Jesus and the Gospels

Jesus and the Gospels This intensive guide to the Gospels surveys the largest source of eyewitness information about Jesus life and ministry the books of the four apostles who watched Him spoke with Him and served Him du

Jesus Jesus c BC c AD , also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, was a first century Jewish preacher and religious leader He is the central figure of Christianity.Most Christians believe he is the incarnation of God the Son and the awaited Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament. Virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed historically CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Jesus Christ NEW ADVENT Devotion to the Sacred Heart is but a special form of devotion to Jesus Christology is that part of theology which deals with Our Lord Jesus Christ In its full extent it comprises the doctrines concerning both the person of Christ and His works but in the present article we shall limit ourselves Biblia English Standard Version The Bible, and much Biblia is an online Bible study tool with dozens of Bibles for your Bible Study needs It is a service of Faithlife Logos Bible Software. Jesus Christ HalleluYAH Praise to YHVH, HalleluYAH Who is Jesus Christ Hebrew name Yahshua ha Mashiach His name means Yah s Salvation, the Anointed King Jesus General He paused as though he expected Furniture to speak Furniture tried to shrink back into the surface of the bed again, away from the boot, away from the forcibly administered LSD and the PCP, away from the waterboarding and simulated executions, back into the isolation that had destroyed Jose and given birth to Furniture, the isolation Jose had hated but Furniture now craved. Welcome to Savior Online Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. ZEALOT The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth Reza ZEALOT The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth Reza Aslan on FREE shipping on qualifying offers NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A lucid, intelligent page turner Los Angeles Times that challenges long held assumptions about Jesus Society of Jesus The Society of Jesus SJ from Latin Societas Iesu is a scholarly religious congregation of the Catholic Church which originated in sixteenth century Spain.The members are called Jesuits The society is engaged in evangelization and apostolic ministry in nations on six continents Jesuits work in education founding schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries , intellectual Jesus of Nazareth The Infancy Narratives Pope Benedict Jesus of Nazareth The Infancy Narratives Pope Benedict XVI on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The New York Times bestselling final volume in the Pope s Jesus of Nazareth series, detailing how the stories of Jesus infancy and childhood are as relevant today as they were two thousand years ago In

  • Title: Jesus and the Gospels
  • Author: Craig L. Blomberg
  • ISBN: 9780805410587
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This intensive guide to the Gospels surveys the largest source of eyewitness information about Jesus life and ministry the books of the four apostles who watched Him, spoke with Him, and served Him during his years on earth.

    One thought on “Jesus and the Gospels”

    1. Great historical foundation provided as to the state of affairs politically, socially and religiously in Israel as Jesus comes on the scene. Thorough and exhaustively cited. Academic read.

    2. Used this book in preparation for teaching a 3-day intensive course--Introduction to the Gospels & the NT--and found it to be very useful. Lots of documentation on background info and solid, biblical exegesis.

    3. Excellent resource for studying the gospels. Thorough research and relevant background information and issues in textual criticism. Though academic in nature, it reads and can be understood very well.

    4. Great resource for dissecting the Gospels! It gave me great context for the next time I'm reading through them.

    5. Jesus and the Gospels: An Introduction and Survey by Craig Blomberg has long been praised as one of the best resources available for a serious, well-rounded study of the subject. The first edition was highly acclaimed and received a Gold Medallion Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. This second edition builds on the success of the prior edition by bringing updated and additional material on sociology and social-scientific criticism, literary criticism, the Gospel of John [...]

    6. This is a useful resource for the pastor or lay reader. While expansive in its breadth, it is suggestive in its depth. Blomberg does not (or better, could not have in a single volume) delve deeply into any of the topics covered in "Jesus and the Gospels", but his bibliographies at the end of each chapter and the excellent footnotes give the curious reader a very firm direction to head in for further study.The book is divided into five parts. The first two are largely historical in nature coverin [...]

    7. When it comes to New Testament Introduction, the Gospels are so critically important that they are definitely worth a whole volume to themselves. Blomberg has supplied that need as well as any. I read the first edition years ago and was particularly enriched by it. The second edition here is not an extensive revision, though that is a good thing as there are many things too helpful to be changed. The extra material is mostly scholarly developments over the decade between editions.Part One is out [...]

