The Mince Pie Mix-Up

The Mince Pie Mix Up I wish I could live your life I d happily swap lives with you Tis the season to be jolly but for Calvin and Judy the usual festive bickering has already begun Judy s convinced that her husband has it

  • Title: The Mince Pie Mix-Up
  • Author: JenniferJoyce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I wish I could live your life I d happily swap lives with you Tis the season to be jolly but for Calvin and Judy the usual festive bickering has already begun Judy s convinced that her husband has it easy no glittery wrapping paper, no playground gossip and absolutely no Christmas baking.Calvin wishes he could trade in his obnoxious boss and dull nine to five job to I wish I could live your life I d happily swap lives with you Tis the season to be jolly but for Calvin and Judy the usual festive bickering has already begun Judy s convinced that her husband has it easy no glittery wrapping paper, no playground gossip and absolutely no Christmas baking.Calvin wishes he could trade in his obnoxious boss and dull nine to five job to spend time kicking back with his kids how hard can Judy s life really be But after a magical mince pie mix up, one thing s for certain by Christmas Day, life for Judy and Calvin will never be the same again Perhaps the grass isn t always greener after all

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    1. This is a superbly crafted, humorous and delightful festive read that I highly recommend to everyone with a partner and family - absolutely brilliantly written and enlightening. Ever wished your partner could understand the stress of your life? Well for this couple a wish made over mince pies results in them swapping bodies making this reality in the run up to Christmas - let the humour and understanding commence!Awakening to find you’ve changed gender and family role overnight would be stress [...]

    2. Judy and Calvin are happily married with children, but they tend to think that their partner has an easier life and when one evening about two weeks before Christmas they start bickering about it. They wish they could switch their lives without knowing their wish comes true the very next morning. Judy and Calvin have to get use to having a new body, which isn’t easy at first, they tend to forget how to act or what to say at times, but eventually get use it as much as it’s possible in such si [...]

    3. The Mince Pie Mix - Up is my first book by Jennifer Joyce, even though I have all of her other books on my kindle, and I have heard such good things about her writing - it seems that she steadily and surely makes her way up in the women's literature, which, after reading her newest release, doesn't surprise me at all!The premise to this book sounds brilliant - I am a big fan of almost all the films where people were body swapping - so I thought what can go wrong with this story? And I was right [...]

    4. Originally posted on:> lauraslittlebookblog.I read Jennifer's first full length novel A Beginner's Guide to Salad all the way back in January 2014 and absolutely loved it. So when I saw that she had released a Christmas book called The Mince Pie Mix-Up I was super keen to read.This is one of the best Christmas reads I have read this year! It was festive throughout the story, unlike some 'Christmas' books that only hint at Christmas and it was a joy to read. If you like Freaky Friday just as m [...]

    5. 4.5 StarsI couldn't stop laughing and smiling my way through The Mince Pie Mix-Up. If you are familiar with films such as Freaky Friday, or 13 Going on 30, you will be familiar with the basics of body switching, and the sometimes hilarious consequences of it.In this books case, Calvin and Judy, both think the other has the easier life, and no longer appreciate each other. They continually bicker, and Calvin is convinced that Judy's life, doing the majority of the child care, as well her "little [...]

    6. Originally published on RachalesreadsGratefully received from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.The premise of this book sounded really interesting, along the same lines of the films ‘Freaky Friday’ and ‘The Change Up’, among others. Most people will be familiar with this premise, but I have never seen one with opposite genders switching, so this gave the story it’s own twist.The book is seemingly written with ease, it’s comfort reading at it’s best. It’s a light hea [...]

    7. Like the eponymous mince pie, I devoured this read in one go. Think a festive Freaky Friday, I giggled all the way through. I may not have the two kids and dog to take care of, but I reckon that everyone will recognise a little of their homelife in this tale.

    8. I know I am a year late to this book but all good things are worth waiting for! I’m trying to catch up on some of my backlog and this one fitted my mood and the season perfectly.As any mum will tell you juggling kids, work, social life, pets, home, family not to mention yourself is damn hard work yet some guys still seem to think it is an easy option. Well. this delight of a book soon puts paid to that theory.Judy has two kids, one dog and a job hubby Calvin only has to manage his work and ti [...]

    9. A few days ago I was browsing NetGalley, and I stumbled upon Mince Pie Mix- Up on Carina publisher page. I thought what a sparkly book cover and very intriguing title! I haven't read anything by Jennifer Joyce yet so I got quite excited to discover another author! There are just so many wonderful writers out there and because of my little blog I have the privilege to find those authors and get to know their wonderful work of word -art!Jennifer Joyce has written three novels previously and this C [...]

