Good Morning...: Processes must be improved.

Good Morning Processes must be improved What happens with a man and a computer are put on Saturn s Titan for a year to mine methane The relationship doesn t always work out the way everyone plans The relationship should be based on trust b

  • Title: Good Morning...: Processes must be improved.
  • Author: Ray Jay Perreault
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What happens with a man and a computer are put on Saturn s Titan for a year to mine methane The relationship doesn t always work out the way everyone plans The relationship should be based on trust, but what if one member of the team isn t doing what the other expects.

    One thought on “Good Morning...: Processes must be improved.”

    1. This short SF tale could be taken as humour, but not if you had to live through it. We see a series of dialogues, if that's the right word, between a mechanic employee on an isolated mining station, and the semisentient computer running the base. The author tells us that this is exactly how it can feel to be a small part of a massive corporation. Have fun and don't work too hard.

    2. Robert has been assigned to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, to mine methane. Much of the operation is done by robots and a human is needed to fix minor break downs and such. The resident built-in AI is TCI12, or Tessy. Things start off well enough but then little by little they fall apart.This was a fun piece of scifi. While it’s a bit of a classic plot set up, I still enjoyed seeing how the author played with it. There’s some miscommunication with Earth about shipments, supplies, and the st [...]

    3. A quick Sci -Fi read. Robert is in trouble at work. So they send him off to Titan to spend a year collecting gas and doing maintenance with only an A1 computer for company. The computer assists him in managing communications with the company and other mining sites. So when Robert begins getting shipments with missing parts and finds other stations are getting his , Robert's bosses are not happy about his performance and ask him to be more efficient in using his available resources.

    4. I received a review copy of this book from the author. I am a fan of some of his other books. Not sure if it was the narrator or just the story itself but for me TCI was a bit annoying lol. Very cool story about AI though.

    5. This is a quick, ironic portrayal of management concerns. Ah – irony strikes again in sci fi. Robert felt shorted at his last posting and it seems the company officials have punished him by sending him to a remote station to work in solitary, except for a computer companion. He is transferred to Saturn’s Titan production station to work with the AI in producing methane for shipment to the corporate overseers. The advanced AI computer has been developed to work with the single human operative [...]

    6. I have received a copy of this book in audio format from the author in exchange for an honest review.This is the story about the year Robert spends at a methane mine on Saturn's Titan. His only company is TC, a computer which assists him in his job and manages communications with other mining sites and the company headquarters. This was not a desirable assignment for Robert to start with, but things start to go even worse when Robert is receiving shipments with missing parts and hearing that oth [...]

    7. My rating: 4.5 starsAudiobook narrator Christopher M. Allport rating: 4 starsWow, Robert does not have it good! I mean, the book mentions how working on the moon of Titan is not really anyone’s first choice but things go south quick for poor Robert and I really felt bad for him. I really loved the idea of this book and thought it was a cool concept (again, I feel like Ray Jay is channeling his inner Isaac Asimov – which is fantastic!). I understand that not giving the Titan computer a sense [...]

    8. I listened to the Audible audio version of this book."Neat Situation and Dialogue With Man & Machine"GOOD MORNINGPROCESSES MUST BE IMPROVED was not only the title but a recurrent theme in this story as in life. It makes sense in that I think it would be someone's dream job to work on Titan (in space) but nevertheless still have someone or something (in this case a robot or AI) constantly telling you how you can improve your skills or job performance. Micro managing is what I call it. And the [...]

    9. I am becoming a Ray Jay Perreault fan! Hoping he begins writing longer stories for me to enjoy. Christopher Allport did a wonderful job of capturing the right tone for the book. I haven't heard many people do computer voices like he can.This story is along the lines of 2001: A Space Odyssey and the author does a really nice job of drawing you into the story and then leading you through the year these two spend together! I like the way the backstory of both the computer and Robert unfold as the s [...]

    10. This short story reminded me so much of some of my time spent in Corporate America. The emotions were real and I felt appropriately expressed by the dialogue. I genuinely felt bad for Robert as the hits just kept on coming.I loved the idea of a single man spending a complete year in isolation with his only companion being a seemingly straight forward artificial intelligence. Great twist at the end. Kind of makes me worry about real future AI and the myriad of ways which it could choose to act wi [...]

    11. Good Morning TITAN! (audiobook)Poor Robert is in the dog house with work and is sent off to distant Titan to spend a year of gas collection and maintenance with only an AI computer for company. Ray Jay Perreault takes a familiar premise and turns it on its head, stirs and shakes and then shreds it into something new. Nicely done.Christopher M. Allport shows us his wonderful range of characterizations and voices and even a few sound effects. This audiobook was provided in exchange for an unbiased [...]

    12. Some on Kindle Unlimited bit more surprised than used to, read a LOT and in a lot of genres, lot of things going on in this story, and the writer told it well. Also just read SIMPOC by same writer, Gemini, and Science Fiction Anthology: Vol1 which has "Progeny" "The Greatest Host" "Circle is Closed" ‘Good Morning…’ Same genre basically but definite differences in each type of book somehow.

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