    8. This was an excellent book on the gospels. It takes the reader through all the gospels by subject rather than by gospel. In other words, he doesn't take Matthew and go through it from the beginning to the end and then go on to Mark. What he does here is show the connections between the gospels concerning the teachings of Jesus as well as the geographical settings of his ministry. He makes comparisons between how each author tells his story of events in the life of Jesus and his effects upon his [...]

    9. In 'Jesus and the Gospels' we have an introduction and survey of the Synoptics and Johannine Gospel accounts, as well as a brief look at literary criticisms, various problems and solutions to the text, historical data, and more. Blomberg does a good job at outlining the progression of textual criticism by surveying their movements, different schools, and the consequences therefrom in reference to the gospels themselves. Although this can serve as a good introductory resource on the topic, there [...]

    10. Assigned reading - I'm in a course with Dr. Blomberg and this one of the the text along with the bible. The book is particularly well documented and researched. I purchased the hardback and the electronic version from iBooks. Best read with the NIV version of the bible and following his book by book analysis. You'll know more than you ever dreamed about the New Testament when you finish and most interesting of all for me the various theories that argue against the existence of Christ. He is one [...]

    11. A companion of his later From Pentecost to Patmos, this volume examines the life and ministry of Jesus as detailed in the Gospels. Blomberg reviews not only the content of the books themselves, but the way critical scholarship has addressed them and the varying conclusions that have been reached. While broad in scope, Blomberg adeptly covers the content in systematic fashion. Early chapters (background and criticism) were trudged through, but things rallied once the focus shifted.

    12. Since it has been 40 years since taking Dr. Henderson's at Lincoln Christian College, I actually enjoyed reading another 'textbook' approach to the Life of Christ and the Gospels. It was good to 'brush up' with the help of an artist. Blomberg has done an excellent job examing the various issues in a brief, but informative manner. His historical reviews of the various schools of interpretation was also both balanced and beneficial.

    13. A very readable introduction to the Gospels. Great for gaining an understanding of the background to the New Testament and for getting an overview of the four Gospels. I particularly enjoyed the historical background dealing with the intertestiment period and the prevailing conditions during the first century.

    14. A true gem from Dr. Blomberg. It is an excellent overview of Jesus life and the culture within which he lived. He discusses his life chronologically, addresses all the difficult issues, and helps one understand all the difficult teachings in the gospels so much better. Highly recommend this for anyone interested in what Jesus really said and its significance.

    15. Lot of great stuff in here for the serious biblical student. Sometimes a little overwhelming in its volume of facts. One point of contention on this however, when speaking about facts, the author has a tendency to say "might" or "may", but when it comes to the author's own personal opinion, he uses phrases such as "definitely" and "obviously".

    16. this is a great book and a great reference, but it's been a bit difficult for me to stay focused on it since it has so many footnotes, so my text to speech software stops mid sentence every page and then reads 1 or more pages of footnotes before continuing the now long forgotten sentence/train of thought.

    17. A great book, both as a reference and just to understand a bit more about Jesus through the Gospels. A little repetitive at times, as well as academic, but such can be expected from a thorough scholarly work. Great for the pastor and lay-leader.

    18. Good book, but a resource not to be read straight through( like I had to do for class). His baptistic, even dispensation, values come out now and then, but a scholarly book none the less.

    19. Skipped around a bit since this is more of a textbook. Especially good introductory material to intertestamental Judaism.

    20. Talbot Course: Exegesis in the GospelsA Solid look into the Life, Times, and Setting of Jesus. It's very thorough and it definitely opened my eyes to a few things!

    21. Very interesting and useful book. One of the most helpful aspects is the frequent discussion of the historicity of the Gospel texts.

    22. Excellent, comprehensive, and yet accessible and not overly long overview of and introduction to Jesus and the four Gospel accounts of his life.

    23. This is a good read and I enjoyed this book. I read this for a class and we did not read it in the manner that it is presented. I would like to read again from front to back.

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