Win a Quiet Heart by Renee Bernard 5 stars. This was my [...]

    14. Very cleverly done with four matchmaking mamas who want their daughters married but also want them to marry happily. They plan a Christmas house party and invite the men they think the girls want and then some. Brothers are there also to provide balance.The descriptions given of the stories is good and there are no surprises. I'm not sure I have a favorite except that I could relate to Nick's fear of social engagements due to his extreme shyness. I used to be shy but not as much as Nick so I cou [...]

    15. AH, THOSE MATCHMAKING MAMAS!There is no way to go wrong with this group of authors. Although each has her own style, these four stories blend sweetly into a whole, with the differences seeming almost as likely to be figments of the characters as to be due to the artists creating them. There are wry points, and gentle places, and quite a few hilarious places. There is abundant confusion, but love wins in the end, as it must. The trick is how the mothers contend with their children, and get teenag [...]

    16. One cannot help but love the desperate matchmaking mamas who have to marry of their daughters before they become considered "on the shelf". Their daughters have no intentions of falling for their mothers schemes, but the mamas know their girls and steer them towards a match they would love. I fell in love with each of the couple. It was a great story that made a regent Christmas house party really fun.

    17. Totally awesome readYou can't just stop at the first story, the story line pulls you in with a smile and keeps you there with laughter and love. Wonderful creations that keep on giving with each book, and each book is a continuation of the last. Different authors but still one continuous read.

    18. Entertaining short stories. If you are in the mood to forgo the wining & dining persae and get right to the falling in love than this is the book for you. Four short romances all tied together and of course four happily ever afters. With each written by a different author it keeps it interesting and not repetitive.

    19. What a fun anthologyEach story and set of characters are unique and romantic! I love the way they intertwine. The book is an easy read and enjoyable.There were a few editorial errors. A word missing or an extra word inserted. Just a pet peeve of mine.I think it would be fun to read more about the brothers stories. Especially Stephen.

    20. Gambling on liveAwesome stories for Christmas, love, stolen kisses and snow.Each story is unique and humorous as our "Mothers" help their daughters find love and happiness. It also doesn't hurt that they have placed a wager on who will marry whom.Highly recommend the book to lovers of regency romance.

    21. I loved, loved, loved this collection!The seamless transitions between stories was fabulous, the stories flowed effortlessly. The premise of the Christmas house story was heartwarming and each story was solid and stood strongly on its own. The characters were all interesting and I felt like I was also a houseguest enjoying the festivities.

    22. I love these four Christmas stories. I loved how they intermixed with each other and they flowed seamlessly. I loved the storyline and the characters were so friendly and likeable. I found these four authors to compliment each other. A great seasonal read.If I rated these stories individually, they would all be 5*………so what else can I do but give a 5* for the whole book!

    23. I enjoy reading anthologies with a connection that runs throughout. This one does have a good connecting story, though there was some backtracking and repetition so that each story was told in full.Still, an interesting and fun story about mothers trying to do the best by their daughters.

    24. Mamas Know Best What happens when four mothers with unmarried daughters get together at Christmas? Match making mayhem and happy endings. These four girls didn't stand a chance and neither did the men who were chosen for them. Great stories from some fabulous authors!

    25. Four fun talesI loved this collection of matchmaking mamas and their daughters. Plenty of giggles and laugh-out-loud moments make it compulsively readable.

    26. Loved this Anthology of stories featuring 4 matchmaking Momma's trying to get their daughters hitched by the new year!

    27. Emjoyable An enjoyable set of regency stories. Likeable characters and not all the usual 'rake meets innocent' scenarios. Particularly enjoyed the Valerie Bowman story.

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