She Made Me Laugh: My Friend Nora Ephron

She Made Me Laugh My Friend Nora Ephron A very personal remembrance of Nora Ephron s life and loves and her ups and downs USA TODAY by her long time and dear friend Richard Cohen in a hilarious blunt raucous and poignant recollection of

  • Title: She Made Me Laugh: My Friend Nora Ephron
  • Author: Richard Cohen
  • ISBN: 9781476796147
  • Page: 237
  • Format: ebook
  • A very personal remembrance of Nora Ephron s life and loves, and her ups and downs USA TODAY by her long time and dear friend Richard Cohen in a hilarious, blunt, raucous, and poignant recollection of their decades long friendship.Nora Ephron 1941 2012 was a phenomenal personality, journalist, essayist, novelist, playwright, Oscar nominated screenwriter, and movie di A very personal remembrance of Nora Ephron s life and loves, and her ups and downs USA TODAY by her long time and dear friend Richard Cohen in a hilarious, blunt, raucous, and poignant recollection of their decades long friendship.Nora Ephron 1941 2012 was a phenomenal personality, journalist, essayist, novelist, playwright, Oscar nominated screenwriter, and movie director Sleepless in Seattle You ve Got Mail When Harry Met Sally Heartburn Julie Julia She wrote a slew of bestsellers I Feel Bad About My Neck And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman I Remember Nothing And Other Reflections Scribble, Scribble Notes on the Media Crazy Salad Some Things About Women She was celebrated by Hollywood, embraced by literary New York, and adored by legions of fans throughout the world.Award winning journalist Richard Cohen, wrote this about She Made Me Laugh I call this book a third person memoir It is about my closest friend, Nora Ephron, and the lives we lived together and how her life got to be bigger until, finally, she wrote her last work, the play, Lucky Guy, about a newspaper columnist dying of cancer while she herself was dying of cancer I have interviewed many of her other friends Mike Nichols, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Arianna Huffington but the book is not a name dropping star turn, but an attempt to capture a remarkable woman who meant so much to so many other women With the nuanced perspective of a confidant The Washington Post , She Made Me Laugh is a fine tribute to a fascinating woman Houston Chronicle Nora would be pleased People, Book of the Week.

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    1. 3 stars means he didn't make me laugh.Well, Nora might have made the author Richard Cohen laugh, but he sure didn’t make me laugh. For the first half of the book, I was all messed up. Although the writer obviously loved Nora (famous for I Feel Bad about My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman and the movie "Sleepless in Seattle," among other brilliant works), the anecdotes he chose to share were ones that made Nora sound like a controlling and uncaring bitch. But calling someone a bitch i [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars rounded upRichard Cohen’s ‘She Made Me Laugh” is about his friendship for over 40 years with Nora Ephron, written from the heart. I suspect Nora Ephron would approve. This isn’t a traditional biography, it’s partly a memoir, travel journal, throw in a few recipes and the sweet stuff: a love story to a woman he admired, loved and misses. A non-traditional love story, perhaps. Cohen refers to it as a third-person memoir.You can’t really talk about Nora Ephron without talking [...]

    3. She Made Me Laugh: My Friend Nora Ephron by Richard Cohen was an interesting personal take on Nora Ephron. Richard Cohen, who is a journalist and was one of her close friends for many years has written a book that reads more like a grouping of short essays than a biography.Mr. Cohen presents Nora as a very human, strong, blunt and flawed person. She was a woman who never felt beautiful. She was both insecure and easily hurt and yet very sure of herself and her beliefs. She was a protective mothe [...]

    4. ‘SHE MADE ME LAUGH’ MADE ME CRY.“Nora had what the army calls a command presence. It was somehow picked up by, among others, passing waiters or, it seemed, even cabdrivers who were blocks away. She had immense self-confidence, a ready wit, a capacious hard drive of a mind, and absolute certainty. Some people feared her, a few people hated her, but nobody ignored her.”—(Kindle Locations 375-377)Nora Ephron has long danced at the periphery of my fantasy circle of incredibly amazing conte [...]

