The Thing About Leftovers

The Thing About Leftovers C C Payne intertwines heartache with humor and hope in a novel about navigating divorce and blended families following your passion and celebrating who you are Fizzy is a good Southern girl who just

  • Title: The Thing About Leftovers
  • Author: C.C. Payne
  • ISBN: 9780399172045
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
  • C C Payne intertwines heartache with humor and hope in a novel about navigating divorce and blended families, following your passion, and celebrating who you are Fizzy is a good Southern girl who just wants to be perfect And win the Southern Living cook off The being perfect part is hard though, since her parents divorced and everything in her life has changed WC C Payne intertwines heartache with humor and hope in a novel about navigating divorce and blended families, following your passion, and celebrating who you are Fizzy is a good Southern girl who just wants to be perfect And win the Southern Living cook off The being perfect part is hard though, since her parents divorced and everything in her life has changed Wary of her too perfect stepmom and her mom s neat freak, dismissive boyfriend, she s often angry or upset and feels like a guest in both homes She tells herself to face facts She s a leftover kid from a marriage that her parents want to forget But she has to keep all of that to herself, because a good Southern girl never yells, or throws fits, or says anything that might hurt other people s feelings instead she throws her shoulders back, says yes ma am, and tries to do better So Fizzy tries her best, but it s hard to stay quiet when her family keeps getting complicated Fortunately, the Southern Living cook off gives her a welcome distraction, as do her new friends Miyoko and Zach, who have parent issues of their own With the poignancy and humor of Joan Bauer and Lynda Mullaly Hunt, this poignant story reminds readers that they have a right to a voice, that it is okay to say how you feel, and that some leftovers are absolutely delicious

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    1. C.C. Payne has captured exactly what it feels like to be a middle school kid trying to cope with the rearrangement that life goes through after a divorce. Her protagonist, Fizzy Russo, has been uprooted from her old home to live with her mother in a townhouse in a different school district, which means that she also has a new school. So she has lost the home she grew up in, her friends, her school, and only sees her father on their visitation weekends. To make matters worse, her father has remar [...]

    2. This book is a great book if you need a quick, easy read after something heavy. Fizzy is such a sweet, southern girl, who is super fun to follow. She is going through a lot, but she is so hard on herself. She has been raised like that, but she still does her best to satisfy her parents. Although this book wasn’t very challenging, it still will be a book I will probably never forget. C.C. Payne does such a good job of describing Fizzy, and painting a beautiful picture in my mind. I would recomm [...]

    3. I adored this book. A story about divorce, step-parents, and a girl trying to discover where she belongs within this mess captured my heart. Fizzy shares her thoughts and feelings about what it is like to be a kid in the midst of parents in two households. Totally loved it!

    4. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineFizzy (aka Elizabeth) is having a hard time-- her parents are divorced and there's no chance that they will get back together. Her father is remarried, and his wife is expecting, and her mother is going to marry her fussy boyfriend who doesn't seem to like children. At least her aunt is supportive, and believes that Fizzy can win the Southern Living cook off, and helps her practice and register. Fizzy's friends, Zach and Miyoko (who has her own issues with [...]

    5. The book is 90% about a girl dealing with her parents getting remarried. The second to last chapter she has a heart to heart with her mother, and everything she's been dealing with comes busting out. Lizzy thinks she has to be perfect and neither parent talks to her about the issues. Theres alot changing in her life: mom getting remarried because she wants kids, new stepmom is pregnant. The adults make an attempt to talk to her but no one follows thru. ANY adult that accepts "fine" as an answer [...]

    6. Throughly enjoyable yarn about a young Southern girl's attempt to adjust to life with divorced parents and her new stepparents. Readers will likely identify with Fizzy's confusion and vulnerability as she negotiates the ping-pong effects of time spent split between two households. Her description of herself as a "leftover" something of which she is less than fond parallels her efforts in the kitchen. An aspiring chef, Fizzy figures winning the Southern Living Cook-Off is her best chance at provi [...]

    7. I appreciate when I come across a book for middle-age readers where the main character has true growth/learning through her struggles. I really felt that growth with Fizzy through her story. She is in a difficult situation. Both of her parents have remarried, and Fizzy isn't sure how/where she fits in either household or at school. I felt for her. I felt her frustrations and her fears.

    8. Putting this aside for a while - after the first few chapters, I just didn't find myself wanting to pick this book back up and continue the story. I found the main character unrelatable but will probably try to finish it sometime in the future.

    9. Although I am an adult, I love reading children's literature. Some middle-grade books are written in a way that allows adults to enjoy them without really noticing that they aren't the target audience (e.g. Penderwicks or Incorrigible Children come to mind as good examples of this ''sub-genre'' or style). With this one, it is not completely the case. It is not juvenile or patronizing, but the writing style, or at least it felt like that to me, was evidently adjusted for children. Since this is a [...]

    10. This title make the reader think it is about food, but really it is about life and how a person feels about themselves. Fizzy Russo is a 12-year-old girl who faces reality on a daily basis wondering where she really fits in. She feels like she is hopeless and helpless and has no where or no one to turn to when she really needs to talk. Her parents are recently divorced; she is in a new school district where she lives with her mother in a townhouse; her father lives in her family's old house with [...]

