Lantern City Vol. 2

Lantern City Vol Sander Jorve thought that infiltrating the brutal Guard of Lantern City would help his family and hi

  • Title: Lantern City Vol. 2
  • Author: Matthew Daley Trevor Crafts
  • ISBN: 9781608868483
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sander Jorve thought that infiltrating the brutal Guard of Lantern City would help his family and hi.

    One thought on “Lantern City Vol. 2”

    1. Writing is good but so far setting remains largely unused. Storyline so far can be as well placed in sci-fi, alternative history or cyberpunk with minimal changes so in next volume I would like to see more world building. It's steampunk dystopia one of the coolest settings there is, go crazy.

    2. Less action than first volume and much more unexpected twists, world building, characters fleshing, political schemes and upheaval, with a few pinches of romance.Very good for being the central part of a trilogy, and storyline is just gettin' better and better.

    3. What the fuck is even going on in these comics and why? For what purpose?The whole added plot-line with the inter-dimensional portal and going to Earth was a little contrived.

    4. This book is only marginally better, mainly for the same reasons as the first installment. But, characters are better developed, and plot is a bit more engaging. I do want to point out that I really enjoy and appreciate the artwork. Especially the backgrounds and settings. The art is really well done, the story is getting better, and the characters are growing on me. It may just take a while for this story to really hit its stride. Luckily it's a quick enough read that I can commit to spending a [...]

    5. Sander comes out of his disguise, goes to work for Killian Grey, and experiences life in a completely different environment, the bodyguard to the most powerful man in the city. Instead of grim downtrodden, now it's about the rulers, and still as immersive in its illustrations in that environment. The ending sets up yet another new situation, it's a pretty interesting story.

    6. Our knowledge of the world expands and the main character finds the leader of the world, a young man, is not what he expects. Perhaps he can make things better? He seems to want to and he has a lot of power, or does he? And do his plans make sense?

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