Flesh & Wires

Flesh Wires It s summer on the Connecticut shore sometime in the not too distant future The invaders have been and gone taking most of civilization with them All that remain are scattered groups of women surviv

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  • Title: Flesh & Wires
  • Author: Jackie Hatton
  • ISBN: 9781619760851
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s summer on the Connecticut shore, sometime in the not too distant future The invaders have been and gone, taking most of civilization with them All that remain are scattered groups of women survivors, their skin speckled silver with alien implants Most of them are too broken to do than just survive in the encroaching wilderness A strong few use the power coursIt s summer on the Connecticut shore, sometime in the not too distant future The invaders have been and gone, taking most of civilization with them All that remain are scattered groups of women survivors, their skin speckled silver with alien implants Most of them are too broken to do than just survive in the encroaching wilderness A strong few use the power coursing through their alien wires to flourish, to rebuild In the community of Saugutuck the women have slowly created an oasis of civilization The only thing missing is any kind of certainty about their future Will they live, will they die, will they ever bear children Some of them care Others not so much Some of them still miss the men Others not so much Lo is one of those others.Although she likes to think she s happy leading her remarkable community of women survivors, in truth Lo is twitchy and bored after thirty years doing nothing except safeguard them from danger She needs a new challenge And she certainly gets one when two men in a spaceship fly into town bearing news of like them on the way Lo responds by firing up her weapons systems Her own security crew have to stop her Perhaps it s time to quit shooting uninvited guests on sight Perhaps the women of Saugatuck might welcome an influx of men who can potentially give them children Suddenly Lo finds herself facing both rebellion within and trouble without and that s before the big metal boxes begin falling from the sky.

    One thought on “Flesh & Wires”

    1. So much fun to read sci fi for adults that features people with complicated emotional lives in situations that do not have fairy tale plotting. In this book, women talk to each other about more than men. They deal with power, colonialism, and a post-apocalyptic world in a fascinating and nuanced manner.

    2. Hatton drew me into the story from the first page. Flesh & Wires is exciting and thought-provoking with a cast of memorable characters, each distinctly drawn. The story is about survival, adaptation, and protecting one’s own. Lo, the protagonist, is suffering from PTSD. She’s been fighting so long, she doesn’t know how to stop or even if she should. The novel kept me turning the pages, and I missed some sleep. I hope Hatton will write us a sequel. The story is set in Connecticut, thirt [...]

    3. Flesh and Wires is a fun ride. Hard-hitting and fast paced, this scifi novel sets us on a rollercoaster. Aliens invade dystopian America and fragile alliances crumble as men intrude on a world run by wired women.The last time I read a work of science fiction was in college (Dune by Frank Herbert). Except when it enters my life in the form of a manuscript to critique, as this one did. Full disclosure: author Jackie Hatton and I are members of the same critique group and friends, too. Does this di [...]

    4. This is a very good debut novel and I hope Hatton produces a sequel. The central character is interesting, not always likable, but always interesting. Lo bears responsibility for making hard decisions in order to protect a small group of survivors who have been able to make a start at rebuilding a life and working society - dealing with the consequences (e.g. post traumatic stress, genetic engineering, fit for purpose physical augmentations etc) after having been enslaved by aliens who saw human [...]

    5. This is a book of two halves: one good; one splendid. The splendid is the first: a real page turner with its escalating plot, its twists and turns, its gathering jeopardy. Centre stage is Lo, ageless, cybernetically enhanced, leader of a community of such women: "Flesh & Wires" in a post-apocalyptic world.We share Lo's thoughts, her plans and emotions. The narrative is a crescendo and its revelation is the Children: changed to the point of inhumanity; their gathering powers; amoral; group or [...]

    6. I'm at 65% and giving this a one star rating because I can't bring myself to finish it. I probably will, between books when I have nothing better to read, but this novel has become more of a task than a pleasure, and I'm pining for a good book.So far, the characters are all eh. There isn't a single character I like, which can be a blessing in some novels, the ability to make a reader dislike someone who doesn't exist is proof of some form of writing. But all the characters here - Jo, Helena, Wil [...]

    7. To be honest, the blurb made this novel sound more interesting than it proved to be. Which is not to say it wasn’t good. The set-up worked, the plot worked, the characters were well-drawn, there were just some elements of the background which read as confused and a little, well, clichéd. The Earth was invaded by aliens, who killed off most of the population, but kept some women, and turned them into sort of cyborgs by means of “wires”. But then the aliens died of an Earthly disease, and a [...]

    8. This is a brilliant debut novel by Jackie Hatton. First up it is a really well written novel. The language is tight and dialogue and characterisation is totally believable. This doesn't feel at all like a first novel but something written by someone with several books under their belt. Second the story is gripping. It is set in our very familiar world but in an extraordinary near future. I don't want to spoil things but I found the premise and back story strangely credible. The product of what h [...]

    9. Fantastic premise, and fantastic characters. Hardly any of them are nice, and they're all working separate agendas, leading to a story that's both interesting and complex and painted almost entirely in shades of grey. It is in fact almost uniformly excellent until it gets to the end, and the end is where it all fell apart for me. I didn't find it convincing on any level, and it kind of dragged the rest of the story down by association. Which is a real shame, but there you are.

    10. I really enjoyed this novel. It takes a world that is very familiar to me - suburban commuterland Connecticut - and completely re-imagines it as a post-apocalyptic landscape ruled almost entirely by a self-sufficient community of women. No one shops for groceries or plays golf here - they're far too busy defending themselves against hostile forces such as alien invaders and feral dogs roaming just beyond the community's boundaries. Commuting will never be the same again!

    11. I was lucky to attend a book reading at WisCon, so I was introduced to this story through Jackie's lovely accent. I had to know the rest of the story, so I bought the book that day (in time for her to sign it before the end of the convention). I just could not put the book down and can't wait to encourage others to read it.

    12. I so enjoyed this book. Amazing female protagonist. Alien invasion (I love aliens!) Dystopian world. Strong prose (very balanced, polished and enjoyable to read.) I thoroughly enjoyed the author's world and characters. If you're into science fiction, you should read this.

    13. A world ruled by powerful women warriors. Modern day tail? People that don't age and live for hundreds of years. Modern day Methuselah?I like the question this novel poses, transition from post apocalyptic to civilized. What happens in war of the worlds after the aliens all die. With some caveats.I like that the characters are flawed, I like that the system is flawed and you don't always know how. The book keeps you guessing. It is a bit crude at times but a run read none-the-less.

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