    10. Review originally posted on my blog: rathertoofondofbooksThe Mince Pie Mix-Up is a gorgeous festive novel. Calvin works hard at the office and thinks his wife has it easy with her part-time job in the local cafe and looking after their two children. Judy thinks her husband could help her out a bit more instead of coming home from the office and going out to football or down to the pub with his mates. They each think the other has a much easier life and one night, just two weeks before Christmas, [...]

    11. I've just finished reading The Mince Pie Mix Up and have a warm fuzzy feeling inside and a smile across my face.Why?Well, not only does this book have a catchy title and adorable cover - just look at the gorgeous colours - it was a utter page turner that had be laughing throughout and brought a heart warming tear to my eye at the end of the book. Meet the Neil family - Dad Calvin is a workaholic with an arrogant boss, he is physically incapable of putting his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, [...]

    12. Firstly I’d like to thank the publishers for approving my NetGalley request for this eBook. The blurb really intrigued me – I’ve said many times (jokingly of course ;) ) that hubby has it easy, going off to work while I’m at home looking after the kids and house. I was curious to see how swapping places would work out for Calvin and Judy.As soon as I started reading I found myself smiling because the crazy morning scene playing out in front of me was just so familiar. Even down to the ve [...]

    13. Another bake off inspired title but with a difference, Judy wife to Calvin and mother to their two children loves to bake, not that she has much time to enjoy it. Don't judge someone before you've walked a mile in their shoes. This story is a nice twist on an old favourite. Both Calvin and Judy are tired and both convinced that the other is getting an easy ride in comparison and make a wish. "I wish I could live your life. I’d happily swap lives with you."Whilst their initial reactions are und [...]

    14. Judy is a busy woman. Not only does she supply the local coffee shop with baked goods on a daily basis, but she does all the housework, all the cooking and cleaning, and all the child-related jobs from school runs to nativity costumes. Her husband, Calvin, has a stressful work life. A boss breathing down his neck who could sack him on a whim at any time, a huge workload, and a sense of guilt over missing most of his children's activities. Each of them think the other has it made - what could the [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book from start to finish. A perfect read for fans of Freaky Friday, 13 going on 30. Judy thinks Calvin works too much and doesn't spend enough time with the family. Leaving her to do all the washing, cleaning, cooking, housework, feeding and taking the dog on walks, feeding, washing organising, and ferrying the children every where, while doing a part time job in the local bakery and helping out with school events ect. Judy feels under appreciated. Calvin thinks judy doesn [...]

    16. Judy is a busy mum, she works as a waitress at the local tea shop, bakes mince pies and cakes to make extra money, makes costumes for the school nativity, walks the dog, shops, cooks and looks after the children - her husband Calvin thinks she complains too much and has it easy. He thinks his life is hard with a bully of a boss, busy work schedule, driving through rush hour traffic every day.When they get the offer to swap lives and bodies until Christmas Day by a fairy they jump at the chance.T [...]

    17. The premise of the body swap has been done a lot in films so if you're going to repeat it in a novel then it has to be worth doing again. Not sure if this one really was. It was an amusing read but I was a bit annoyed that the male character, as a woman, got most of the story. His wife becomes him and goes to do his office and the only work we see her do as him, is one presentation. Apart from tidy his desk, what did she do at the office all day and then go on to appreciate how hard he works? Al [...]

    18. This is the first book i have read by Jennifer Joyce and will not be the last. Such a different approach was used with the swapping roles of Calvin & Judy. At times it made me work to figure out who was who - i had to think about it in my head. A lovely story in the run up to Christmas especially with all the baking involved. Great title & such a stunning cover. The cover is what made me want to read it in the first place. A great story with the importance of family & learning not to [...]

    19. What a cute story! I really enjoyed this, and the reversal of the roles was hilarious at times. I really loved how the dad got to see how much he'd been absent and what he'd been missing, and the way he is then brought to change that around. The mum, well, I would've wanted for her to kick butt a bit more at the office, but all things considered, this was a very cute story filled with the spirit of the holidays and the life of a small English village.

    20. This is a cute Christmas story set in England where a long married couple wish they could live each others life. Calvin thinks Judy has the life of Riley while he slaves away at the office, and Judy thinks he sits at a desk all day doing nothing. The story line is great and how they learned the truth was funny. Slightly hard to keep the names straight as they narrated from the others body but not enough to detract from the story.

    21. Really enjoyed this- a lighthearted take on relationships and how much both parents think the other one isn't pulling their weight (*hmmmm*)Some amusing episodes and a great read to get you in the Christmas spirit.Rating - 4.5* from me (Jubilee)Thanks to Carina UK and netgalley for my review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. Highly Recommended.

    22. eARC: NetgalleyFreaky Friday (kind of) with a Christmas twist. A lighthearted fun read that I truly enjoyed. I even caught myself laughing aloud several times. Sure to put you in the Christmas spirit!

    23. This was a hilarious story about a couple learning to appreciate each other's contributions to raising a family!

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