    5. Huge fan of Nora Ephron, not so much of columnist, Richard Cohen from the Washington Post. It's hard to imagine Nora and Richard friends without Carl Bernstein around. Although I must admit I did enjoy his style of writing for this book; it reads more like a newspaper journalist wrote it than an author of novels! That's a positive for me.Give me the facts, a comment or two, and let's move on. No unnecessary chitchat required. I vacillated between 3.5 and 4.0, but the subject matter, Nora herself [...]

    6. She Made Me Laugh: My Friend Nora Ephron, notable columnist at the Washington Post Richard Cohen fondly recalls his nearly 40 year friendship with the extraordinary late celebrity journalist, author, film director Nora Ephron (1941-2012). Cohen was a close and trusted member of Ephron's inner circle, sharing an loving friendship that included mutual friends, entertainment at dinner parties, the best restaurants, and travel abroad to exciting locations. Nora knew everyone, according to Cohen and [...]

    7. What a phenomenal memoir of a woman, who lived life to the fullest. Nora Ephron's story is told with great reverence and love by one of her best friends, Richard Cohen.Although names, famous and not-so-famous, litter the story of Nora, it is her personality that shines through. From journalist to author to playwright to director, Ephron does it all. She is multi-talented, and yet is a person that anyone would wish to know personally. She is a fierce friend, gathering friends far and wideowing ev [...]

    8. I couldn't be more happy when I received the notification from NetGalley that I could view, read and review She Made me Laugh - My Friend Nora Ephron - by Richard Cohen.To me a dream.I read it immediately!The book published by Simon & Schuster tells the life-story of Nora Ephron my favorite director, and one of my constant inspirations.I absolutely adore her wonderful and stunning love-stories. When Harry met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, You've got mail, fabulous, technically perfect.I didn' [...]

    9. Early on in Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen's intimate, affectionate and engaging memoir of Nora Ephron, he reveals the problem of writing about her life and their 39-year friendship: "Nora wrote about everything. She not only chronicled her life, she consumed all the best material, leaving nothing but cinders for a biographer to sift through." Fans of the filmmaker (Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally) and author (I Feel Bad About My Neck) need not worry; Cohen's SHE MADE ME LAUG [...]

    10. This book was not great. It seemed rushed. As though he wanted to market off her death. I feel awful saying that, but it's confusing as to why there was so many errors in this book. The timeline constantly jumped back and forth and it never seemed like a full story was told. There were tons of type-o's. The biggest one was the spelling of Jon Hamm's name (sometimes including an "H" in Jon, sometimes not. How did no one catch this before print?!) In his introduction it sounded like this was going [...]

    11. This book was so good and seemed to address all aspects of Nora Ephron. What a shame she didn't get to live longer. She was complex and talented and generous with her talents, her money, and her time. Was amused to read that one of her favorite books as a child was Homer Price and her favorite part was the donut machine. That was mine too. I recently read it to my 8 year old grandson, who listened but was not captivated. Guess that can't compete with today's life. A very good book by a man who w [...]

    12. This book was not interesting to me at all. It got better a little over half way through. The author drops a lot of names, a lot. Sometimes the stories seemed to be more about other people than about Nora. His stories about Nora did not come across as interesting or funny, more bitchy and bossy.This is a bookclub pick so I finished it, otherwise I would have given up.

    13. A beautiful remembrance of a dear friend. Although Cohen's book doesn't entirely break new ground (if you have read Nora Ephron or know anything about her movies, you will see familiar things in this book), but he does give us that glimpse into her final days, the people she loved, her wit, her wisdom and her food. It is a must read for Ephron fans.

    14. Readers who love Nora Ephron's books and movies will enjoy this book, but her self-proclaimed best friend is not as witty as she was.

    15. So glad to be done with this freaking book. Richard Cohen was clearly in love with Nora in more than just a platonic way and as for Nora? Wow. What a manipulative bully of a person.

    16. Nora Ephron is an interesting piece of recent American history and I'm sad to say she is past instead of present. She gave us many gifts, especially with When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail, two of the better Romantic Comedies with the awesome pairings of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I wasn't sure how reading/listening to this would affect me as my mom is currently marching through her world with the barnacle of AML attached to her person. I think it gave me perspective. This is an enjoyable rea [...]

