The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman

The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman A fiendishly fun and charming novel echoing the quirky works of brilliant director Pedro Almod var The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman follows an uptight Englishman who is se

  • Title: The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman
  • Author: Mamen Sánchez
  • ISBN: 9781501118852
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fiendishly fun and charming novel echoing the quirky works of brilliant director Pedro Almod var, The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman follows an uptight Englishman who is sent to Madrid to close a literary magazine and the five fiery, close knit Spanish women who must devise a plan in order to keep the jobs they love.Atticus Craftsman never traveA fiendishly fun and charming novel echoing the quirky works of brilliant director Pedro Almod var, The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman follows an uptight Englishman who is sent to Madrid to close a literary magazine and the five fiery, close knit Spanish women who must devise a plan in order to keep the jobs they love.Atticus Craftsman never travels without a supply of Earl Grey, an electric kettle, and a teacup so he makes sure he has packed all three after his father, distinguished publisher of Craftsman Co sends him to Madrid to shut down a failing literary magazine, Librarte But when nobody has heard from him in three months, his father knows something must be very wrong.Fortunately, Inspector Manchego is on the case Manchego gets to work unraveling the mystery of the Englishman s disappearance, but there to block him at every turn are the five fiery and close knit Spanish women who run Librarte and who will do anything to keep their jobs From a kidnapping to the discovery of the long lost poems of Federico Garc a Lorca, Manchego and Atticus are taken on a madcap journey through the narrow streets of Madrid and down to the bohemian heart of Andaluc a.A charming tale with linguistic mishaps, literary intrigue, a clash of cultures, and an unexpected romance, The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman is at once a humorous literary caper and a touching love story, making for an altogether clever and delightfully different read.

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    1. This is a funny and delightful novel, with characters every bit as quirky as the title. Inspector Manchego is the bumbling detective charged with investigating the mysterious disappearance of Atticus Craftsman, whose family run a publishing dynasty. When Craftsman and Co decide to shut down one of their magazines, Atticus is sent to Madrid to speak to the employees of” Librarte” and deal with their redundancy. The magazine has five employees – Beta, a ‘literary spinster’, the ambitious [...]

    2. mrs-margot/ 3,5 We entered a Madrid to Granada adventure in the middle of a gypsy culture that is able to pluck us many laughs, especially with the grandmother Remedies and with a bit of romance, mystery and something crazy to the mix, unveil the secrets gradually.    A book that brings us a very good mood reading, unpretentious, light, the author was careful to make small chapters that makes a quick read for those people who can only read a little at a time, it's great. A written very typic [...]

    3. Este libro ha supuesto una grata sorpresa para mí. El título y la portada de novela romántica engañan, no es lo que parece.La felicidad es un té contigo es una novela fresca, divertida, llena de personajes estrambóticos, caricaturescos, que sin embargo encajan perfectamente, como si fueran reales y totalmente posibles en la realidad inventada por la autora.La narración es dinámica llena de comparaciones, de metáforas encadenadas que a cada paso nos llevan a una imagen más grandilocuent [...]

    4. Много лека, ведра и приятна книжка. Наистина леко наивна и не блести с кой знае каква литературна стойност, но оставя приятно чувство :)

    5. La felicidad es un te contigo es una novela sencilla, muy entretenida, ligera, tierna y realista, narrada en clave de humor. Pretende -y lo consigue- hacerte pasar un buen rato, que desconectes por completo de la realidad y te sumerjas en la historia de un grupo de personajes de lo más variopinto, divertido y alocado. Y entre tanto, entre aventura y aventura, cae alguna que otra reflexión, sobre el matrimonio, la amistad, el amor, la lealtad y el tiempo.Podéis seguir leyendo en:loquequierahoy [...]