    11. Summary:The thing about leftovers is aged for higher level readers, however would generally be good for anyone ages 9 and up. This book is about a girl named Fizzy who was taught to never make a fuss about anything. After her parents divorce and new remarriages she finds this hard to keep to herself. She loves to cook so she enters a cooking contest even though her new stepdad doesn't think she will win. Will Fizzy win the contest? Find out in the book The Thing About Leftovers.Higher Level Thin [...]

    12. This book was interesting because the main character is a tween whose parents have divorced and are starting new families. Fizzy, the twelve-year-old girl, loves to cook. Fizzy feels like a leftover because she doesn't belong in either of her homes. The middle of the book is a little bit tough because Fizzy is let down by those who should love her most. But in the end, Fizzy reaches amazing goals and gets a deep apology from her mom for not recognizing how much she suffered in the chaos of her p [...]

    13. I was really impressed with this book and I enjoyed it very much. It is a story about a young girl, Fizzy, who has recently moved due to the divorce of her parents and is attending a new school as a sixth grader. This alone could be a recipe for personal meltdown, but add to it, parents remarrying and having to understand new rules that pop up with changing family make-up. Fizzy feels that she has lost her place in the world, living between two homes, and two families, neither one seeming to set [...]

    14. This is such a heartwarming story. Fizzy feels like she doesn't belong - in either of her houses. Her dad and his new perfect wife are living in the house she grew up in, and to make moving worse, her mother announces that she is marrying her boyfriend (who Fizzy hates). Fizzy thinks that if she can just be perfect, maybe she will feel wanted.Told against a backdrop of culinary delights (Fizzy enters a Southern Living recipe contest), I absolutely recommend this to middle grades readers. Also, I [...]

    15. Fizzy is a girl whose parents have divorced. Her dad someone else and then they have a baby, her mom marries another guy and they are starting a new life. Both her parents are starting new lives making her feel like a leftover. She feels like she doesn't belong in her family anymore and nobody is there to understand her. Her parents are leaving everything from the past (including Fizzy) and looking towards their future. Fizzy becomes the "leftover" kid that both her parents don't care about anym [...]

    16. This is a sweet little emotionally wrought book about family issues and cooking. At first I found Fizzy to be fairly irritating, but she definitely grew on me. Her emotional struggles feel very relatable, especially for younger teens or those who've experienced a divorce in the family. The cooking stuff is more of a side story, but it does all come together in the end in a cute way. with a couple of hanging plot threads, an irritating insistence on being 'southern', and a very sudden resolution [...]

    17. I'm giving this a three for adults but a four for a young adult which the book is written for. Real characters with real problems and emotions. I think kids will identify with the main character very much and it doesn't use inappropriate content or language to engage kids. Kudos to Ms Payne from my home state of KY for adding a book to my classroom shelves that I am happy to have my students read.

    18. This novel will have universal appeal for teens dealing with the complexities of divorce, separation, parental loss, step-parents and blended families. Payne skillfully weaves the metaphor of left-overs throughout the story to depict Fizzy’s predicament. People aren’t crazy about eating left-overs, just as Fizzy feels like she’s “the left-over kid from a marriage and a family that no longer exists.” Her parents are so preoccupied with their own lives, she feels invisible and n [...]

    19. Extraordinary book!!! 12-year old Fizzy tries to find her identity while dealing with the divorce of her parents, their remarriages, and a new school. Though the theme is serious, Payne uses humor, and supporting characters to lighten the mood. And she flat out tells a compelling story through Fizzy's eyes. This is a must read for kids and parents going through this sort of life situation. This story is full of heart, soul, and amazing insight. The growth of all the characters by the end is so r [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book & especially the main character Fizzy. Fizzy' parents are divorced and have both remarried. Fizzy doesn't feel like she belongs with anyone now, she's just leftover and NOBODY likes leftovers! Fizzy learns how to adjust & adapt and make the best of her situation and realizes that not all leftovers are terrible, some are better the next day!

    21. This is a heart breaking tale of a girl who is adjusting to divorce and her parent's new families. It was amazing. It made cry. It make me laugh. It filled me with an understanding of kids who go through divorce. I would definitely recommend it.

    22. I really like this book. a mix of friendship and family all in one book. I would really recommended this book to kids who recently had a divorce with there parents or you could read it just for fun!:)))

    23. A quick read about a girl struggling with changes in her family and how cooking helps her cope. The grownups made me crazy because they seemed oblivious, but maybe that's how 12-year olds feel about adults.

    24. While this book is aimed at middle school readers, the topics covered really have much more depth than many books for this age tend to. The writing was strong, the development of characters and plot points was complex and fresh- it was an excellent look into how difficult growing up can be.

    25. One of the books for a book club at work. Quick read and a cute book! Kiddoes will be so excited when we meet the author in the spring.

    26. although this book was predicable it inspired me to cook more, and i think it really faces the struggle of divorce this is a great clean read!

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