Jessica Jones: Alias, Vol. 2

Jessica Jones Alias Vol Collects Alias All she ever wanted was to be a super hero But life had other plans for Jessica Jones Now the adventures of the would be Avenger turned bitter super powered private eye continue

  • Title: Jessica Jones: Alias, Vol. 2
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis David W. Mack Michael Gaydos
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Collects Alias 11 15.All she ever wanted was to be a super hero But life had other plans for Jessica Jones Now, the adventures of the would be Avenger turned bitter super powered private eye continue with two new cases First, Jessica travels to upstate New York to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl rud to be a mutant in a prejudiced small town but aCollects Alias 11 15.All she ever wanted was to be a super hero But life had other plans for Jessica Jones Now, the adventures of the would be Avenger turned bitter super powered private eye continue with two new cases First, Jessica travels to upstate New York to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl rud to be a mutant in a prejudiced small town but a murder mystery and a drunken, ill advised fling complicate matters Then, the hard luck PI goes on a date withe Astonishing Ant Man

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    1. Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe were tough guys, but I don’t know if they would have made it as detectives in the Marvel universe.Ex-superhero turned private investigator Jessica Jones takes a case involving a missing teenage girl in a small town, and there are rumors everywhere that she was a mutant. Finding the girl will be a lot easier than dealing with the racism and small minds Jessica encounters while on the trail, but she manages to find time to work in her self-destructive hobbies of bing [...]

    2. This is the bomb. Not literally. It's always understated, but it's also hard-hitting in the feels and the hypocrisy and the major mutant=gay subtext that we've since gotten fourteen thousand earfuls of in UF since 2002.I don't mind. The whole thing focuses more on story and such wry and nearly silent observations that I now understand perfectly well why this got green-lighted for tv. I wondered. I seriously did. Even after watching the series and loving the freaking hell out of it, I still wonde [...]

    3. I did not enjoy the second volume of Jessica Jones: Alias series as much as I did dig the first volume, but I still think Jessica as a female character is one of the most fascinating. She keeps being a bit mysterious, very hard to really read, but she comes across as a decent individual who has a good mix of strangeness, strength and weakness in her. The story in this volume felt to be more of an subordinate clause while the quite good dialogue and the interactions between characters the main cl [...]

    4. Una entrega absolutamente increíble, con una trama perfectamente hilada y con un final que bueno madre del amor hermoso.Conociendo un poco más a Jessica Jones, el personaje ya no tiene que ser tan introducido, y por tanto, este tomo tiene mucho más ritmo que el primero. Es una historia de investigación pura y todo el arco gira en torno a la desaparición de Rebeca. Se plantean temas como el racismo hacia los mutantes, y se expresa de un modo muy interesante, metiendo entre medias temas relig [...]

    5. Hacer esta reseña, en comparación con la reseña del volumen 1, me es más fácil porque aquí tratamos únicamente un arco argumental. En este volumen, Jessica es contratada para localizar a una adolescente que se sospecha ha sido asesinada, en el camino se encontrará en la necesidad de enfrentarse a los prejuicios de un pueblo y problemas familiares, junto con su propia sensación de inferioridad.Probablemente la parte que más me gusto de este volumen es que vemos a Jones como alguien comp [...]

    6. 4.5 StarsThis is one of my favorite volumes I've read this year. I wouldn't say it's the best, but my level of enjoyment and the brilliant writing makes this title one of my top 10 comics I've read so far in 2016.As opposed to Volume 1, this time the story is much more self-contained. Alias, vol. 2 collects issues 11-15, and the first four issues are centered on a case of a missing teenage girl from a small town. Jessica is hired to find her, even though most people believe she is already dead. [...]

    7. I wonder if Bendis watched Deadwood before writing this and went "Man, I bet I can outmatch their "fuck" output" because holy hell, if one more character says fuck I might lose my mind. I LOVE THE WORD FUCK BUT DAMN! Example: Jessica: Fuck fuck fuck how are you? Scott Lang: I'm doing good, how the fuck you doing? Luke Cage: Fuck man, don't fucking do that to fucking meit. Like damn. Okay that's my one negative but it's annoying enough to mention. The rest of this is fantastic and a great read. T [...]

    8. This volume is very dialogue heavy. Such a different sort of Marvel title. Really not any action. Lots of social commentary that is very timely. I can understand 100% Jessica's disgust at the pastor who was rehearsing a speech that is despicable, and he truly believes in. Ugh. Yeah, that's definitely a pet peeve of mine, so I was feeling Jessica. Jessica goes to small town America to help find a missing girl. The trail reveals a rot in the small town and gives Jessica one more thing to be disill [...]

    9. Another of Bendis' incredible series of conversations, masquerading in the same racks as superhero stories. But a couple of weird conversations that have me on edge: What the fuck is with Luke Cage cursing like someone who *likes* to swear? Knowing his character, his promise to his mother/grannie to never swear, and that's why his "sweet Christmas" catch phrase existsI feel violated with Luke saddled with these "swears every page" burdens.It's like if Santa came out in a Rankin-Bass stop-motion [...]

    10. This is a much smaller story than in volume one, and that's fine. Investigating a missing girl who doesn't know Captain America at all is a much more realistic look at private investigation. It isn't the most exciting story, sure, but I was more than interested enough to stay all but glued to the book until I'd finished it. I like that there are false leads and an unexpected ending that felt natural to the case. Of course, the dialog is fantastic. It absolutely sounds like people talking. Someti [...]