    6. Muito divertido. Adorei a forma como todas as histórias acabam por se interligar. Leitura leve e bem disposta

    7. Historia de misterio, amor, tragedia y cultura española. La novela, escrita en clave de humor, cuenta con unos personajes muy bien trabajados con los que el lector enseguida se identifica. La voz narradora alterna el punto de vista de distintos personajes mostrando una asombrosa capacidad de alienación con ellos y al mismo tiempo caracterizándolos. El ritmo descriptivo de la primera mitad de la historia resulta un poco tedioso, pero a continuación la trama se agiliza y se adereza con algunas [...]

    8. This was a good 'want to wind down and forget everything going on in my own life' novel, it was cheesy and predictable and fast to read and definitely took my mind off things. That's the biggest problem with it too, with most characters you knew what was going to happen to them the moment they were introduced, they were so stereotypical. I did like the fact that there were a lot of women in this book, but the fact that they turned out to be the kind who needed a man to 'save' them was a big damp [...]

    9. A funny and delightful book filled with quirky characters that immediately win you over.Atticus Craftsman works for his father Marlow who owns a publishing firm in England. Marlow sends Atticus to Madrid to shut down one of their magazine publications and fire all the workers at the magazine. These workers are five strong women determined to keep their jobs. The book deals with how they accomplish their end goal. Their tenacity causes some very unusual happenings - one of which is the disappeara [...]

    10. Хареса ми. Стилът е лек, хумористичен и увлекателен – чудесен за тези, които искат да се откъснат от ежедневието и да си починат в приятната компания на книга.

    11. Este livro não é o que, à primeira vista, se pode pensar. Dei-lhe 3,5* especialmente pela forma como me fez rir.

    12. This book was a very pleasant surprise! Was intrigued by the blurb and cover and it certainly exceeded my expectations! Not sure really what genre this should fit in as it was funny, occasionally sad with romance and crime thrown in for good measure!Main thread of the story centres on the 5 women who run the Librarte magazine in Madrid which is losing money, so Atticus is sent over by his father to close it down and try and discover where the money has gone to. The personalities of the women are [...]

    13. “Die schönste Art, sein Herz zu verlieren” ist das farbenfrohe Debüt der spanischen Autorin Mamen Sánchez und, wie sich gezeigt hat, eine sehr unterhaltsame Sommerlektüre.Der junge Brite Atticus Craftsman, Sohn des erfolgreichen Verlegers Marlow Craftsman, wird von seinem Vater nach Madrid geschickt, um die spanische Kulturzeitschrift Librarte zu schließen, die Mitarbeiter zu entlassen und sich um deren Abfindungen zu kümmern. Doch auf einmal kann Marlow seinen Sohn nicht mehr erreiche [...]

    14. En realidad 2,5/5Mmmm, no sé, no sé. Tengo la sensación de que estoy siendo generosa con la calificación. Cuando iba como por la mitad estuve a punto de abandonarla, pero al final le di otra oportunidad y la cosa mejoró un poquito; lo suficiente como para acabarla y pensar que estuvo OK. Solo OK. Lo que me llamó la atención de esta novela fue la portada (personalmente la encuentro bonita) y el título. "La felicidad es un té contigo" me sugería una historia romanticona sin muchos dramas [...]

    15. If you want a thoughtful and insightful account of the lives of contemporary Spanish women at home and at work, this is probably not the book for you. However, if you’re looking for a fun, frothy beach read as you head off to the Costas, you need look no further.Atticus Craftsman is the son of a wealthy British publishing family. He is sent by his father to close down a failing subsidiary, a cultural magazine in Madrid. The office is staffed by five inevitably archetypal women, a kind of liter [...]

    16. Като цяло книгата не е чак толкова лоша, дочетох я с удоволствие, но няколкото основни проблема със сюжета, направо ми бъркаха в здравето. Първо, историята с Хемингуей и Толкин ми дойде в повече Разбирам писателската фантазия, но когато пресолиш манджата, си пресолил манджа [...]

