Against All Rules

Against All Rules This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B MY QVRS The efficient PA out of her depthSamara knows getting attracted to Tahir is like asking for trouble Not only is he her boss but he s got divorced

  • Title: Against All Rules
  • Author: Summerita Rhayne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 496
  • Format: None
  • This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00MY2QVRS.The efficient PA out of her depthSamara knows getting attracted to Tahir is like asking for trouble Not only is he her boss but he s got divorced recently and has sworn off any commitment Short term is not on her list but temptation has never been stronger.The man who doesn t have faith in rainbows anyTahiThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00MY2QVRS.The efficient PA out of her depthSamara knows getting attracted to Tahir is like asking for trouble Not only is he her boss but he s got divorced recently and has sworn off any commitment Short term is not on her list but temptation has never been stronger.The man who doesn t have faith in rainbows anyTahir doesn t believe in enforcing a code of conduct he cannot follow But Samara might just make him make an exception An affair at the office might seem a solution to his troubles but how can he avoid treading uncharted territory Against All Rules when fire is set, it s hard to avoid the blaze

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    1. Against All Rules, a passionate and intense story about a suave, embittered CEO of a biotech company, Tahir, who proposes a dirty weekend with his besotted PA, Samara, is not your typical romance. For the lack of a better description, I would term it a cross-over romance. Up until the first quarter mark of the book, I expected it to be the story of a woman's sensual journey, where she sheds her inhibitions in order to satiate her desire for a man who is beyond her reach. Not just because he is h [...]

    2. Samara had been working for Tahir for two years and had been crushing on him for the entire length of the said time. In fact from the first moment she set eyes on him. But he was man she could not have. Not because he was out of her league or because he was her boss. Rather, because he was a married man.*I must admit that I respect Samara for keeping her feelings all under wrap and never even letting them peek out because he was a married man. This is something people (that are characters I have [...]

    3. Hot passionate romance!! The story of totally unmatched people, who come come to realise that they are the only one's made for each other!Summerita Rhayne has created a superb character in handsome Tahir, who also shows glimpses of both high professional ethics and ingrained traditional values. He is intense, bitter and hot. Practical, down to earth Samara, madly in love with him, is shackled by the office moral code, which are sacrosanct to him. Attraction and emotional needs brings Tahir close [...]

    4. The title and the blurb are very apt and intriguing too. I was wondering what about romance could make you want to think about rules. So , this is the story of Samara who has been working for Tahir for some time now but she has been keeping herself hidden in both the physical and the emotional sense. This is because from the day of her interview with Tahir she has had a massively huge crush on Tahir but as he was married then and yes he was her boss so he was out of bounds. Samara just didn’t [...]

    5. Against All Rules is a typical contemporary office romance story between Samara (the small town girl but smart, workaholic and determined PA) and Tahir (the hot, handsome, drool-worthy boss). Both had a difficult childhood and have commitment issues.Against All Rules has perfectly showcased the side-effects a divorce can have on the children of such parents who have not handled their children post-separation, properly.Against All Rules is fast-paced, romantic, story with too many sensual hot sce [...]

    6. I would like to give 3.5/5 (pity does not allow that)Initially it took me sometime to root for the characters, but the pacy and descriptive writing style of the narrative kept me going. The stronger and more respectable (read independent) sides of the characters emerged post chapter 5 and it got better then. Those into romance genre would really enjoy the story. Personally I liked the author's historical romance series better.

    7. njkinny/2014/12/boAgainst All Rules narrates the bumpy story of a happily-ever-after for Samara and Tahir who work together as PA and boss. Samara is efficient and ambitious and intensely attracted towards her boss, Tahir. Tahir, on the other hand, is unaware of Samara as a woman and only sees her as an automaton hired to work for him!What happens when Tahir suddenly becomes aware of Samara as an attractive woman?Would they go against the rules and indulge in an office affair?"when the fire is s [...]

    8. Tahir: - Suave, professional, dashing and super-confident yet vulnerable at some point. You want to hate him, love him, and sympathize with him…all at the same time. Samara:- Decent, smart and modest small town girl who wants to focus on career. You fall in love with her right in the beginning.Against All RulesAgainst All Rules is a sensuous roller-coaster ride of emotional tug of war between Tahir and Samara. In couple of chapters initially, the story constantly reminded me of Fifty Shades of [...]

    9. Rating Edit: 3.5 StarsWhat is it about?Against All Rules by Summerita Rhayne is a passionate, intense love story of Tahir & Samara - 2 individuals who come from very diverse social and cultural backgrounds, and who want very different things from a relationship. While Tahir is looking for a no-strings-attached affair, Samara has her heart set on the happily-ever-after. But the one thing that they both cannot deny/resist, is the palpable attraction between them. What follows next, is a tug of [...]

    10. Summerita Rhayne makes her debut with a hot, sizzling take on love, passion and desire. This scorching (you-can-see-the-fumes kind) is a story of a small-town-working-in-the-big-city kind of girl Samara.(Pretty name!). She has some hidden desire for her boss- Tahir. Tahir has just come out of a divorce and is not interested in a commitment. He is overridden with guilt issues (misplaced) wrt to his first marriage. He is in no way interested in having an affair -especially with his efficient secre [...]

    11. Against All Rules is of the typical office scenario where the secretary and the boss fall for each other in spite of it being against the rules and is the premise of this novel. What is different is the handling and the back story of Against All Odds.Tahir, the suave boss with his no nonsense manner, curt and of course bossy; he is also just as handsome and he knows it but he sets equally high standards for himself. Feeling inadequate for himself and his self doubt almost costs his true love for [...]