    11. Good book here. Very short volume. I read in less than an hour, not a good or bad thingjust a note. I bumped up the rating a bit because of the beautiful artwork representing missing girl Rebecca's "collage journals" . "It's a girl thing" explains Jessica and that it certainly is. What teenage girl doesn't enjoy making artsy collages of her thoughts and heroes (in this case, Daredevil, the Punisher and I even spotted an Elektra poster in the girls room ❤️). I know I loved cutting glossy pict [...]

    12. A way smaller volume then the first one and not as adventurous. BG made a bold move to where he took J. Jones and it didn't pay off as well as I hoped. Still leaves you thristy for more.

    13. I wasn't sure if I wanted to read the second volume of this series, but decided to go ahead since I had access to it and I'm glad I did. The main plot for these issues was much more intriguing than the previous ones, and did a decent job of balancing messages about the bigotry unique to the Marvel Universe with actual bigotry that people experience in the real world. Like most of the stories in this series everything wasn't resolved perfectly in the end by any means, but the route of absolute tr [...]

    14. 4.5 stars. Great stuff, entertaining story, great writing & character interactions, & great artwork. Don't know why i put off reading this series for so long. Highly recommend!

    15. I noticed that the people who are not traditional comics readers just didn't seem to enjoy this. I like the fact that this centers on Marvel superhero issues and I can see how they changed this story for the Netflix series. I'd say if you are a superhero fan you will enjoy this series. If you are a casual reader just wanting to pick this up because Jessica Jones is trendy you may be disappointed.Taking place in a fictional town in Upstate New York, and looking for a young girl who has disappeare [...]

    16. 4.5 stars -- I started out liking this as much at the first volume, but then the main story's plot ('JJ' is summoned to a small upstate town - Peyton Place filtered through a setting of a lesser Stephen King novel - to investigate the disappearance of a teen girl) resolution was a little misleading with a red herring or two and a somewhat abrupt ending. Or maybe it was just that I thought it was really building to something . . . and then it didn't quite get there. Still, if Ms. Jones is hitting [...]

    17. The continuing adventures of Jessica Jones, former costumed hero turned private investigator. Bendis does a great job with the realistic, dark side of the superhero universe. He's also very dialed in to the ugliness of people in general. It's certainly not the most uplifting read, but it's very well done. "Come Home" takes Jessica to a small town upstate to find out what happened to a missing teenage girl. Nothing is like it seems, especially when she learns that the local preacher is rabidly an [...]

    18. I enjoyed this volume a lot more than the first volume. It was set on a much smaller scale, but that really worked for Jessica Jones, since she's not a superhero in the general sense. Her story works when it's confined to ~regular people's lives. It was a bit heavy-handed on the mutant = gay comparisons, but other than that, it was an interesting story that I enjoyed following that really got into the character development for Jessica as well. I also enjoyed the conversation between Luke and Jes [...]

    19. I like that it's different than the show, and that it ties in the rest of the Marvel universe instead of just Luke Cage

    20. took me a while to get into this, but once I did, wow! We learn more about Jessica's past and her weird relationship with the avengers makes more sense now. I really enjoyed the mix of styles, I especially enjoyed the classic comics style in some parts even though I'm not usually a fan, I think the writing and the point in the narrative all went well with that style. I find it laughable that another reviewer was disappointed in this being a "romance" story. sure, she has relationships with men b [...]

    21. Still digging this Jessica Jones series. I liked this mystery more than the one from the first volume. Her new love interest is quite fun too!

    22. (publicado com imagens em osrascunhos/2016/11/24/je)Jessica Jones é notoriamente uma personagem com traumas. Inteligente, com super-poderes, mas com baixa auto-estima, tenta apagar o passado com um consumo excessivo de álcool e embrenhando-se em casos difíceis em terriolas esquecidas que ficaram paradas no tempo.Neste segundo volume Jessica Jones procura uma adolescente desaparecida que morava numa dessas terriolas onde as ideias bacocas abundam e o próprio padre prega um discurso abertament [...]

    23. Two more adventures for Jessica Jones. First, she is drawn to a small town in upstate New York where a missing teenager case needs her assistance because the missing girl is rumored to be a mutant. After that story is resolved, she returns to New York City goes on a blind date with Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man.I found the mystery in the missing persons case very interesting and well plotted. But I found the tone of it ham-fisted and hypocritical. When Jones talks to some locals, one of the girls says [...]

    24. The second volume of Bendis's Alias consists of a substantially smaller case than the two that centerpiece the first volume, taking Jessica Jones away from the superhero centric-ness of New York City and into a small town where everyone knows each other and the Marvel universe as you imagine it is almost non-existent. It's a missing person's case. And it might be a hate crime.Because of this, this ends up feeling like the lesser product coming off the two excellent cases in the first volume. Thi [...]

    25. So, I enjoyed this continuation of Alias. It mainly revolved around one mystery, with Jessica trying to find a teenage girl who disappeared from some nowhere town in upstate New York. The secondary story in this was about the start of Jessica's relationship with Scott Lang, aka Ant Man. I did like the fact that in this one, for the most part anyway, Jessica stayed out of the path of the larger superheroes. Sure, there's the fact that she's bodyguarding Matt Murdock as a favor for him helping her [...]

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