    17. Tenía las expectativas de este libro muy altas. Me habían dicho que era una historia que atrapa desde el primer momento pero no es para tanto. Creo que no recomendaría este libro. No sé si es porque sigo poco motivada para leer o que era una historia sin pies ni cabeza. A primera vista puede parecer un libro corto, pero a mi se me ha hecho una lectura bastante larga. Para saber más: micromeditaciones

    18. Tämä oli tämmönen höpöhöpökirja, menee välipalana. Sekoilevia naisihmisiä ja jäykkiä englantilaisia. Loppu pilasi aika lailla koko kirjan, häävieraiden ryhmäorgasmi ja tirkistelevä Tolkienin haamu oli vaan niin paskoja. Muutenkin turhia päälleliimattuja kirjallisuus- ja elokuvaviitteitä, joiden tarkoitus oli kai osoittaa jotain, mutta mitä? Ei mun kirja.

    19. С най-голямо удоволствие й давам 5 звезди :) Лек и увлекателен стил на писане, без това да отнема от съдържанието, мъдър, и същевременно ярък хумор, съчетание на земна мъдрост с южняшка страст и за подправка малко мистика. И всички съдби намират своя път - и в него има както мъд [...]

    20. Para reír a lo loco y sin restricciones, para viajar entre dos culturas antagónicas que se llevan muy bien, para tomar el té entre personajes tiernamente imperfectos que buscan lo que los alienígenas tildarían de "factor no computable": el amor que lo cambie todo. Me ha encantado.

    21. Me hice de este libro porque llamó mucho mi atención no pasa más de contar con una portada bonita y ya. No fue de mi agrado.No diré nada más.

    22. I chose to read this book because the book jacket promised: “A charming tale of culture clashes and unlikely romance; at once a humorous literary caper and a touching love story, making for a clever and delightfully different read.” Well, the promises were delivered!! This is a cleverly written silly caper, full of humor and wit. It’s author, Mamen Sanchez is a successful Spanish author and this is her first novel that is published in English. Kudos to Translator Lucy Greaves as she transl [...]

    23. Esta e outras revisões literárias em dosnossoslivrosMe gustaria muchíssimo hablarles de este libro en castellano, pero lo que se pasa es que mi castellano es todavía muy pobrecito para que lo pueda hacer. Así que es mejor escribir esta review en portugués.É sempre um prazer muito grande ler livros escritos num dos meus idiomas favoritos. Aprendo sempre imensas palavras e expressões novas e solidifico aprendizagens anteriores. Já não vou tantas vezes ao dicionário.No entanto, este é u [...]

    24. Oh, how I loved everything about this book. From the absolutely madcap (and almost cartoonish) characters to the slapstick moments of hilarity, The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman was a joy to read. Actually, it was exactly what I needed--a nice romp through Madrid and Andalucía to take my mind off of every day stress and anxiety. What a perfect break!It’s been a while since a book made me snort, giggle and guffaw as much as this one has. Mamen Sanchez writes brillian [...]

    25. 4.5"La novela más alegre del año", eso es lo que reza la contraportada. Bueno, yo no sé si fue la más alegre de todas las que se publicaron pero, sin duda, es una novela que irradia calidez por todas partes, con cada personaje y cada frase. He disfrutado mucho de esta novela y, sin darme cuenta, he acabado devorándola cuando mi idea inicial era disfrutarla tranquilamente. Con un estilo muy especial (fácil de distinguir al instante pero difícil de describir), muy rítmico y plagado de jueg [...]

    26. Sent by his father to Madrid, on a mission to close a failing magazine, Librarte, a shy young Englishman, Atticus Craftsman has gone missing. A lazy and inept policeman, Inspector Manchego is charged with finding what has happened to the young man, whilst getting deeply involved with the all-female employees of Librarte, who all seem to have something to hide. This is a wonderfully quirky, fresh and original comedy; a light and easy read. A story led by its characters, and what a wonderfully wel [...]

    27. The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman is a quirky tale of love, friendship, family and literature.Heir of the Craftsman & Co publishing company, Atticus Craftsman, is sent by his father to close down their failing Spanish literary magazine. The staff of the 'Librarte', five close-knit women, are devastated and devise a plan to distract the Englishman from his mission, luring Atticus to Andalucía with the promise of an extraordinary literary find. As Solea leads Atticu [...]

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