    17. This book is so terribly written that I only pushed through because I love Nora Ephron’s work. It felt not like a biography but a self-aggrandizing tribute to Richard Cohen, the author.In the end, I stopped halfway through. I’m sure there are other places I can read more positive things about her and in a more readable format.

    18. Please Note: I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect the opinions in my review in any way.As far as writers go, few have been as influential as Nora Ephron. She wrote one of the most romantic movies of the 1980's, Sleepless In Seattle, and also one of the most caustic, Heartburn. Both are compelling classics for different reason. Writer Richard Cohen was a close friend of Nora Ephron (it just doesn't seem right to say simply, Nora [...]

    19. This book is so terribly written that the author's attempt to praise Ephron actually shows her to be a crazed liar. Cohen, who somehow stumbled into becoming a Washington Post columnist, uses his lame writing skills to try to piece together an incoherent story of Ephron's life, claiming she was his "best friend." However, within the first few pages you discover that she actually kept many things from him and had many "best friends." He gives repeated examples of her lying and deception, yet obje [...]

    20. Sleepless in New Milford, NJIn “She Made Me Laugh,” we learn that writer/director Nora Ephron is someone who would lead friends on a tour of Italy’s great restaurants, arrive late at one, and then stand and make an insulting gesture to the entire wait staff because they weren’t attentive enough. This is what passes for loveable to Ephron’s friend, Richard Cohen, the Washington Post columnist and author of her bio.Well, maybe not “loveable.” Even Cohen seemed to have mixed feelings [...]

    21. What Cohen set out to do--tell a story of Nora--he does well. Interestingly, not sure I would have liked Nora. According to Cohen she was a no hugs, no tears, no God, no talking about what is really happening (e.g. her approaching death) type of person. Also, extremely controlling, dropping people in her circle if they did not act as she felt they should. Also interesting, Nora's life is an intriguing window into the phenomenon of how lives can look one way from the inside and another from the o [...]

    22. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I requested the book because I have loved and followed Nora Ephron for decades. The book affirmed my admiration for her.Written by her friend for ages,the journalist Richard Cohen, it is a tribute and a love story. Rampant with name dropping, but of course--that was her world. Nonetheless, it seemed to me that she was far from a snob. Rather, a loyal and good friend to those in her circle. And she had circles!The book starts w [...]

    23. What a lovely tribute Richard Cohen has written about his dear friend Nora Ephron. Each little chapter was almost like an anecdote describing some facet of her complex personality or career. She was pretty amazing

    24. 3.5 stars rounded to 4.Thanks to Simon & Schuster and Netgalley for an eARC of this book. What a book! Not written like a biography and really not a biography because it was as much about the author and all of the others aroundNora Ephron as it was about the woman herself. But they are part of the story, part of the life, directed by Nora, that could not have happened in a vacuum. The book is written in starts and stops, often is repetitive (this may be taken care of in later editing since I [...]

    25. I know a little bit more about Ephron, a woman whose work as a writer and moviemaker I and many of my contemporaries greatly admire, as a result of reading longtime national syndicated columnist Cohen's gossipy memoir about the pivotal role she played in his life as both an important professional colleague and his "closest" personal friend. But, to my disappointment, I do not feel as intimately acquainted with her as I had hoped I would upon finishing a book which promises on its jacket blurb to [...]

    26. I received a free copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. An entertaining (if at times long-winded and meandering) journey through the life and career of Nora Ephron written by her close friend Richard Cohen. While it is moving to read an account of such a close friendship between a man and a woman who managed to stay close despite a great deal of life drama, I found myself often frustrated with Cohen's stop-start structure. It felt like the book started over about five [...]

    27. I didn't know Nora Ephron personally, but every documentary I watched or book I read, I feel closer to her.In this biography written by her longtime friend, Richard Cohen, we know other facets of life of this writer/journalist/director.Richard doesn't put Nora as a saint, au contraire, reveals situations where she showed up even dictatorial, almost a general, but she didn't lose her charm. Because, most often her opinion was the right one.Nora had alcoholics parents, discovered her husband cheat [...]

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