    12. Summerita Rhyane’s 'Against All Rules', is one huge ball of passion, coated with a generous dose of erotica and romance! The story set in the backdrop of an office brings together a PA, Samara, who harbours a secret crush towards her boss, Tahir, who by the way, is in no mood for another relationship, except the one that begins and ends in bed, while she dreams of a life together. Our heroine will accept no less and the hero will give no more. What follows is a virtual tug of war- of raw emoti [...]

    13. There are love stories that are subtle and there are love stories that are passionate. Against All Rules is subtly passionate and passionate subtle! The story has a steaming start that promises to make the entire reading journey worthwhile. Against All Rules is the story of the handsome and suave Tahir and the graceful Samara. While already dealing with an unpleasant past, Tahir finds himself trapped into marriage with the conniving Elaine. Freshly divorced, Tahir decides that love and his life [...]

    14. Against all Rules is a passionate romance between the handsome boss- Tahir and his hazel-eyed PA- Samara. I should admit that I thought it was another office affair, but the author has given much more.Tahir is an alluring and charming CEO of a Biotechnology firm, but with a haunting and menacing past. Samara is a village girl who came to the big city aspiring to have a job and grow in her career. She is madly in love with him from day one but dare not let him see it. She doesn’t want to be one [...]

    15. Against All Odds by Summerita Rhayne is a passionate story of love and desire. A constant tug of war prevails between the two love birds nesting in a corporate arena. Will they be able to identify their love and conquer their desires - the book beckons.This story is about transition from the phase of desire to making love by breaking off the customary rules. The characters bloom and grow mature with the story as they find answers to their questions about themselves and their lives. If Tahir is b [...]

    16. This is a classic Boss and PA romance with Samara working for the very hot and yummy Tahir for over a year when the story opens. Tahir is just coming out of a bad marriage, the divorce impacting on him emotionally. He is a man who doesn't like to fail.Samara has been trying to keep her feelings for Tahir under control because he is a married man quite apart from the fact he seems to only see her as an automaton in the office. Her concern for him when he goes off the rails at the finalizing of th [...]

    17. The hot and mushy scenes keep flowing like molten chocolate in a choco-lava cake. What I liked best though was the psychology of the characters that was believable and yet not heavy enough to come into the way of passion. Some romance readers are known to skip the serious parts to get to the hot stuff, but in this book the complexity of the personalities kept the feel of romance more lingering. Near the end my interest waned as the story got inevitably predictable, but it engaged me immensely th [...]

    18. I give this a 3.5 because its good. If you like a passionate romance then this is the book for you. If you like a passionate romance that seems unlikely, then this is the book for you. It has its up and downs [in more ways than one *wink*] but you carried along on the waves of love and lust.Its an unlikely romance, and office romance, they very rarely work, don't they?I haven't read an erotic/sexy romance for quite some months so this made a little bit of light reading for me. I usually steer cl [...]

    19. Summerita has created an intense story that carried me along on a journey of highs and lows along with the protagonists. Tahir is dark - bitter and under a lot of tension owing to a failed marriage. Samara is madly in love with him but dare not let him see it. Moreover, she needs stability in her life, something that an affair with Tahir cannot offer. She desperately wants him to stop destroying himself, and their conflicting goals make for a lot of tension. Add to it an undeniable attraction be [...]

    20. Summerita Rhayne is a great story teller. She has written the novel in a very sweet and sensuous way .The characters like Tahir and Samara are careful designed in way that it will make you one with those characters. Emotions are described in such a way that makes you feel the pain ,anguish, frustration and excitement which the characters go through .The dialogues are crisp.What I like about book is that Summerita has used a new kind of setting in this novel. A very well written office romance .A [...]

    21. What a story! The author has described the feelings of both the characters very nicely and the book moves from the feelings of one character and gets entangled in the feelings of the other. Sometimes, I would feel bad for Samara and sometimes I would feel for Tahir. She has really created story where the characters are completely opposite of each other but still are attracted to one another.More on wp/p3cEWT-zz

    22. This is not your average office romance! The troubled path to love makes this relationship so much more than a casual fling.Tahir is the perfect brooding hero, reluctant to trust anyone with his heart to anyone again. And Samara is a woman strong enough to hang in there until he does.With her passionate storytelling, and stunning descriptions, Summerita transports us to a beautifully exotic setting inside and outside of the workplace. A read guaranteed to keep you warm at night :)

    23. Hot! Hot! Hot! Summerita Rhayne tells a convincing story with Against All Rules. The age old story of a boss and his PA is told yet again. Or so you'd think. The chemistry between Tahir and Samara is red hot, their interactions sizzle with undercurrents, her transformation to a city girl is convincing and his gradual interest in her leading to the oh-so-natural denouement is what romance novels are all about. For me. Check it out and see what I mean.

    24. 4.5 stars for Summerita Rhayne’s debut story is a sweet and hot of romance and conflict between PA Samara and her boss, the cynical, bitter Tahir. Against All Rules is a delicious office romance with crisp dialogue, deeply felt emotions and a unique setting. Do yourself a favor and read this wonderfully intense story.

    25. "Against All Rules was my kind of read all the way through. Samara and Tahir's story, loaded with sizzling chemistry, intense emotions and provocative thoughts captivated me from beginning to end. Summerita is a wonderful voice in the romance genre and her writing is fresh and wonderful."

    26. Fantastic and fast paced. Tahir is a hottie! Summerita's sizzler of a romance had me hooked from the first page. Can't wait to read Hidden Passions, the author's latest historical romance!

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